Wednesday, December 30, 2009

December Week 5

Hey Family!!
Wow it was really nice to talk to you too!! man I just wish that they were not closing shop, I was a little ticked at them, I guess I was also being a little selfish, you know, its not like I only talk to my family only 2 times in a whole year... hahah, okay enough of my self pity.
Well to everyone in the ward and everyware else HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! I hope that as the time to make new resolution's comes you all find exactly what you want to do to progress and you do it!!
well alright, sounds like everything at home is going great!!! I just wish that I could see pictures of everyone.
Pretty soon here, I will start sending my pics and get them to you. I have a TON!!!! so just wait, and it'll be there.
well not too much on my end, I was pretty happy to talk to you all, it was nice to hear from all of the family (that includes Kyle and Kenny) and I really enjoyed talking to Jullian, He is a great kid, Tell him I said HELLO!! I think that its great that I got to talk to him, ( I kept in visioning Molly's Picture she has of him on her blog) he really is a great addition to the family!!!
Christmas was pretty good, I got to have some lunch at pres. Nichols and I got a "hill shire Farm" Beef stick from one of my Zone leaders, we did a Gift exchange and thats what I got. IT WAS AWSOME!!! I ate it in about 3 days.
Well sounds like life is coming back to you all after the Christmas season, and it sounds like your going to just busy all day long for the next long time. SWEET!! got to love work.
I know that all of you are being taken care of, and I know that you are being under the lords watchful eye. I am just so happy to tell you that I know that the church is true, and I know that Joseph Smith is a true prophet, I know that The book Of Mormon is the word of god, and that it truly was written for us in these the latter-days. I know that the savior lives and that he truly did atone for us so that we could return and live with him in Gods Kingdom, I am so happy to know that the plan that god has for us is made for each and every one of us, and that he has no exceptions, I know that Thomas S. Monson is the lords Living Prophet, seer, and Revalator. I know that as we bring our lives along the guidelines of the prophets that we can make it to the Celestial kingdom, as long as we keep and continue to make Sacred covenants with the lord.

I love you all,
Thanks for the prayers and the support that you all have given for me. I love you
Elder Colton James Frederick

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Colton Christmas Week

There was no letter this morning and I am not sure if he will send one this week, especially in light of the fact that he is calling home in the morning (December 24th). So, to all of you who watch this blog, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I just want you all to know that we love you and are grateful for your support. Not only mentally but emotionally and financially as well. Colton is doing so well and I will try to formulate a report after we talk tomorrow.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

December Week 3

Hello family!!
Hey sorry for not Emailing yesterday, I was at Mysore palace, It was a ton of fun, I took some pretty cool Pictuers, I had a lot of fun riding a Camel and getting “Blessed” by an Elephant!! Ill try to send pictures next week.

Mom, I have some news for you, actually I will be calling you on Christmas Eve morning, we have been having some issues on trying to decide when it should happen, so for sure it will be Christmas eve morning, It will probably be around 6-8 your morning time, so BE AT HOME… or at molly’s, you inform me on p-day and I will call there.
Well some more news, We got Guna and Leo Baptized this week, I am just sad because almost all of our progressing investigators are either now members, or we have had to drop them, so now we need to find like mad dogs, but no worries, My companion and I will do it we are finding fiends!!!! Its great!!!
So last night my district leader and his companion put on some Christmas music on and as I was sitting there listening to “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” I could just Imagine what it must be looking like at home, the tree… The lights… the SNOW!! And holy cow that must just look so cool, the other thing was I just kept thinking about how the memories must work in our minds and how I kept thinking about how I loved to listen to Christmas music, and now I wish it could be Christmas all year long!!!
I really am just so grateful to be here though, I am able to teach those around me how important it truly is to have the savior I our lives, and since this is the celebration of the saviors birth, we need to remember what that birth brought, I think its really interesting at how much people really don’t think about that, we are living in a time where the savior and his gospel principals are so important to our personal salvation, I just think about how cool it is that even though most people don’t think about who it is that has truly blessed us the most, we know the truth of the savior and how he works, and how he has done so much for us.
By the way grandma TAKE CARE!!! You are just too crazy, I don’t think that you slipped and fell, I think that you where snowboarding and aren’t telling anyone about it… be careful please?
Well I love you all so much, I know that the season of Christmas is coming again soon, but I also know how much it truly can bless our lives when we think of others and how the message of the restoration can truly bring happiness to those that are around us, this is the greatest Christmas gift that any one could give, is that of the gospel, I know that if you will help someone around you to hear the gospel that you will be able to truly feel the spirit, of the lord and of Christmas.
I am so grateful for the Christmas memories that I have of our family, and I truly know that the gospel has brought all of us together, I know that this is the Kingdom of god, I know that the book of Mormon is true, I know that the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints is the true church on the earth, and that Joseph smith truly did restore it through the savior and Gods Direction. I know that it is Lead by a true and Living prophet, Namely Thomas S. Monson. I know that the covenants that we make on a daily and weekly basis will bring us the most joy when we strive to keep them.

I love you all, and I hope to Hear from you soon. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
Elder Colton Frederick

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

December Week 2

Holy cow what a week, its been a ride the whole time, Ive had some of the greatest/worst experiences I have ever had in my entire mission, and then to top it off, I have been at zone confrence!!!
so my week started good, after I sent my Email on wednesday, I had an amazing lesson with Rekha and Praveena.
The next morning I woke up and we had our studies, and went to district meeting were we learned all kinds of good stuff. but as I was sitting there, I started to notice that my head kind of hurt, then I kind of felt like I was moving without the rest of my body and then it would meet back with me. and then I started to feel like I was going to throw up. well so then I went back to the apartment thinking "oh maybe it will just pass" and as I was sitting there, I couldnt even move... well so I ended up sleeping most of the day, and then almost all of friday too.
In the mean time I had the motions that could remove all of your entestines and I had to poop so hard that I passed out!!! oh boy that was an experience of a life time!!! well then on satruday I worked part of the day, but had to come in for the evening because I just couldnt get to far from a toilet.
but then I was feeling much better on sunday and then I got the chance to Baptize Rekha and praveena both, I was just so happy to do so, I just felt so happy that I was able to help them recive those covenents with the father. I just hope that they stay strong in the church, they have a ton of really great fellowship in the branch, but you know how some people can be, I just pray that they stay strong.
well then monday I still had my motions, and to top it off, I also had the stomach cramps of a life time. well so I finally called sister Nichols, and come to find out... I HAVE WORMS!!! but its okay because we have the drugs to kill them !! whewww... ;)
anyway, then on tuesday I had my interview with Pres. Nichols and learned that I need to come up with some things... good old president Nichols, he knows just what to say to keep me guessing.
well then to top that al off I had zone confrence today and HOLY COW that was amazing!!! I love zone confrence so much I love to learn all of the things that are needed to be given. I was even lucky enough to give a talk today as well about Hope. it was really awsome, other than I feel like crap, I am so great!!!! I cant tell you enough how much I love this place. I just wish that I could stay.
well hey thats awsome to think that Jullian is getting used to being at Matt and Molly's. You know that if you where to get a Preach my gospel and teach him the lessons from chapter three, he would know every thing that would be asked in the baptismal interview for him. you could even do it for FHE, I cant tell you enough how much I absulutly love Preach my Gospel, it truly was written through the veil.
oh man as I was sitting here reading your Email, I could see Missel toe, and red and green, and snow and a big huge fresh Christmas tree with Lights on it and everything, and it made me smell fresh wassel, ahhhhhhh trunky for just a second......... okay thats enough I get to hang at the Nichols on Christmas so maybe just maybe I will get some kind of christmas.
Wel things are just wonderful here in good old india, I am loving life (even when it sucks) and I am just so happy that I can be doing the lords service.
I love you all and I hope that you all know that I know that this is the true chruch, I know that the lord Jesus christ Truly did Atone for us, and that he was resurected that we could overcome that physcial deth that we all must suffer one day, but I truly know that if we follow the truth that has been given to us by prophets, and that which has been restored by the prophet Joseph smith, I know that we can have all of the glory of god in our lives and that if we continue to make and Keep sacred covenents with the lord, I know that we can truly be with our family's together. I know that when we Hope for things in this world, and if we have hope in the savior and the father that we truly can come closer, I know that as we continue to follow all of gods commandments that means Keep the sabbeth day Holy, we read the book of Mormon every day, and we pray, and all keep all of the other commandments, I know that the lord will bless you. I know that the book of Mormon is the word of god, and that it truly is what can build a better relationship with our father in heaven, and in our family's. I know that the lord is truly listining to us when we pray. I know that Thomas S. Monson is truly the prophet today and that he does recieve revelation for us today. Iknow that the preiesthood of god was truly restored 200 years ago, and that as we use that power that has been given to us, that we truly will be able to bless those that we love.
I love you all, and I pray for you as well
Elder Colton Frederick

