Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July Week 5

All righty then.... Its a beautiful day in the neighabor hood, a beautiful day in the neighaborhood, won't ya be mine?.... Ah well a beautiful song for another hot day in the life of elder Frederick.... So this week I am pleased to announce that missionary work is still happening in the small world of Earth and that there are still more people out there.... We got a new investigator this week and that begins the adventure. Here we go.... during the course of the week I found that most of the day in the life of missionaries is spent studying. This is a good thing. I also realized that when SOMEONE IS GOING TO YOUR HAPPY PLACE AND YOU KNOW THAT YOU GET S-U-P-E-R TRUNKIE!!!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing the wonderful news.... I only know because its the week of the 24th and someone asked me what I'd be doing this week if I weren't on a mission. I ONLY ASK ONE THING... WHO WENT AND WHEN DO I GET PICTURES OF THE SCENES? Sorry that would be the small voice of jealousy coming out of me..... I will say though that its been a really amazing week. The work here is progressing and there's not much more I can say to anyone than that. We had a mini missionary blitz yesterday and it was a good experience for those who are thinking about going on missions. I am very thankful that I got to be a part of that. It taught me how to really think on my own and really what it was like to be kind of a spear head of something even as small as trying my best to just help the priest... no scratch that elder.... that I was with have a good missionary experience. To help the week along, I just got a guitar.... thanks to a missionary going home (known to the missionary community as a dying missionary)! I no longer have a threesome companionship, that happened about 5 weeks ago.... I could swear I mentioned that a while back, um.... wow... I honestly just used that word.... My letter is late because I did service today.... I get to hang in street clothes... ok well more like service clothes because of the service.... Sorry to all reading this... My mind is all over the place and I'm just spilling everything that has happened this week.... I honestly think that is everything.... Well hope that you all are having an awesome week! Love you all tons! Elder Klynton Frederick

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