Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Second time

Okay, it is time to really get going here. Molly tells me that this is really easy so I am going to keep at it. Klynton finished his papers this past week to receive his Eagle award and so we are now waiting for that to come and we are praying that it gets here before Colton leaves so that we can do the court of honor the same day as Colton's farewell. Colton is getting ready to go through the temple, he got his recommend last night and so we have it scheduled for the 8th of November at 10:00 in our temple down here. If you would like to come, you are invited. We are doing big sandwiches after so let Molly know to order you a sandwich, bring $10 for your family and check with her or Linda to see if you need to bring anything else as we will be having Family Home Evening/Birthdays Christofferson style afterward - all are invited to join in. Colton is counting down the days and so am I :)!

It is also time to wish all a Happy Halloween! I hate the fact that it is already getting cold but I guess time marches on. The leaves have been beautiful though so with the produce on the stands and the pumpkins everywhere, we are into and on top of the event this week. May you have a "ghoulish" week!!

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Kim said...

We can't wait for the 8th.....and we love birthday parties Christofferson style. See you then or maybe sooner....Love, KIM