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December Week 1

Hello Family!!!
Wow, once again I am just absolutely amazed at the amount of time that has flown by, I cant even believe that today is Wednesday, especially because of how much has been done in the last week, we have two more baptisms this week, their names are Rekha and Praveena and they are the two most excited sisters ever, they love to read the book of Mormon, they love to pray, and they are just so happy all the time, they know that every thing that we teach as a church is true, and they want their whole family to become members WOO HOO !!! I love these two, they are such a testimony builder its just amazing!
Matt and Molly oh man that’s great, I am so happy for you! And your totally right, those steps to bringing someone into the church is daily scripture study, prayer, Family Home Evening. I am so grateful for the things that we can learn as we teach those that we love about the gospel. And the lord really does promise that the joy of one soul is great, and for Matt and Molly I know that this is the kind of thing that will bring you the most happiness. This, saving souls and bringing more and more children into the gospel is Missionary work. (I know that you already know that, but I just wanted to say it)
WOW you people are nuts, it sounds like its freezing there, I cant even believe at how cold it is there, every time it gets under about 75 degrees Fahrenheit I think that I am going to die(NOT) no I just am sure that when I come home I am going to freeze!!!! AHHH !!!!!
So Mom ware is the brother that you talked to from, and ware did he tell you to go?? I could probably find the place and tell you if you should go or not, I do know the Elders in all of Bangalore.
Oh man Good old Thanksgiving, I am so glad to hear that you all had a good one, Mine was spent in Bangalore, doing a career workshop for 5 hours, and then lunch at McDonalds, which is EXPENCIVE!! For a little snack wrap its 120 rupees that lunch or my companion and I for 2 days!! Oh well so that was my thanksgiving. But I am glad to hear that you all had a great time, as I was sitting there eating my lunch, I had the thought “ wow a year ago I was sitting at home with all of my family eating… Turkey, Potatoes, gravy, stuffing… oh… Oh man that sounds good, potatoes, gravy oh boy” then my thoughts went onto how long it had been since I had actually had a real American meal. And that was my birthday, and even that was partially Indian. And the time before that was… MTC oh well that’s life. HAHAHA
Well I hope that all of you know how much I truly enjoyed hearing all of your voices on that CD, I listened to it when I got it!! And THANK YOU FOR THE GOODS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they where AMAZING I haven’t had REAL Oreos since… I don’t remember when. Oh mom by the way I don’t need anymore soap, I think I have enough to last me the next year, and maybe even another year after that. But thanks anyway. (its making some of the stuff taste like soap) but NOT THE OREOS!!!! Yah baby !
I love you all so much, and I want you all to know that I know that the lord is watching over you. I am truly praying for all of you and I know and apreatieate (I think that’s spelled wrong) the prayers that you are offering in my direction, they really are being answered. I know that this truly is the Lords church on the earth, and I also know that it is being lead by a True and living Prophet, I know that Joseph smith is a true prophet, I know that he saw god and Jesus Christ. I know that the book of Mormon is true, I know that when we follow the things that have been written in it that we are truly coming closer and closer to the lord. I know that as we keep and continue to make sacred covenants by going to church, by partaking the sacrament, and as you go to the temple, that the lord is truly going to bless us in the ways that we need.
I know that this work is the best and greatest work that a man could ever do, and know that it is truly being lead by the lord.
I love you all,

Elder Colton Frederick

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

November Week 4


Holy cow, this week has just FLOWN by, I feel like I am cheeting, and Emailing early, but at the same time, I know I ‘am not … weird…. Oh well. That’s life in the mission field right???
Wow, sounds like a lot of you have been having a great, wonderful, Full week.
Matt and Molly CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! That’s awesome, that means another kid to meet when I get home. Wow.
Well the last week was truly amazing, I have had some really great learning experiences and have had some more baptismal sets, we are just really excited to see these people that we have been working so hard with, all make some HUGE changes in their life. When the lord promised happiness for bringing souls to him, He meant the most joy, love, excitement, testimony building, and sincere life changing faith that could be ever experienced. I just can’t Imagine anything else but wanting to help our brothers and sisters have this glories gospel in their lives. Something that I have been thinking about is how great it feels to know that the work of proclaiming the gospel is the most important work that the lord has, and I am right in the middle of it all.
I had a funny experience the other day, one of our investigators said “its to hard to travel from alamadum ( one end of KGF) to Robertsonpet (the area where the church is) because its so far” well considering that I cycle it most days, or I end up walking half of it and then catching an auto I didn’t really see how hard it was. By the way from one end of KGF to the other is about 5 miles. (NOT FAR AT ALL) but anyway, the moral of the story is, I got to thinking. Proclaiming the gospel is pretty hard work, but its also the greatest work in the entire universe. Poor guy got dropped.
Well its been quite the week, and it has just flown by, but I really don’t have to much to say other then I am doing great here in incredible India. I really have seen and learned a lot this week, and am just amazed at how fast the time just is going by. I just wish it would SLOW DOWN so that I could think, but as we all know, “when your close to the lord. Time doesn’t matter, its just a matter of how we use the time given to us in a day.” I hope you all caught that. Its just truly a testimony builder to me that the lord truly does love us, and he truly does give us tools to use. One of my most favorite scriptures is found in Mormon 9: 27-28. this is probably the biggest motivation to living the gospel that we could ever receive from a prophet, and I love the way it reads, it gives us advise, it gives us promises and it guides our lives by making us realize that we have our agency.
As I said, not too much to report, but I want you all to know that I love you all, I know that this is truly the lords church, that it is lead by the savior through a living prophet, I know that it was restored by the prophet Joseph smith, and I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. I know that as we read it and follow its principals that we can truly gain the relationship that we need to get back to him. I know that this is the greatest work that we could ever do, is to proclaim the gospel. And I also know that as we keep and continue to make sacred covenants with the lord that we can truly enjoy the life of god.
I love you all, and truly do care for you, I hope you have a wonderful week.
Elder Colton Frederick

