Monday, March 25, 2013

March Week 4

Hey everyone!!! things are going well here in Tucson... Except for the work. The work in my area is slower than cold tar in January! The people here are really nice but they seem to be burned out in missionary work. IF THIS IS YOU PLEASE MAKE YOUR LOCAL MISSIONARIES JOBS EASIER. There was a talk back a while ago that was entitles "ask the missionaries, they can help" I think.... We all have a duty to our callings. Missionary work is all around us. I really understand now that it takes support, not only from the bishop and the ward mission leaders but also the individual members. It is a blessing to have members want us over for dinner where we can share a message, this can also benefit each of you. I can't tell you the number of times that they have had questions and we were able to help them further their progression in missionary work. To Tyson, Welcome home, from the home of those there. I know now that I know nothing. There really wasn't one thing I can share this week other than that. I hope all of you are doing really well! Easter is coming soon! Don't forget who makes all of this world possible! With Love, Elder Klynton Frederick

Monday, March 18, 2013

March Week 3

Hey everyone!!! Things are going well here, its starting to heat up. The pavement is beginning to soften... Odd thought huh? Well the lord works in mysterious ways.... We had two blessings given this week and I got to be a part of them both. The Lord tells us that our priesthood authority is extremely important here on the earth and he isn't kidding. I have seen some really life changing things happen... Sometimes not very fast but they do happen. The story I want to tell this week is odd but it works. On wednesday my companion and I went to an investigators home and I ended up with a flat tire. yeah... that sucked. Oh well. I will make it. The next hour or two we spent walking toward our apartment when a man who was probably partially drunk offered his assistance in fixing my tire... Now in a normal situation, you wouldn't ever trust this kind of person. Homeless and Drunk don't reall go together well. But in the instance of Tucson... Thats prettymuch everyone... SO, My companions bike, after we walked into the house were we were, (Ya i said homeless but this was more of a homeless group home thing...) anyway, We came out and his bike was gone.... yeah.... gone.... Well we were pretty much screwed... After we walked home... we jumped in the car we were not going to use (because of miles) and we drove over to the other elders because they said we had a service project possibility... Well if you know me at all, You know that I Will do service any and every time I can get the chance... We went. When we got there the brother that we were helping actually offered his bike to my companion because he didn't use it anymore... it was really cool. We accepted it... The lord works in mysterious ways... we had been thinking about what to do and the lord did it for us. I'm out of time but I hope you enjoyed that!!! Thanks, Elder Klynton Frederick

Monday, March 11, 2013

March Week 2

Hello all, This is Elder Frederick here, As for the week, there really isn't much to say about whats going on here, yes, to sister Brady, it was me and my companion who went and visited your Brother, he is doing well and that is the ward in which I am serving. So. Spiritual story for the week. Stay with me cause this kinda gets confusing how its spiritual. For the last three weeks our days have had really good plans and then by about noon or so everything in the afternoon falls apart. The members are really burned out with the missionaries and there is little to no help from them. My companion Elder Reese and I took a morning and talked to really figure out what was wrong between us and the lord and why we were getting no where. Well we came up with a solution. We needed to work more with the less actives and not with our investigators completely. Things have picked up in the last week with that conclusion but things are really still kinda slow. When we received that answer we were both thinking the same thing. We needed to work with the less actives. The best side story for that one is that last week or the week before ( I honestly can't keep them straight anymore) we answered a brothers prayer. He told Heavenly father that if he wanted him back in his fold that he needed to know what time and where church was. We had been praying about what to do and when we were looking through the ward list My companion only saw his name although there were several others with the same last name. God works in mysterious ways. Don't doubt him. Put full faith in him. There is no better life than with him. Remember, God is our Father and he needs to hear from us every day. If you aren't praying, How can we expect to hear him speak what we need to hear. Love you all tons!! Hope all goes well!! I'm praying for everyone I can think of nightly and daily!!! Elder Klynton Frederick P.S. If you don't think I'm praying for you... Just remember. I'm probably thinking about you in that mornings or evenings prayer. :)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

