Wednesday, April 29, 2009

April Week 5

Well hello all,
So Life here is awsome, I am loving Rajahmundury, and I am loving the work, other then the Heat, yesterday it was about 52 degrees Celsius, ya lets just say its really hot, I cant go out of my room with AC with out being soaked, I look like I have stepped out of the shower, and then when I am riding my cycle It is even worse, but thats life.
Well I have a cool story to tell today, so to start off we met this sister the other day that is Musulim, now most of the time we have to be really carful about teaching them because thier parents dont usually approve, well we started to teach this sister, and she has really opened up to us, she has a ton of doubts about her own faith, and she wants to know which religion is the truth, well so we are teaching her the truth, and she understands really well. we gave her a book of mormon yesterday, and she was so excited that we had to stop her from reading while we where talking to her. well thats my cool little story, I am really hoping that she will take baptizem, and change from the foolish traditions of her fathers. but we will see...
Well I am glad to hear that everthing is going well at home, I really have been thinking about how things are going to be a lot different when I get home, I am so supprised that things are so different already.
Well I just want you all to know that I know that this is the true church of Jesus Christ, I know that my Redeemer lives, and that he loves each and every one of us, I am so greatfull for the tempels, and the blessings that we gain from going and keeping and making those Covenents, I really love my heavenly father. I know that he loves us and shows that love by calling prophets, I know that Joseph smith is a true Propeht, and that through him we know the truth of all things. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of god, and that any question we have can and will be answered by and trough it.
I know that The Prophet Thomas S. Monsen is a prophet of god, and that he really does speak the lords words.
I know that Jesus is the Chirst the son of the living god, he is my personal savior, and he does speak to us if we live rightously.
I love you all,
Elder Colton Frederick

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April week 4

Well hello Family!!!
Well this week has been pretty Interesting, I have been searching for a whole bunch of new investigators, we have been praying for them, for just about the last 3 weeks, and was feeling that the lord was just testing my patiants, because, FINALY the lord lead us to to 8 new investigators in 2 days, which was awsome, one of which is a hindu sister, and she has some friends in the church, she also has a book of mormon that she has been hiding from her parents. So when we had knocked on her Neighbors door(because they where christion) and where explaining prophets and apostals to the RCM sisters, the hindu sister was standing there and said," Oh ya those teachers like Abraham, and mosses, and the 12 apostels of christ." and I looked at her supprised and said "ya, those guys" I was absulutly blown away because she knew what Prophets and apostels where, because even some of the Packa...(means stontch) christions, dont even know here. well any way, we ended up teaching the restoration, and she already knew about Joseph smith, and was just excited to hear all of the message that she was pretty much jumping up and down. please pray for her, she has some pretty Hindu partents who dont like Jesus christ, so she is hiding all of her pamphlets, and her book of mormon.
Well as I have said my week has been pretty exciting so far, and I am pretty excited for this weekend, because the transfer call is comming. so we will see if I go or not.
Hey you got my Package!!! awsome, I have been hoping that it would come pretty soon, espically because all of that "wax" that I put on it, and then burned my fingers doing so, and then they wouldnt except it, and made me pay about 800 rupees for the stupid thing. so thats why it has taken so stinking long for it to come.
Hey sorry about the wood mess, but I know that you love me... right? j/k I am really sorry.
Well life really is going great here, I am really loving Rajahmundry, and the people here, I cant tell you how much being here has really changed my perspective on life.

I know that this is the true church of Jesus Christ, and that it has been restored by a True prophet of god. I know that the same power authority that Jesus Christ gave to his apostels was given to Joseph smith and that I, and so many others hold that authority to teach about him. I know that the book of mormon is the Fullness of the gospel, and I continue to see that as I read, and study all of the things that jesus christ has tought to his decipels.
I know that the prophet Thomas S. Monson is a true prophet, and that he and the twelve hold the keys of the fullness of the gospel. I know That MY Redeemer Lives, and that he really did bleed and die for me and for every one on this earth, and that he was resruected so that we could each return and live for eternity with our families.
I love you all
Elder Colton Frederick

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April Week 3

Hello family and friends!!!
well, I am really glad to hear that everything is going fairly well at home, I know that the lord is really helping you and answering my prayers for all of you.
So, this wonderful week and weekend have been pretty amazing, we got to watch genral confrence and then go to zone confrence, which was great, my spirits are really lifted even more, and I am feeling a little bit more proficient in my work for the lord.
Genral confrence was really Powerfull, and I have been thinking about that all week, and that was part of our zone confrence discussions.
so some fun news, I might be transferring next transfer, I dont know for sure yet, but I will tell you when I find out.
Well I have a couple of fun new stories, one was what happend at zone confrence. as we where in visak I was talking to my companion about the ocean, and I explained how much of a deprived chiled I was and so my zone leaders, my companion and I went to the ocean, at night, and did some contacting for visak and as we where there, I got to go walk on the beach. it was AWSOME!!!I loved it.
okay so a spiritual experience, I was on exchange with my district leader and as we where out, my companion found this sister who looked very interested, well we went back the next day and talked to her, we found out that she was hindu, and many different chirstion pasters have been at her home and tried to convert her, well so as we where teaching, we answered all of her questions and then told her things that she was so suprised that we could answer when she hadent even asked them. she then proceded to tell us that she hated all of those other people that had come to her house, and then stated that when she saw us that she felt so different that she really wanted us to come to her house and teach her. she then also said that she was so happy that she wanted to do the same service that we where doing... she is 14

well Grandma remember that I am praying for you, I know how much the lord loves you, and I know how much I love you, and I think that you will be just fine, dont worry, everything will happen according to the lords desiers.