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

November Week 3

Well Hello Home!!!
Life is absolutely Positively, AWSOME!!!
This week has just FLOWN by, it feels like someone strapped the days on a rocket and launched it at light speed.
So First off, the activity was a success, we had a great time, and so did all of the members, it was really great. I was so happy, my companion and I did some skits in each “Kingdom” and then when the Office couple came, they did the Celestial Kingdom, it was amazing, they had a picture of their family, and they where dressed in all white. It was Just so great, it was so hard to keep from crying when we went into the Celestial Kingdom.
Second of all, JASPER IS BAPTISED!!!! Finally! We have been working so hard on him, and he finally has been baptized this week, and not only that, but we have two more to be baptized on the 29th, Rakah and Praveena are the two that we are working on for this next weekend. I am so excited, We have been working on them since my first transfer here!! Whew that’s a long time!!
Well the adversary tried to rear his ugly head this week, someone broke into our apartment and stole my companions Coin collection (all Old Rupees) and his Head lamp but that was it, The kid tried to get into our window, but lucky us, we are in India, and EVERY SINGLE window in this country has bars on it, so that the monkeys don’t get in, but it also keeps 10 year thieves out of your house too. Oh well, I guess that’s what happens when you are doing the lords work, and Saten isn’t happy about it.
This was quite an interesting week, some of you asked about following the spirit in a couple of Emails, I am going to say these things, and then I am going to refer you to Moroni 10. First off, sometimes I find that the spirit is always speaking, it is our choice to follow or not. It always tells us which way to go, and how to follow, remember that if you look in the scriptures, when something is right, then you will feel as it says in Galatians 5 : 22 You will Feel Love, Joy, Longsuffering, Peace. And many others, just check it out, when I am out finding, I have found that the spirit is okay with what ever way I go, He is only going to suggest something if we are going the wrong way, or doing the right thing. The Next thing is that when we pray, the lord will usually give us a few different answers, and we need to follow them, for some things will be given in the right way. Always remember that if it is good, then it is of God, but if it is of not, then it is of the Devil. Sometimes we just need to pay attention to our feelings, but also to our thoughts, it tends to be that a certain subject can be on our minds for a long time, and we cant shake the thoughts, that tends to be the spirit LEANING on you and saying YES!!! And then there are other, many other ways that the spirit speaks to us. And that is why I am referring you to Moroni 10, because that is where some of the gifts of the spirit are located, but not only that it gives us guidance on how to act on them as well. We have to remember that when we receive inspiration that we also have to act on it, or else that inspiration is a waste.
Its truly amazing at what a little inspiration can do and what following the spirit can do. I know that when we follow the spirit of the lord, we will be lead towards the things that will truly bless us in life. I know that the scripture in Alma 37 : 6-7 is true, small and simple things truly bring great things into our lives. The whisperings of the spirit are some of the smallest, and most simple things. But when we follow them, then we are able to become great through the lord. Only through the promptings of the spirit are we all able to know who we are, and what we are going to become.
I know that this is the lords true church, and I also know that it was restored by his servant Joseph Smith. I know that the lord is watching over us all, and I know that he will always answer or prayers. I know that the lord truly paid for our sins when he Atoned for us in the garden of Gethsemane and that he does live again. I know that he is always there for us in the best of times and even in the worst. I know that Thomas S Monson, his two counselors, and that the 12 Apostles are Prophets, seers and revelators for us today. I know that when we follow the lord and his guidance that we can become the best tools in his hands. I pray for you all, and I know that you are all being guided by him. Just remember that I know that these things are true. I know that we are doing the lords best work.
I love you all, and I am always so grateful for your wonderful, and needed prayers. I am always here. Love you all from the bottom of my heart.
Thanks for the weekly updates.
God be with you till we meet again.
Elder Colton Frederick

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

November Week 2

Well a Mighty fine How do you do to you all!!!
Wow it sounds like everything is going great at home, I really hope you people are taking a lot of Pictures, because when I get home I am going to want to see EVERYTHING!!!
Well it sounds like you are all getting along fairly good. Winter is about to set in there huh?? So India doesn’t really have a winter, the winter here is more of a TON OF RAIN!!!! About all it has done here is rain, rain, rain, rain, rain. Its ridiculous. And it is SOOO humid, my blanket has not been dry for about a week, and I have had the fan on it so that it would dry, but of course its not dry. So I am sleeping in just my “pj’s” woo hoo… but anyway, that’s life. Well I hope all of you enjoy those pictures of us at the lintons, the one of the Elder Eating the big old Burrito is my district leader, he is great I love him so much, cool little fact, he was the 7th deadliest youth in 2007 for martial arts, and he is GOOD.

Well I am really looking forward to this weekend, we are putting on an activity for the Branch that is going to be AWSOME!! Its based on the plan of salvation. We are going For a “plane ride” and then they all “die” and we visit each of the kingdoms, where each glory is portrayed in a skit. So My companion and I are going to be in the Telestial, and Terrestial kingdoms, and the Lintons are going to be in the Celestial Kingdom and show how much their families mean to them. It really is going to be great, I am really excited.

So I want to thank everyone who has been sending letters, and Email, I really am so thankful for them, its surprising at how much it helps when you all send your love, I cant tell you enough at how much I really appreciate all of your letters.
Well as the week has gone on, there really isn’t too much that I have to tell, the week has been pretty good, I have been just enjoying the time and learning as much as I can from the lord. It is really amazing at how much the lord can teach you when you actually put forth the effort.
I love you all, and I know that this gospel is the thing that can make us the most happy in our lives. Its truly amazing at how much we truly need the savior in our lives, I know that the savior lives and I know that he loves us all, I know that he truly Atoned for our sins. I know that he felt the pains of ever single one of us. I know that Joseph Smith is a true prophet, I know that he was called of God 200 years ago, and I also know that the book of Mormon is the word of god. I know that when we read it, we read the things that the lord wants us to hear, read, and see. I know that this is true, I know that we can live as families for Eternity, all because the power and authority was brought back to us so that we could learn and grow and become just like our heavenly father.
I know that this life is the time for us to prepare to meet god, and to perform our labors, that is to have faith, Repent, be baptized, receive the holy ghost, and Endure to the end. I know that when we do the things that the lord wants, we will be happy. But we have to figure out that thing that the lord wants us to do.
I love you all.
May God be with you
Elder Colton Frederick