First real Letter

I debated what to do with this letter but I decided to include the whole thing for your purusal... forgive my having to type the whole thing. I have tried to keep it as close to how he wrote it as I could. So here goes and ... it is long! Hello Everyone! Here is my official first letter to all of the world as to how I am doing. To recap all of the time I have been on a mission we will start with day 1. February 6th: I got to the MTC, never to see my phone, or family again for the next two years. Excited and bewildered, I got out of the car, hugged everyone there (Molly, Matt, Gram!, my mom, and said goodbye to the chitlens. My heart raced as we went from place to place, unsewing the front pocket in my coat, and thanks to the lady with the seam ripper I now have an official hole in the pocket lining. Oh well. It will make it. The rest of the day we had a fireside kind of thing. They made us stand for where we were from. They told us that we were the first to be in the MTC 12 yes thats twelve days. And then we were shipped off to class rooms where we finihsed our week long day. Feb 7th: (keep up now) Day 2. We awoke after having met our companions the day before, we met our room mates that night and finished off with sleep. Day 2 started with class at 7:00 and we went until breakfast at 8:00 then, back to the class rooms for several hours until about 12:30 when they finally let us eat some lunch. Then back to class for another few hours until dinner at 17:30. Oh yay!... NOT! The day wan't over yet. After spending all day in that class room... Guess what! More class time. Yes... right up until 21 frekin 30! Ugh. I really dislike long days with a passion. When we got back to our "residences" at 21:30 we learned a new rule. Get this... No singing in the MTC! How am I suppose to make that happen? I had my ipod blasting in my head only two days before ALL DAY LONG!! If you can't tell... that rule was extremely hard to keep. We all want to sing and them telling us no was really hard. The day was really long and everything that happened that day was exciting and frustrating all at once. Days 3 and 4: Friday and Saturday were about the same. We got up that morning (friday) and began in the classroom as usual (by now anyway) and studied. After breakfast we studied more and then had some classroom instruction time. About the only thing that changed was we had meetings with our Branch President because they forgot the night before. (The forgetting thing happens more and more as time goes by I promise) The next best/worst thing that happened that day occured just before bed at about 21:30. Mail came! Personally I didn't see anything but my companion (who is a way cool guy) Got 3 packages, 4 letters and about 6 DEAR ELDER'S. It was way cool that he got as much as he did! He has some serious love going on there! So, now on to DAY 4. It all happened the same short of the mail. The Branch Presidency forgot about us again, so we were not only late to most all of our meetings but, we were unprepared too. (the whole forgetting thing gets really old, really fast) Day 5: Sunday. So, Sunday was a new experience. After all of our continueous studying, we were told to be at Sacrament Meeting an hour earlier because the Presidency needed to leave early. They forgot to mention that we were supposed to go to our other meetings an hour early as well and that they started in enought time to be there. We kept studying and when they did come get us, we were scolded for not being there. I officially love communication. When it is effective, things go well, when its not, you generally end up in trouble someone else puts you in. Its Great! (with a touch of sarcasm there!) The day then ended and we went on with life. Days 6-12: Beyond all the times I wont mention being forgotten this week, things went fairly smoothly. Gym is cool but nowhere near long enough, the food tasted great but dang I gained 2 inches around my waist in 12 DAYS!. Not cool. Day 13: Monday. THis is the day we enter the mission field. It was way cool! We left that morning about 6:00 and headed for the airport. That was entertaining. Security is cool... no stops there. next was into the terminal to wait. I called home and talked for about 15 minutes. Which was cool to hear my mom's voice. Things went pretty smoothly from there, we took an almost chartered jet from there to Tucson. I say almost chartered because there were 50 total seats on the plane and 29 of them were missionaries. Yeah. The Lord is hastening his work. When we arrived, it was a balmy 75 or so degrees outside and beautiful. Going from 20 to 75 really is awesome. It was really nice. After getting here, we went to the Mormon Batallion monument, which was cool, we took pictures there and then went to the Mission Office where we had lunch, and spent most of the rest of our day. After doing so, we went to the mission home where we had dinner, had a testimony meeting of sorts and then split and went to where we were supposed to sleep. There were 4 of us who stuck together throughout the MTC, and then through that night who had been the only 4 in our classroom who were going to Tucson the rest of the 12 (so the other 8) went to the Dallas Texas mission. Day 14: This was the day we found out who our Trainers were, and the area we were supposed to serve in for about 12 weeks (2 transfers) and be trained to do what missionaries do. This was also Preparation Day so we went shopping, emailed parents and just did P-Day things. The day ended pretty well, just another day. Day 15 - what ever today happens to be: I bought a bike some time on Saturday, ordered it on thursday. It is a Specialized Hardrock with disc brakes. It's green (kawasaki green) black and white. I bought a helmet and the coolest lock ever! The lock rolls up into a cylindar about the thickness of 2 hocky pucks thick (they call it the puck) Then the weekend hit and then monday came! P-Day was sweet! We went hiking today and it was awesome! We spent about 2 hours and 45 or so minutes round trip. We reached the summit just as the sun began to rise over the Eastern Horizon. It was truly a beautiful sight. We met some families later on in the after noon and one of them is like Uncle Zane! The one man we met is really cool. He is very skilled in Martial Arts. He also knows a lot of really cool health tips. So there you go! The summary over all is that the first few days both in the MTC and the field are slow, but then they begin to fly by. All things are good here. I have learned to make fresh bread, and tie a necktie in 5 seconds so there's that. Hope everyone is doing well! Please send letters! They are more of a support than you know! Just don't feel bad if it takes me a while to send one back. There isn't a whole lot of time in my day. I love you all dearly! Elder Klynton Frederick

In the Beginning

These are the pictures that came from Klynton's Mission President. One with him and his trainer and one with him and his mission president/wife.

Monday, March 4, 2013

March Week 1

Hey all!!! this week Has kind of been a mess, I really didn't get a whole lot of time to do much because of the work, there is much to say for spending time in different places. I have met a lot of friendly and unfriendly people. Much of my time is spent on a bike but thats normal for this area. The Ward here is HUGE and the congregation that actually comes it tiny.... oh well I'm not in Utah anymore Toto... well all is good here I only have a moment or two to tell you all what has been going on. I had an interesting experience this week with sunday... I HAD RIBS FOR DINNER!!!! thank you to the members who love me tons... they are really good... Unlike some other missions, We are actually assigned dinner appointments with the members so I spend that much less money on food. My companinon is amazing. He taught me how to make fresh bread and that saves a TON on food money too. There is so much I learn from him every day I really don't know how companions can get better... Sorry its short again... Hope all is going well!! Elder Klynton Frederick