I know my email is short, but I need to go and buy some groceries and be obedient in my time, so I love you all, and I want to bear my testimony to you that I know with out a doubt in my heart that Thomas s Monsen is a true prophet of god, and that he does speak and teach with the true authority of god, I know that what he said is true, and that "this is not a time for fear, its a time for faith"
I love you all and i am praying for you all.
love Elder Colton Frederick

Thursday, April 9, 2009

April Week 2

Hey mom,
Well Everything is awsome, here in Rajahmundry, Other then I dont get to hear about Confrence until this saturday and sunday, but we will be watching it at the chruch, we also get to see the priesthood session on satruday, so now I have to plan for that in my week.
Some Fun news, I am also going to Visack on Monday and Tuesday. I am pretty excited. its my third Zone Confrence, and My Third Interview with My mission president, so I get to ask him some fun questions.
Okay so answer to your question there are 2 missions in India, and In my mission there are 12 Areas and there are at least 2 companionships in each area, and it continues to grow. and Our mission covers all of south India from about Mumbi down.
Hey mom, check out the Ademick Language in the bible dictionary.
So I hope that the Family party was a ton of fun, I was actually thinking about that the other day, and I was thinking that there are about 18 more until I am home for them. that CRAZY!!! I cant even belive that it has been 4 months since I was home, I honesly cant belive it.
Hey thats awsome, Tell Klynton to go as often as possible, I really wish I had taken advantage of it and went to see confrence.
Well I cant tell you how excited I am to hear that Uncle shon is going to the temple, I really miss going, I wish that there was one here In India, but there isnt, I Hope that every thing goes great, espically because of the amazing things that happen. I hope that he goes every week, and is Cealed in the temple with shon and wendy, because I know how important it is to have the lord in our realationships. that is the only person that can fix any problems that we could ever have in our lives.

Well all, I am so glad to hear that everthing is going pretty well. I just want to tell you how much I love you, and also that I know that this is the true church of jesus christ, and that he really did pay for our sins so that we could be with our heavenly Father. I know that he was resurected for us so that we could be just like him. I also know that through constent Prayer and searching of the scriptuers is the only way that we can have true Happiness in our lives. I know that the book of mormen is the word of god, and that the things that it tells us is the truth. I know that Jesus Christ is our lord, God, and our savior, and that only by and through him can we become like our heavenly father.
I love you and I love my savior.
Love Elder Colton Frederick

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Week 1

well hello to everyone,

so to answer your question, Yes I did get both packages, and the soap worked, it even kept the "big rodents" out, the Indian Postmen, they didnt touch it, other than to send it. I hope that you get my package soon, I have sent it about 2 weeks ago, but they kept sending it back, so you should have it soon. this time I just told them to send it, Ididnt care how it got there. just as long as it got there.

So my question is why do all of the prophets go refer back to Abraham, like why do they always the god of abraham, the god of Isiac, and the god of Jacob??? I just was wondering, but as I said, I am just going to have to do some more studying to why I think.

Ya the rain was awsome, I wish it did it more. the people are funny, they where all so amayzed that I was cycling in it, so was my companion.

so a pretty cool story for today. so about a week ago, we went to this sisters house, she is a less active member, she is 16, and she is married (which is illigal in India, but they just dont care) to a hindu, she is also best friends to her sister inlaw, and her sister in law is fairly supportive to Harika. Well so Elder cunningham and I had tried the best we could to visit, and bring her the truth, well then we started to teach Sweety (the sister in law) she likes the message, and she seems interested, well so Elder william and I have made it our goal to reactivate Harika, and baptize sweety. well so we have been calling this house the "fun" house, becasue of the wierd things we find out everytime we go. So this week we where sitting In the morning planning on what we wanted to teach them, and I thought "lets watch the Testiments" I didnt say anything, but then my companion said, I think we should watch the Testiments with her, it would be good I think. I agreed, and so we went and watched it. we then found out that sweety has been trying to commit suicide by cutting and by taking pills, because there was no peace in the home, well then as the movie was ending, All of us in tears, we found that Harika really does want to come, but something is always in the way for her comming, she also said that there was no peace, and that she was always sad, and that she has also tried to commit suicide, they then in broken sobs asked us for a blessing, which where some of the most beautiful blessings I have ever given and heard. Since that time they have felt so happy, and are now reading the book of mormen every day.
so I have come to a couple of conclusions because of that story, and because of a few different less actives, That suicide is the cheaters way out of life, and as the famous line goes "Cowboy up" and so if I ever hear of any one trying to commit suicide I definently would like to talk to them and make them realize how dumb they really are for thinking that way. Honestly it really makes me sad that people dont want to put thier trust in the lord and keep trying.

I want to bear my testimony that I know that this church is true, and that I know that the Gospel Of Jesus Christ really does bring true happiness to those who are unhappy, I now that Jesus is the Christ, and the son of god, who did Atone for our sins, and I know that through and by him all things are possible, if we just put our trust in him and in the lord, and humble our selves, that the lord will give us the things that we need.
I love you all,
Elder Colton Frederick