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November Week 1

Okay, so I am so sorry about last week, you all know me and my lack of time sense, and so the mail thing timed out and I forgot to save it. So that’s that.
Well a very large how’de doo from wonderful Incredible India. These last two weeks have been quite a ride, We had zone Conference in Bangalore again and we had a career workshop on p-day last week, so that’s why I was so EXTRA short on time, and I had to travel back to KGF that day too. But I did get some news from some of you, Hayley, My regards, My mother is trying to get a hold of you. Jess, you did what? I am so glad that your okay, that is scary, be careful please, there is more havoc that we have to wreck when I get home. ;) and last but certainly not least KYLE CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! That is so Freaking awesome, now when is Carl’s … Hint hint. ( a letter too)
Okay so a HUGE THANKS for the last two Packages, Grandma, I loved it, and I ate all of the Beef Jerky in about a day, I couldn’t let that get past me, and by the way, that those ties where great, Mom, thanks for the other package, I received it on Sunday, and I am so excited to get the next one.
Well Now that I have had my ADD moment, I have some really awesome news, we just set two sisters with a baptismal date for November 29th OH Ya!! We are so excited, I have been working with these two sisters for the last 3 months, When I went on Exchange with the assistants we found the younger sister, and then we met the mother that day, its been great because they where so excited when we asked them that I just about jumped into the air for joy, I could barley stand myself, I was so happy. But also we are going to have a baptism next week on the 15th, I am just so thankful to the lord for working his magic and preparing these people.
Okay so a funny story time, so one day we where out in this area where the former Elders have NEVER touched, and as we where out there, I was calling a member to take on exchange, and my companion sees this sister that is just staring at the both of us. So he walks over to OYM her (Open Your Mouth) and she invites him to her home before he can even say who he is, so we took down her phone Number (we had an appointment to get to, and there was no brother) and told her we would come back again, well the next day as we are out in the same area, that we had previously found 30 new investigators (all the lord my friends) we see this sister again. So we set up an appointment, and tell her that we will come back tomorrow and she says okay. The next day we go to her home and start to teach her, and she is just staring at Elder Riley, and every time he speaks to her she gets all twitterpated and cant talk. So we commit her to pray which she says that she will do, and we give her our phone Number just incase she has any questions, well that was the biggest, funniest mistake we have ever made, is giving Guna (G-oo-na) our Phone Number, because with in the next hour, she had called about 5 times. So finally we answered and started to talk to her and she was “just calling to see how we where.”
She is really funny, she calls almost every day just to follow up with us. Its great! We don’t even have to ask if she has read the book of Mormon.
By the way, there was not really any BIG day of the dead thing, other than they all go and put flowers on the graves of all of the people that have died. (Mom I know that you ask about the weird culture things of India, but I have to say that this country is on big celebration.) they all celebrate everything and anything that comes along, they have all kinds of interesting things here.
I want you all to know that I know that this Is the greatest work in the world and to proclaim the gospel is what brings the most instant, and true joy in the entire world. I know that this is Jesus Christ’s True church, I know that the plan of Salvation is something that I take true comfort in, and I know that as we follow the teachings of the savior that we can come back to his kingdom and live with our family and loved ones for all of Eternity. I know that when we listen to the prophet that we are listing to the lord. I know that Jesus Christ truly lives and that he did atone for our sins. That includes those that we do and the pains of those that we feel from other peoples sins, and mistakes. I love you and I know that the lord loves all of you, your all in my prayers.
Love you all
Elder Colton Frederick

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

October Week 4

Hey, my Email timed out, I had a good long one, but I dont have time to write another one, I am doing great, I am also really happy, we are seeing miracles here in KGF.
I love you all, and I know that what is going on here is true.
Love Elder Colton Frederick

Note: Apparently they only have so much time and his was up. Hayley Hann... Colton sends his regards and ask me to call you, I have tried but your phone never seems to be on. Call me back please.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

October Week 3

Namascadam, and Namasta from good old KGF!!
Wow it souns like you have been having a blast with staying busy, I miss all of the scouting stuff, I miss ceramonyes, and everything. I have been thinking about that, and how much I really am glad that I was tought to see things like that in life.
Well as I told all of you I have recived a new companion, His name is Elder Riley, he is from Mtn. Home Idaho, he has been out one more transfer than I have. He is great, I really like him, we are really on the same page about wanting to do the work. espically with our goals, we want to really work hard and make alot of changes in the branch, he is a hard worker, which is really nice, and way smart, so i like learning from him.
Its really interesting leading out an area, I have found alot more about my area and branch in the last like three days than I have in the last two months, its nuts, (okay so maybe not more, but still alot) I really have been trying to see if we can get more of our members to come on exchange with us, we have a couple of the young men who come fairly often, but we want to work on getting the members to trust us and really get fierd up on the missionary work. Its absulutly amazing at what Preach my gospel teaches about working with members. I really love being able to read and then apply what it is that I read and use it in action. I hope that becomes something that I can use better, studying and applying. (we all know thats what i need)
Well not alot of really cool stories, but I do want to bear my testimony, I know that this is the Lords true church. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, I know that it does guide us when we honestly seek for guidence, I can see that the lord really does guide us when we are in need. I know that by small and simple things, great things come to pass. That right there is the biggest thing that changed this world, because a young boy of fourteen years, decided to pray aloud, the lord manifested him self to the young boy, called him as a prophet, and restored the church once again on the earth. I Know that Thomas S Monson is the lords mouth peice on the Earth again, I know that when we follow his adviece, that we will be able to recive the blessings that he wants to give to us. I know that the lord is there, and he wants to give us the things that we desire, but he only does that in the way that is nessicary to us. I know that the lord is always listining to us as we pray, he is answering in his own way. I know that it is his greatest work to teach his children about the plan that he has for us. I know that this work is the greatest work in the Entire world, I know that when we bring one of out brothers or sisters into the gospel, that we will recive the love and joy that Heavenly Father wants to give to us. He is watching over you. He loves you. and I too love you
thanks for the Email from everyone.
I love you.
Elder Colton James Frederick

