Monday, February 25, 2013


When his letter gets here I will try to get it on the blog so that all can read it.

Beginning of Week 2 in the Mission Field

Hey ALL!! So, All in all the mission field is amazing. There are hardships no one ever tells you about but at the same time there are more blessings than you can ever imagine pouring out of heaven. This week has been super interesting. I bought a bike and taught some people, there has been a lot going on that way other than you get kicked out a lot. there are some arrogant people on this planet holding out on their decision to really begin to think. oh well. Thank you all for your support! I really wish I had more time to tell you all about this week but I included this weeks summary in my letter my mom will have to post when it gets there in the mail. Thanks for everything you all do! You make this possible for me to keep going. Elder Klynton Frederick

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

First days in the land of Tucson!

Hey everyone!! Just thought I'd tell you that the weather is AMAZING down here!!! I'm telling you I swear I am moving here for college!!! So first actual story of the week. We arrived here in Tucson yesterday about noon or so and the first thing we did is went to the mission office and THEY FED US DECENT FOOD!!! (little victory there) anyway so after seeing the movie they created for us we got to play some games and really get to know the Presidents Assistants. They are really great elders. I cant tell you how excited I am for the work. By the way, for the sake of Liz, Your brother is my trainer!!! He is such a stud!!! I love him so much. Yeah, off track, after we played games we went to the mission home and we got dinner and then we proceeded throught the night with a testimony meeting a get to know me kind of thing where we filled out a piece of paper with things like what we liked to do and such. Then we split up and headed off to bed. Me and the other 3 elders who were in my MTC district who came to Tucson spent the night at a wonderful sisters house. It was really good of her to house us. Oh yesterday on the plane. Now here is something to think about. There were 29 of us who came to tucson for the mission. When we got on the plane it only had 50 seats. makes you wonder if the church just chartered the entire plane and then sold tickets to those who wanted them after... So its beautiful down here and I really can't wait to send pictures to you all!!! Hope everyone is doing well and everyone is happy! love you all super much!! Elder Klynton Frederick

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

First Email Home

Hey, I'm glad to hear things at home are going well, I really don't have any stories to share with you right now, the MTC is awesome, the people here are really good and things are going well. I'm sorry to hear that gram got a blood clot, thats terrible, she will be in my prayers! I love you all and just want you to know how much i care! I'm learning so much about the gospel. There is so much I don't know and so much that it takes to learn all of the things that you all now know. Oh by the way... YOU WHO WENT TO THE MTC!!! YOU ARE SO LIARS!!!!!!!! the time is terrible it passes so slowly. Yes its good but ugh it feels like its passing like cold tar in january. NO MORE LIES!!! its not easy but its definately worth it! Mom, I need you to send me all of the OA ceremonies. Get on to dear and send me a letter every day. the mail is picked up twice a day and its instant. they print it out right here in the bookstore mail room!! i expect to hear from you all. its making it really hard to go through out the day and not have anything to look forward to at night. I will only send handwritten letters on p-day and I can only email on p-day but I expect to hear from you. the other thing I need you to do is write down in your calendar on monday the 18th. that is when I fly out of Salt Lake and head in to the mission field. ya I know its soon but we are the front runner for the 12 day program they are trying. I will spend 12 weeks with my trainer and then i will get my first transfer. I will know more later but I do know that I will call in the morning about 8:00am or so. Please be ready. I love you and hope to hear from you soon! take care of yourself and let me know of anything else going on. I know the lord loves me and wants me to be out here. read D&C 100:12 I think that is the right one I know its in 100 but check it out it will be the comfort you need. love you tons!!!! Elder Klynton Sherman Frederick