Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July Week 5

All righty then.... Its a beautiful day in the neighabor hood, a beautiful day in the neighaborhood, won't ya be mine?.... Ah well a beautiful song for another hot day in the life of elder Frederick.... So this week I am pleased to announce that missionary work is still happening in the small world of Earth and that there are still more people out there.... We got a new investigator this week and that begins the adventure. Here we go.... during the course of the week I found that most of the day in the life of missionaries is spent studying. This is a good thing. I also realized that when SOMEONE IS GOING TO YOUR HAPPY PLACE AND YOU KNOW THAT YOU GET S-U-P-E-R TRUNKIE!!!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing the wonderful news.... I only know because its the week of the 24th and someone asked me what I'd be doing this week if I weren't on a mission. I ONLY ASK ONE THING... WHO WENT AND WHEN DO I GET PICTURES OF THE SCENES? Sorry that would be the small voice of jealousy coming out of me..... I will say though that its been a really amazing week. The work here is progressing and there's not much more I can say to anyone than that. We had a mini missionary blitz yesterday and it was a good experience for those who are thinking about going on missions. I am very thankful that I got to be a part of that. It taught me how to really think on my own and really what it was like to be kind of a spear head of something even as small as trying my best to just help the priest... no scratch that elder.... that I was with have a good missionary experience. To help the week along, I just got a guitar.... thanks to a missionary going home (known to the missionary community as a dying missionary)! I no longer have a threesome companionship, that happened about 5 weeks ago.... I could swear I mentioned that a while back, um.... wow... I honestly just used that word.... My letter is late because I did service today.... I get to hang in street clothes... ok well more like service clothes because of the service.... Sorry to all reading this... My mind is all over the place and I'm just spilling everything that has happened this week.... I honestly think that is everything.... Well hope that you all are having an awesome week! Love you all tons! Elder Klynton Frederick

Monday, July 22, 2013

July Week 4

Hey there everyone! Well its now Monday again and its been another week here in the HOT state of Arizona... So, for the week I may as well tell you about the monsoons that happen down here. During the hottest part of the summer it begins to rain... now this is not your average rain storm. During the hotter days if all its doing is sprinkling, you can watch the rain fall and it never actually touches the ground. its quite literally so hot that it evaporates before it can touch the ground.... After it finally cools down, it will begin to touch the ground.... and thats if its just sprinkling.... So when it really rains, it will start by just sprinkling a little and then as the storm moves in, it gets progressively harder and then it down pours for about an hour or two and then it lets up and it gets all sunny again... there are places of the road that actually close down because of how much it rains and then how much water is moving... they don't have washes here for nothing.... its pretty amazing to see how much water moves through the world here when it monsoons.... So there you go... another little part of the Arizona weather here... by the way... I didn't know this until recently but the sunsets that happen here are so beautiful because of the dust in the air... there is so much that at night sometimes if it has been blowing really hard, it looks like the frost that hangs in the air right before it snows back home... its the most odd thing I have ever experienced... I saw the dust in the air and thought for a moment "oh its about to snow... cool!" and then my body realized the temperature was about 75 or 80 degrees outside and wow... I felt totally out of place... ugh... Well there's my story for the week and I'm sticking to it! Hope you all have a great week! Elder Klynton Frederick

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July Week 3

Hey everyone, Arizona is really good this week. Its been hot but not that bad... I honestly think I'm starting to get used to sweating all the time... I sweat when I sleep I sweat when I'm in the shower, my pores have never been cleaner and i can't seem to drink enough water. I feel like a camel most days cause I drink about a gallon and a half of water by noon and another gallon before the day is over.... oddly enough I spend almost no time picking zits, or anything. My face has never been clearer.... its pretty cool. For a story this week, I want to tell you about contacting.... Oddly enough as missionaries if we have an idea for contacting we generally can go as origional as possible... so here was our idea.... We decided that becuse we had this presentation coming up which we called Mormon night, we would go and invite people to it... however, we had been trying to do it in white shirts and ties and hadn't gotten anywhere so we went with the idea to do it in street clothes. well it worked. we contacted a womand and her boyfriend and they soon became investigators. What a trip! seeing as we had two new investigators out of it we are implementing it a couple of times a week to see if we can have as much if not more success. This is going to be AWESOME!!! Unfortunately we didn't get many to mormon night but that wasn't really the goal. the goal was to see if that Idea would work and it did. Another story for the week. We had been teaching an investigator until about 3 weeks ago when we got sisters in the ward. Because of this, the sisters got all of our solid investigators and it was really heart breaking to see them be... not ours anymore. Well I went and visited one of them because she is still in our ward and i wanted to see how she was doing. After seeing her and then leaving a message with her we left and went on our way... a few days later at mormon night one of the ward sisters stopped us and said "I have to tell you Elders, I went with the sister missionaries and we went to Jeans house and while we were there she said 'the elders are so awesome I just love them to death!'. The best part elders, is that the sisters were sitting right there and they were like 'we are awesome too....' ": Oh my goodness we laughed so hard. I thought I was going to die... I love the sister missionaries and this work wouldn't be possible without them but I do have to say, SCORE FOR THE ELDERS!!! WE FREAKIN' ROCK!!!! Love you all hope you enjoyed the stories! Elder Klynton Frederick