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

October Week 2

WOW, What a week!!!!
Sounds like you where as busy, if not busier than I was. You all sound like your loving life there. Getting ready for the Holiday’s, and taking care of everyone there, Oh man. You have your hands quite full.
OH BOY can I just tell you how much I loved Conference? “That was Amazing!!” I loved every moment of it. Especially Elder Holland’s Talk about the Book of Mormon, I was just blown away at how strong and how firm he got up there and just Completely Scolded, ripped and Tore apart those who even have any doubt about the Divinity of it. As soon as he ended, I turned to my companion and we both looked at each other and said “ WOW” it was awesome, it completely made me want to change the way that I teach the book of Mormon to people.
Speaking of which, I have some News, My companion Is getting Transferred, :( I am quite sad, I love him so much, he is great!! He is going to Hyderabad 2nd branch. That just FYI is where my trainer, Elder Addagabottu, and Elder William, are both from. So that means Elder Chagoya is just going to tell a lot of hello’s from me. On the other hand, my new Companion is Elder Riley, he is from Idaho, and he’ll be here on Friday.
Okay so answer to a couple of questions, Gram yes I got your card, thanks SOOOO much!!!! Did you get my letter yet?? Okay I will keep my eye out for those packages, I am really excited for them. For Christmas, all I want is music, like the songs that we sing for Christmas, and also “Mannheim steam roller”, a little of everything would be great! Mom You’ll know what to pick.
Okay Kyle. What’s this about a girl, I only heard a tiny ity bitty bit of that section of life??? As they say in Telagu “Chependy Ra.” (means Tell me bro) If you’re getting hitched before I come home you and I are gonna have trouble ;) Just kidding, but dude keep me posted, its weird not hearing from my brother… cough cough, hint hint, every know and then.
Well I have another funny story for you all today… The monkey’s came back… and they brought reinforcements… as we woke up this morning, we where praying, and my companion finished and went to step out side to go and exorcise in out little “compound” and as he opened the door he saw monkeys. Well I was in the middle of praying and I hear this. A door opening and then a really loud gasp, then I hear “Elder…. Theres monkey’s …” I thought “ whatever, there is probably only a few of them” and continued to pray, then I finished and walked to the door to see about 10 sitting on our wall, and in the tree. I then proceeded to grab a hand full of marbles, and my sling shot, and just started firing at will, along with my companion, I think that we hit about five of them (they’re kind of dumb, they just kept trying to get into our gate) so then after they got the point that we where not going to stop until they left, they started to jump onto our roof, so the next thing that happened was, I ran up on top of our house just firing at anything that moved, ( more Monkey’s) My companion was following suit. About the time that we got up there, they where all yelling at us and running away. Our neighbors had seen them coming and just started to throw rocks at them, and some of them had big old sticks ready for them. It was probably the funniest thing that I have ever done. Any way, so now we just have to wait and see what they will do next, you never know what they are up to in good old KGF.

Okay so enough of the animal experiences, My week has been pretty good, I have been able to see a lot of really awesome things this week. One of which is leading up to a baptism this next week. Our investigator Jasper is really a great guy, and he has really been prepared by the lord to become a member. About 7 years ago, he saw Elders, and met them, but he didn’t want to even talk to them, they told him about the church, and he thought nothing of it. Then he met elders about a year ago and didn’t think about it. But then about 6 months ago he met my companion now, and his companion then. Then he stared to become more and more interested, so they started to teach more and more, and he is finally going to be baptized on the 25th of October. We are really happy, because we have been really trying with him. He has done a complete 180 from who he was to who he is now, and we hope that he just continues to do better and better every day.
Well that’s that this week, I hope that you all enjoy your week, I know that the lord is watching over all of you, I am praying for you all, I know that he is there, and that he really does want us to keep all of the his commandments so that he can show us his love.
I know that what was said at General Conference was the lords words for us to hear, I know that Thomas S. Monson is the lords prophet seer and revelator, and that he is speaking to the lord often. I know that Joseph smith Restored Jesus Christ’s church. I know that the Book Of Mormon is the word of God, I HAVE NO DOUBT ABOUT IT. I know that reading it will bring us closer to heavenly father, and that when we pray that he is listing to us. I also know that when we have troubles with those things in life that we can pray, but we also have to bare it with Patience, long suffering, and kindness. I know that Jesus Christ lives, and loves us. He DID atone for our sins, and I know that we can use that atonement to make our lives better, as we repent, and offer up a broken heart and a contrite spirit, the lord will make it known unto us as to what we need, and I also know that he will answer us.
I love you all, I know that as you continue to live the commandments and show God that you love him, HE WILL pour out blessings upon you, enough that there would be not enough room to hold them.
“ God be with you till we meet again”
Elder Colton Frederick

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

October Week 1

That’s going to make me want to count, and then that will make me trunky… NO THANKS!!
On the other hand, life is good here in India, I am doing really well, My companion is doing better, and we are back to Kicking butt!!! Especially because we went on Exchange with the Zone Leaders yesterday, and I was able to really learn a lot, I think its funny how when we think that we have it down, the lord sends people to teach us, or shows us exactly what we need to learn, I LOVE IT!!
Well I am quite excited for General Conference, we get to watch it this weekend, I am just excited to hear what the lord has to say to us. I know that it truly is exactly what we need to hear. It sounds to me like it was pretty good, I got a few Emails that said it could definitely do the pick me up that People need lately.
Oh man, that Medicine man sounds awesome, I really am excited for when I can see those things again. All I get to see and hear is Pooja … don’t ask. Ill tell you later.
I miss those kinds of things a lot.
Well I am glad to hear that all of you still have your sanity in this crazy world, I know some times things get crazy, but when you keep a positive outlook on life, you get to the point ware it doesn’t matter anymore about the small stupid things. You can get through the day when you focus on the big important things and not let the little things get in the way. President Nichols said something in a zone conference, imagine when your backpacking, if you look at the goal and focus on it, you know where you need to go, but if you start looking at the trail and you focus on that, then you get lost. He compared the trail to the adversaries Temptations, but the goal is the Celestial Kingdom, where we want to receive exaltation, and Eternal life. So just Keep your chins up, and remember to say “Come what may.” and remember to just love it.
Well I have a pretty neat story today, so the other day we where getting our cycles fixed, and my companion where standing there talking, when all of a sudden three Muslim brothers walk up and start to ask us what we are doing, and what we believe. They started to ask a whole bunch of questions about the bible, and how it all works, so we answered them, and told them that if they really wanted to know more, they could come to church. That was 4 weeks ago, so as we where sitting in church on Sunday, I was just about to walk into gospel Principals class, to start it, and these two Muslim brothers walk in, one of which was wearing the clothes and everything. I invited them into class, and they said okay, they sat down and we started to teach class. Well the even better part about all of this was that the lesson that I was teaching was on… Prophets!! Oh boy that was awesome, because they got to ask all the right questions and that was exactly what we needed to teach. Then we continued to explain that prophets have been meant for all of us to learn, and that is why we have the Book of Mormon, it was great!!
Then afterwards we went to priesthood and Elder Linton taught about how we can get to the Celestial Kingdom, It was even better, because both of our Investigators where just blown away. After church, they asked us if we could meet, and they also asked for their own copies of the Book of Mormon. Since that time we have met with them, and answered all of their questions, and have started to teach exactly what they need, and want to hear. It was great, and their really progressing, quickly.
Well its time to go, but I want you all to know that I really do love you. I also know that the lord is watching over you. I know that he is answering your prayers, and he is also listing to every one of them. I know that this gospel can and will solve the problems of life, especially when we ask of him in faith. I know that Thomas S. Monson is the Mouthpiece of God, and that the twelve apostles are called prophets Seers and Revelators, by God. I know with out any doubt in my mind that when we listen to their words that we will be blessed. Not only the prophets of today, but the prophets of old. I know that the Book Of Mormon was written for our day. I take comfort in it when I read it because I know that the lord is talking directly to me, and my family. This is Gods Kingdom on the earth. The savior lives, and loves us. This is the lords work, and I know that it is the best work to do.

