Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October Week 4

Hey there everyone! Its been an interesting week, it was transfers today and that means that either I move or I don't. Well I don't. So here is the scoop on the week: This week has been a struggle. One of my most beloved missionaries is going home. I really got to enjoy the transfer with him. He wasn't my companion but he became one of my best friends. The week progressed pretty slowly but it was nice to really get a chance to just think. On Wednesday we were helping some missionaries move one of the members out of their home and it was nice to help. We took all morning and we ended up missing our district meeting but we were at a district meeting (and if you don't know they all train on the same thing each week), I was able to see the difference in a prepared leader and an unprepared leader... thank heavens for having been trained on being prepared all these years. In the last couple of days the same thing again has happened. Transfers were here and I wondered what would happen. I began preparing for transfers about Saturday night around 9:30pm after the day was over. I ended up staying up all night putting things together and getting rid of things I didn't need or hadn't used and decided that anything that I needed was what I was going to keep. On sunday after transfer calls, I knew I wasn't leaving so I decided that I would continue to make sure I had everything that was pertinent and everything else could go. To a point this is also true of the gospel. In the gospel, sometimes we get caught up in the things that don't matter. We "collect" them per-say. When we de-clutter our knowledge of the gospel, we do the things that we know we are supposed to do. This means READING our scriptures, SAYING our prayers and GOING to church. Remember, faith without works is dead. Each of these things show our faith. Each of these things shows our Heavenly Father that we know He lives and it also shows Him that we are willing to receive help when we need it. I hope that the week went well for everyone!!! I love you all!!!! Elder Klynton Frederick

Monday, October 21, 2013

October Week 3

Hey Everyone! Well its been a good week. There really isn't much going on but I've found out something new. For years I have wondered why missionaries always want to go back to their missions. I now understand. I realize that loving the people is a major part but I didn't realize that the biggest part is the friends that you meet. Yeah, the converts you have are super important but the friends you make not only in them but in all parts of missionary life have become that much better. I have some deep relationships at home, I now have family here too. That I think is what really makes the mission worth it to stay (in part). There is a depth I never thought was possible. I guess that 's what Heavenly Father does for us. He just makes sure that you have everything you need to succeed. Thank you friends and family supporting me. It really is a blessing.! Love, Elder Klynton Frederick

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October Week 2

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!! Well for the first time in all my born days I've finally felt what my mom and my brother call cold. I was in my apartment last night and it was a little warm... higher than comfortable and lower than hot.... then I looked at the thermometer and it was an astonishing 85 FREAKIN DEGREES!!!!! I thought to myself... Self... you are finally broken. Hot is now warm and cold is.... cold... I got up this morning and decided to work out. when I got out of bed, I thought.... its cold and I really need a jacket... I went in and looked at the thermometer again... I WAS COLD AT 50 DEGREES... it was that moment that I decided that I'm never moving out of anywhere cold. I like the cold.... INFACT, I love the cold.... but when cold is 50 degrees... that is wrong. So... I'm sorry mom and brother that I ever chastised you about being cold at the high temperatures of 50 - 70 degrees... I have come to realize your pain.... never again will I take the cold for granted. To gram as well..... Never thought I'd figure out why you always kept your house at 80 or so... and now I understand... almost perfectly... Aunt Molly... GET YOUR MOTHER A BLANKET... SHE'S GOING TO FREEZE TO DEATH!!!!! I love you! Well as for a good story for the week. I have come to realize that God has done an excellent job of teaching me. There is so much to learn and there is so little time. In my personal studies this week I was thinking about my mission and how I've had the perspective of :"I'm doing this because its right." Then a thought came to my mind.... I love doing things for other people. I love being able to take the time and go out of my way at what ever cost to me and help, simply because I love to see their smiling faces. I now have come to the understanding that not only am I taking two years to go out of my way to help as many as I can, but I get to go out of my way at home and so can you, to help your fellow brothers and sisters. I will always think of this gospel as taking the time to help someone and I can't believe that I get to be a part of the joy that it brings to others lives. Hope you all have an excellent week! Get out there and do some MISSIONARY WORK!!! Love you all!!! Elder Klynton Frederick

Monday, October 7, 2013

October Week 1

Hey everyone!!! Well its another week gone and another day here. This week has really been a slow one and there hasn't been much to tell about. General Conference was awesome and it really inspired me to recommit myself to my mission and to doing what God has asked of us. During conference, There was a talk given by none other than our dear prophet and president, Thomas S. Monson. His talk was truly inspiring and driving. He gave us a challenge, did you catch it? His challenge to us is to invite ONE person to church by Christmas. Well I put it now to you. I dare you to PRAY for someone who you know who is less active or a non member. Remember, its not weather they make and keep that commitment that makes you successful its weather you extend that invite or not. SO, PRAY for someone and pray for them to say "No" and see what happens. Then do it again. As members we are the missionaries. We want to do what makes us happy right? I promise that if you do this 2 part process, pray for someone and then ask them, the lord will bless you so much that you will have no way to see them all. Don't just invite one person either, Invite everyone you know who may need some help or someone whose help YOU could use! There is a powerful book called "The Power of the Everyday Missionary" by Clayton M. Christensen. Read it. It can help you improve so much in your daily life with things you are working on and it will most assuredly help with your missionary work. Love you all! have an excellent week!!! Elder Klynton Frederick

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

September Week 5

Well, Hello there! Its another week in the beautifully.... ok becoming increasingly less green state of AZ. There is one thing I thought I'd never say... I own more as a missionary than I think I ever will at home. This week I was going through my things making sure that when I leave the area (eventually) I don't have so much stuff that I can't transfer it all. Well I realized something. I am now the proud owner of one acoustic/electric guitar, one ukulele, and a tortoise... where did it all come from? Eh well I guess it will just have to go with me. I cant get rid of any of my paper items... They all seem to be super important... its odd but that's how it is... nonetheless... Story of the week.... I was asked by my recent convert why we don't go door to door knocking and I responded with this question. "3 years ago, before you were investigating the church, would you have opened your door to two young men in white shirts and ties and said 'Hi, we are missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and we would like to share a message with you about Christ.' Would you have opened your door?" He responded exactly as I knew he would and he didn't think about, which was "No.". My response to him is the same to everyone of my friends. Take some time to think about this. Your less active and non member friends are the ones who you want to be with for eternity right? those relationships are things we all want to continue in the next life.... So... INVITE your friends. The only way they will ever see that the church is true is by YOUR invitation. Please don't let them "fall by the wayside". Give them the chance to see and come to know of the truth. I know you all love those around you. Please show them how much!!! Take care this week and invite your friends. They may surprise you. Love you all! Elder Klynton Frederick!