Monday, July 8, 2013

July Week 2

Well, what a cause for disruption... Lets throw off everyone's week and just say HAPPY 4th OF JULY!!! I was thinking about the 4th that day and I figured something out... I have never spent a single 4th of July anywhere but in Mount Pleasant and I never thought it would be different anywhere.... you know... a big parade, friends around... a day to talk to anyone and celebrate independence day... cops all over the place, drunk people falling off buildings... oh wait that's Tucson... sorry.. um... oh the mountian man rendevous, the rodeo... more drunk people and their fireworks... nope back in Tucson again... oh my favorite part... THE WEATHER NEVER GETS HOTTER THAN 85 DEGREES... now that is home. Dang... It monsooned on the 4th here and it ended up being somewhere in the range of 112 with 100% humidity... yah, its hot. it makes me think about all the people out ther who like us, got a text from the alert system from sprint (thank the lord) said.. "if you don't have to go out today, please don't. If you must, this is a warning to take water with you and stay in doors as much as possible." And who said its not hot? oh yeah that would be our wonderful zone leaders... we texted them and asked if we really had to go out that day.... the answer was prettey obvious... yes. So... we spent the next 10 or so hours out in probably the wettest and hottest day of my life... ugh Tucson... its amazing what god will put us through just to see if we are willing to go and do His work.... Now for the best story of the week. I was cooking some eggs the other day and I noticed that they were a little bland... I wondered what I would do to make them... less bland... well for the heck of it I threw in some serrano peppers that I just so happened to keep on hand... well, that didn't work.. they were still bland... so I went all out. I put in garlic, I put in chili powder, I threw in onions, I threw in jalapenos, I threw in 3 more serrano's just to see if that would help... it finally did the trick... Just when I thought i had finally gotten the flavor right... I found that all I needed was salt. Ugh... the rigors of cooking. By the time I got all of that in there, I figured that I had about 1/2 cup of serranos, nearly a 1/4 cup of onions, 4 jalapenos, sliced, a tsp. of garlic powder, 6 eggs and I wanted to eat it all. it was so good. I finally had to just stop eating. I had never eaten so well in my life! now comes the question every person should think of... Did it burn?.... NO. and I was amazed.... Mexicans... Who knew that they could burn off your tastebuds in all of about 6 months... wow. all it took was the sun and a little spice and DING. there you go. Time flies when you have a spicy life. So.... Best part of the week was that. nothing more nothing less. Just the spice of life. I have some awesome pictures for everyone.. Especially to Mom and the uncles. Uncle Bart you would be proud. I changed the temperature sensor for the coolant on a chevy cavalier and wow... I felt like an idiot when I got it open and it was still pressureized and there was a shrader valve right next to it.... it got in my mouth and every stuff! anyways I'm fine but what an experience.. oh and I did the uh... water in the washer bottle with a hose to the intake butterfly, boost you told me about... oh my goodness what fun that is! I did it to one of the mission cars cause well, it dosn't know any better and not only that but its so easy that i just put it back to what it was after I had my fun and goodness gracious... I'd never had such a blast! talk about double boost..... I did it in a chevy Cruze, it has a turbo charger, and then the water on top of that, wow... that was awesome!.. good times, good times.... anyways so you would be proud of me.. I did the sensor in a white shirt and tie... wow... the looks I got... PRICELESS! that and the evidence of my work I had to get pictures of!... so now for the part mom that you would be proud of.... I dug a hole, something like 3x3 foot hole about 20 inches deep it took 30 full minutes with a pick and wow... I felt like a stud! yeah I ended up with blisters but it felt so good I can't even explain it..... Well there was my week in a nut shell.... Hope things back there are good! Love you all! Elder Klynton Frederick

Monday, July 1, 2013

July Week 1

Oh, what to tell you.... well the ward here got split and everyting is just as awesome as usual.... We split the ward with some sister missionaries... who to my ever aboding... love and humility... Make me work even harder than I ever thought I wanted to.... The way we split the ward they got all but one of our progressing investigators and its been hard... to say the least. The sisters are great but we got in trouble till our zone leaders understood what happened and when I explained what all happened they were ok with our numbers... so that doesn't really make sense... when elder kennington left we had 6 progressing investigators ( which are people who are interested in the church...) and when he left and transfers happened... we were down to 1. the sisters got all of the people I so dearly wanted to teach. its hard to teach other people and to let the sisters take care of those who you come to love. I think that its going to be a hard few days coming up mostly just because its quite the pain to go and find new investigators without the help of the members. SO... for the story of the week... We had 2 investigators who sometime ago became formers... the sisters went and talked to them and got them to church! I was so happy to see them and see that they were progressing somehow! Its good to see some of the work you do finally come around and make you feel better about life. They finally felt the spirit there at that sacrament meeting and I know that as long as they keep going and praying and reading they will come to a knowledge of the truth! Also I hope you all got to see the broadcast! it was incredible!!!! Love you all tons!! Elder Klynton Frederick