I love you all so much, and I know that the lord is watching, and waiting for you to ask for his help.
I love you
Elder Colton Frederick

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September week 5

Hello from good old India!!!!

Wow, Gram, sounds like you need to take it easy, I got three E-mails saying you broke your thumb, and that you put a rib out…. BE CAEFUL!!! I need to see you in one piece when I get home. Get it??? Got it? Good.
Well It sounds like every one at home are having a good time, sounds like your all staying busy too. I am really glad that you are doing so, I know that staying busy is probably the best thing to do anymore, then that way you don’t have time to think to much.
My week was pretty good to, I have been taking care of my companion the last couple of days, he has had a cold, and a fever, so I am watching him. Something really cool though, my companion and I are teaching this brother that we found, he is from Nigeria, he is Muslim, and he plays soccer for a huge company called “BEML” or “ Bharath Earth Movers Limited” it’s like CAT, they make Bulldozers, backhoes, and Tanks. Its pretty cool, but we started to teach him the other day, and as we where talking we got on the subject of temples, and he completely opened up, and wanted to know more. So now we are teaching about the Plan of Salvation this Next week. He is just so awesome.
Oh man, I wish people would update their Blog’s so that I could see pictures of these new spirits coming into the world, I found out last week that Dal Had a son, and I was totally not expecting that. I didn’t even know he was expecting. Well shows how much I know. I am so excited to hear about everyone though, I have been thinking about all of you here and there. I hope to see more of Amelia and Christian, I miss her so bad.
Well not to much has happened this week, its been just another interesting week, now maybe I am taking it for granted, but life is pretty chill here…. Although I did shoot a monkey with a sling shot the other day. I guess I had better tell that story. So on Monday’s we have our weekly planning session, and we have to plan so that the week is in order, but as we where sitting there, a monkey tried to get into our house, Now the reason we have sling shots is because these monkeys are not the nicest of animals. And they take what ever they want, when ever they want, they also are like rats. They are EVERYWARE !! So any way as we are planning, a monkey tries to get into our apartment, and I grab my slingshot, load a marble, and hit the monkey right in the stomach, he looked at me and I ran for him grabbing a stick, and opening the door, and the monkey and his friends jump up on to the roof of our house, and so my companion and I chase them up on top, and just start Nailing them with marbles. We haven’t seen one since.
Well that’s my week, Ill keep you all posted, for when the monkeys hit again. ;)
I want you all to know that I know that this is the true church on the earth, the more and more I see of the world, the more and more I know that this is true. I have no doubt that Christ Lives and Loves us, I know that he atoned for our sins, and the sins of the world. I also know that Heavenly father is merciful enough to send prophets again to us. I know that Joseph Smith DID see God and Jesus Christ. I know that he restored his gospel through the Prophet. I know that when Thomas S. Monson speaks this weekend, that he speaks the words of the lord, and that We are to listen and follow suit, I know that if we live our lives accordingly that we will be blessed. I bear testimony of all of this. This is the greatest work that we could ever do.
I love you all, and I know that the lord is watching over you.
Elder Colton James Frederick

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

September Week 4

Wow, it sounds like you have been having quite the week, and some of those wonderful problems that always trying to get us to look down. I am really glad that you are keeping your chin up mom, I know that the lord is watching over all of you!!! And I am just happy to call all of you my wonderful family.
MY PACKAGE IS WHAT???? Oh okay, well Ill just keep waiting, I might just scraping by though… J/K I know your busy, don’t worry to much, I know that it will get here when it gets here.
So news for all of you, maybe, but CONGRATULATIONS TO MCKENZIE PROCTOR!!! I hope that there are invitations coming soon… I want one. ;) that’s so cool, I think that everybody is getting married lately.
Well everything Is AWSOME here in good old KGF India, we are just Lighting it up over here, we have the coolest Investigators, some of which have set them self’s with a baptism date. Therefore, we are working hard at getting them ready for their dates. One of which in particular I think I really want to tell you about. So a couple of weeks ago I told you all about the brother and his wife that we really wanted to set with a date, the Husband smokes, drinks, and has been drinking coffee, well we had been hoping that we could set him with a date, maybe next month, at the end of It or so. Well when we where at an appointment he said, “ brothers I want my wife and I to be Baptized on October 11th.” So we told him Okay and that he was going to have to do a lot of hard work to get there, but we knew that he could do it. Well so we talked to President Nichols about him, and he said “ well go ahead and baptize him.” So we went yesterday to meet him, while we where sitting there, his wife who doesn’t speak ANY English just started to talk to me, and as we where sitting there, she said that she was SO happy that we had come and that her husband had been changing. She then said, “ We are going to stop everything, all word of wisdom problems by September 30th and that they wanted truly to be baptized on October 11th. One of the funny things about this experience with this family is that our former District leader, when we told him about this family, told us not to expect anything from this family, and I quote “because I have been in that situation and the husband doesn’t usually want to progress. ” well I hate to break it to him, but we are baptizing them in 3 weeks, all because they wanted to be baptized, we didn’t even ask.
So that was only one amazing thing that has happened this week, there have been many more, we received a new Branch President, who come to find out has been sealed in the Salt lake Temple, and has been all over the states. We are really excited for him, because he is just an amazing man.
I just want you to all know that I have now doubt that this is Jesus Christ’s true church on the Earth, I have seen, heard, felt, and know that there is nothing better that this gospel on the earth. As we where at Zone Conference this last week, Sister Nichols said some things that really touched me, and really testified one more time that all of this is true. She was talking about the Atonement, and how the savior went through it all, and how when he was in the garden of Gethsemane, that as he knelt down and prayed that if it was gods will that the cup could be taken from him, but he knew that he was the one that had to do this, there was no one else. So he suffered the pains of the world, EVERY negative feeling that we, any of us have ever had or will have, and that he did that because he loved us. He knew that he couldn’t do it just for half of us, or that he could stop half way through, and then pay the rest of it later, but he knew that he had to do it right then and there. There was NO OTHER way….
Later when the savior died on the cross, when he was stabbed in the chest, water came from his body, and they say that the stress and the loss of blood that he suffered, that that caused his heart to burst, and that he did truly die of a broken heart. I know that this is true. I know that Jesus Christ bleed and died, But I also know that he was resurrected, I know that he appeared to Joseph smith on a beautiful spring Morning, and that he told him that he shouldn’t join any church. I know that He then through the prophet Joseph smith, RESTORED his Gospel, TO ITS FULLEST. I know that Heavenly father has this and many more plans for us in time to come. I know that he loves us and that he listens to us when we pray, he doesn’t just pick and choose, he is a just and Loving God. He truly cares about us, he is happy when we are happy, and he cries when we cry. I know he is watching over us. I also know that he does want us to follow him, and be with him in the Celestial kingdom so that we can be Exquisitely happy for Eternity.
I love you all
I know that this is the lords work and his glory, and that I am laboring in the fields for my brothers and sisters in India.
Elder Colton James Frederick

Thursday, September 17, 2009

September Week 3

Wow, thanks for the Email's I knew you had probably sent an Email, but I had to give you crap, you know how I am.
WHAT KLYNTON WENT ON A DATE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!??!?!?!?!?! With who???? what did the stud do??? KLYNTON YOU ARE IN TROUBLE!!!! no email, no letter, nothing, Oh boy... J/k Love you bro.

Well life here is really good, I am in Bangalore this week for Zone confrence, it was alot of fun, and tommorrow I have my Interview with President Nichols, I am so excited!
well not to much has gone on here latley, we have had alot of really cool blessings latley, there have been alot of people here sick, with feavor, and they have asked for blessings, so we did as they asked, and the next day they where at chruch, COMPLETLY better, It was Awsome! I really have seen alot with the Priesthood latley, and every time I see it, I just continue to see that there is NO doubt that this is true in my mind. I just wish that I could do the Missionary life the rest of my life. I mean I know that I can do it as a member, but I just wish that I could be able to learn and go out all day and continue to help all of these great and wonderfull people understand that Heavenly father is really there, and that the really does know them, he is watching out for them, and he loves them. I know that this truly is the best thing that I could ever do in my ENTIRE life, I dont want it to end, but I know that when it comes to this, I have to stop some time, but Iam just glad that I am able to do it.
Well Happy birthday to all of the September birthdays at home, Mom, Kim, Kadee and last, but certanly not least KLYNTON, I love you all, and am just so happy to call ALL of you family!!
well time is less and I love you all, I know that this is the greatest work ever and that this truly is the chruch of Jesus Christ, I know that there is a living prophet on the earth, and that he really does speak to god.
Love you all
Elder Colton Frederick

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

September Week 2

Well HI,
Well since my mailbox was SO full of Email from my family, and friends I just felt SO loved…(NOT!!!) Oh well that’s just life.
Well Life is good here, thanks for asking (Not) and I am really excited to hear and see all of those wonderful pictures of family camp, that NO ONE posted!!! UGH!! What the Heck did every one fall off of the face of the earth??? I didn’t get one Email this week, oh well, I guess I just wining because I am Half way across the world, and every one just jumped at the chance to say HI… Grrr J/K
No, I know you all love me, I just figured I would give you ALL a little crap, I was just hoping for a little more. I bet that everything is going great, and you have a good excuse for not Emailing… mom. But that doesn’t let any one off for not updating their Blog’s. (MOLLY, KIM) I have a BIG HUGE GRIN ON MY FACE, and I know you know it.
Okay so now for the serious stuff, life is really good here, I have had a lot of really cool experiences this week, first off, we went to this brothers house about a week ago and met the wife the first time, she didn’t speak ANY English, but it was really funny because she just kept trying to invite us inside, so we just kept trying to tell her that we couldn’t. so we set a return appointment for Friday, when we showed up, the Husband came right up to us and opened the gate and gave me a big huge hug, and then proceeded to do so to my companion, he then invited us in, He then explained that he was so happy that we would try to come back, and that we wanted to meet him. (that’s not all) so we explained Prophets, Jesus Christ’s earthly Ministry, and the Apostasy, and then we popped in the restoration DVD, that is in Telagu (their Language) and then watched that. As soon as the video was over, we shut off the TV and looked at brother Babu, and he was just in full tears. He was so happy that he told us that he wanted to come to church this Sunday, and that he would be there Early…. Well Sunday rolls along and he shows up to church, and loves it, so we set another appointment with him for Monday, and when we come, he then tell us how much he loved church, and that he wants to come to church EVERY week, not only that but when we asked him about if he had read the Book Of Mormon, he said “ oh ya, I read 10 chapters” my companion and I just started to cry, and cry and cry, we where just so happy that he had done so, and that he was able to tell us EXACTLY what they said it was amazing.
So now for my next experience, I was teaching these two brothers yesterday afternoon, and right at the very end, my companion gets a phone call, so he steps out side and calls it back and all I hear is “Umm Ya, he is right here, hold on a minute.” I look at him and he calls me out, I excuse myself from the lesson, and before I answer the phone I ask in whispers “who is it?” he said “ I don’t know” so I picked up the phone and said “ Hello, This is Elder Frederick” and all of a sudden I hear a familiar Muslim Voice say “ HI FREDERICK!!!” I just burst into tears because I knew Instantly it was… TANVEER!!!! Ya, I was just so surprised that she was calling, and then so happy that I couldn’t even breath, I was just so happy. So, She is doing really well, she had gotten my Phone Number from Elder William because he his at home now. So she called me and said Hi, and just told me how much she missed me. I cant tell you how happy I was. I have been praying for that Girl since Rajahmundry, and have been worrying so much that she would disappear. I just cant explain how happy I was.
Well that is about all I have time for, so I love you all. I truly know that this is the greatest work that we can do ever in our entire lives. I know that this truly does bring the most happiness and that the joy is so … Excruciating (not the best word, but it works) that you can barely breathe. I know that this is the truth, and I am so happy to be able to be one of the chosen young men to go and teach the people of India. I know that this is ware I need to be, and I know that there is no other place, other that in the family or the Temple that can bring so much joy to someone’s heart as the missionary work here does for me.
I love you all
See you next week
Elder Frederick

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

September Week 1

Well Hello Family,
It sounds to me like I have been missing all kinds of fun things, every one is leaving, getting out into the world, or getting married.
Well its nice to hear that you are all going to be doing family camp, I miss that so much, I cant wait to go camping again, and actually want to be dirty. (means no running water)
Life hear in India is awesome, That picture that Sister Linton took was a couple of Saturday’s ago, we where on our way to go and meet our baptismal candidates and have their Interviews, (I sent more Pictures of the baptism) It was really funny, the young boy that I baptized was so scared that Elder Linton and I had to calm him down, and talk to him for about ten Minuets, in the water, to let us do it again, so that is why he looks so scared as he is getting out.

******[His name is Rajeev. Sister Linton says this about Colton in the email attached to the pictures "We also wanted to compliment you and your tender, loving, and encouraging way with Rajeev. Your kind manner is a wonderful personal quality. If you stay close to the Lord you have the potential to be a great father some day. May He bless you in all you do. It’s a joy to serve with you.]
Well I have a really cool story for all of you, we have been teaching this brother named Jasper, who has been investigating the church for about the last 4 months, he was meeting with my companion and his former companions before me, so as we have been meeting with him, we where one day at his house, and we started to discuss the Holy ghost, and how we need it in our

lives, and he said “ well how can I get the holy ghost??” so we have then set him with a date for baptism and now he is just trying to get past his previous arraignments and is hoping for baptism. The even better part is that as we meet him, he is completely aware that we want to know what is concerning him, and he will tell us openly, it is just absolutely amazing.

So far as life is going, it is really nice here, I really Enjoy KGF and am so glad to be here, I know that this is the best work in the world, and in the world to come, I really am so grateful to be serving the lord in the beautiful land of India, I am so glad that the work is not yet done, because I could spend the rest of my life doing this. I know with out any doubt in my mind that when the lord said “This is My work and My Glory – to Bring to pass the Immortality, and the Eternal life of man.” That he was meaning that this would be the most happy and wonderful Experience of our lives, I know that when we put forth the Effort that we have in our hearts, that he will make those things that are weak, into strong aspects in our lives.

I know that this is the True and Living church of our savior Jesus Christ. I know that when you pray with a sincere heart and with Real intent, that you will know that this is true, I also am so happy that I can say that I know that this gospel is the thing that will make you the most happy. When I see the changes that I have made, and drastic, and almost Impossible changes, that the people of India make when they accept them, I know that this is the most marvelous work that can ever be done.
I love you all
And this is my testimony , in the saviors name amen.
Elder Colton Frederick

Monday, August 31, 2009

Colton's mission

The following letter came with this picture. Thought you would all like to see it!



I couldn’t resist sending this fun picture of Elder Fredrick riding his bike in KGF. He & Elder Chagoya make a great companionship and are really enjoying their bikes as they teach throughout the city. In fact this day when we passed them in the car, they arrived at the church almost as soon as we did!! Doesn’t this picture remind you of that movie “Called to Serve”?

Elder Fredrick is always happy and upbeat, and always appreciative of any little thing we do for them. He is a hard working and devoted missionary, and has a special gift of kindness with children. He knows how to encourage and befriend them.

It is truly a privilege for Elder Linton & I to serve with such a fine young man.

Thank you for raising him.

Sister Linton
Mission Secretary

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

August Week 4

Well mom, I think that I got most of the letter that you sent to me, but it was a bit messed up, I only got part of it, and so then I went to reply and there was more to it, so if you could maybe send it again, but I am still going to write.
Wow, that sounds like you have been quite busy, I hope I am sorry to hear about work, I know that the lord will help you in your righteous endeavors, he loves you so much,
OH MAN you are so lucky, I wanted to see that session so badly, I really wanted to see it dedicated, oh well I know that I can go and see it when I get home, so no worries. I think that I want to go to every temple when I get home so that I can say that I have been there, I like that feeling (not to boast, but I do) just knowing that the lord has made it possible for so many people to be able to go and do all of the work for them selves, and so that we can do the work for the dead as well.
Oh man Family camp, Tell every one hi, and that I love them, tell aunt Kim Thanks for sending the E- mails, and the letters, and that I am sorry I haven’t been able to Wright back to her, I really am so thankful for it. Oh and tell every one to UPDATE THEIR BLOGS!!!!!!!! I would like to see what is going on with people, but No, no one will even say anything new… oh well that’s my complaint for the day.
Well life here in India is good, we are rocking out here in KGF, It is just a great place for the gospel to be accepted, epically now. I had a cool experience last week, one of the Assistants came on exchange with my companion and I, and we found some really neat family’s, one of which had some AMAZING questions about the Book of Mormon, and about A prophet. So we set a return appointment, which was canceled because it was raining, so finally we got to see them on Sunday, and so we shared the restoration again with the brother and the father, and then we taught it to the two sisters, and as we where teaching, and we got to the end, we asked her to read Moroni 10: 4-5, and she did, then she stopped… paused… and said “ brothers have you ever had the Holy Ghost Testify that this is true?” My companion and I just about fell off of our chairs. NO ONE has EVER asked that before, but we where so happy to explain that yes it has happened, and that it can happen to her to, and to their Entire family. It was just amazing.
Well time is less, but I love you, I too know that this is true, and if you have any doubts that, you can “ask God with a sincere heart and with real intent having faith in Christ” if the Book Of Mormon is true, and I promise Everything will be answered by the Holy ghost. I know that it Is the Word of God, and that though Faith, Repentance, Baptism by water, Baptism by Fire, and Enduring to the end, you will and can gain Eternal life.
I love you all.

Elder Colton Frederick

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

August week 3

Wow, it sounds like every one has been as busy as I have this week, I have come to the conclusion that staying under the water of work is exactly how we get along in life. You know something funny? If you had asked me how much I would like to work before my mission I would have laughed in your face and told you to get a life, but now I’ll tell you to look at Alma 34: 32 this life is the time to prepare to meet God, this is the time for man to perform his LABORS!!! And I mean it, I love the work of the lord, and I can honestly say I hope that it never stops for me, I know that this is the way to truly be happy.

I have had a lot of really neat experiences with the spirit this week, I have really been worried for all of my investigators, and my finding Efforts, and as I was praying the other morning I felt that some of the things that I needed to pray for where a little different, but I still did that, and as I went about my day, I saw that my prayer was truly fulfilled, and I knew that I was doing exactly what I needed.
There is a quote in Preach my gospel that says talks about how work is what is going to help us as we go along, it helps us not worry about anything at home, and it will motivate us to want to be better, and I have found that is completely true, I just wish that I could keep doing this work for our lord.
One of my most favorite experiences this week was another time I was praying, and as I was doing so out loud for my self, I was just about to say something, and my mouth was shut… I tried again, and my mouth was sealed, I just started to laugh because I knew that that is not what I was supposed to pray for. I thought it was really funny because now I know how the book of Mormon prophets must have felt when they where righting some thing about the savior, “ well he was a very …. A very…. Dang it I cant tell you what I want to, but I will tell you that he was the son of god” wow what a great blessing the spirit is when we try to live our lives like our lord wants us to.
Well it is great to hear that every thing is going well, I have been thinking that things are just about to start up again, I just hope that you all know that you really don’t need to go at it on your own, if you ask ye shall receive. I know that by the power of the Priesthood that you can have the things and the help that you need as you go about your daily lives. Just pray, I know that the lord really does answer your prayers. Don’t belive me just look in Moroni 10: 4-5 it tells you all kinds of wonderfull stuff, and also the good old classic James 1: 5.
I love you all and I bear testimony that this is true, I have no doubt of it. The lord is there watching over you.
Elder Colton Frederick

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

August Week 2

Hello family!!! And Friends!!!
Well Life here in India Is AWSOME!! I love it, I have been having a lot of really cool experiences, espically lately. I have been really working with an awesome family of 7 who are just so great, my companion and I have been visiting with them on almost a daily basis, they are so awesome. We have decided to set them with baptisem when we get home from zone conference.
Well I really don’t have to much time today, because I have been traviling today and I also had my interview with President Nichols. I love that man, he really is inspired by the spirit.
So I have some sad news, You remember Tanveer? Well I just got information that her parents where okay with her getting baptized, but her Grandparents have absulutly said NO, but she is going to Hyderabad, and going to Continue meeting with the missionaries there. I am just so glad that she knows that its true, I just wish that I could help her grandparents understand that this is true.
Like I said, I am running out of time, but I love you very much, and I know that this is true. I know that this is the work that I am supposed to be doing and I know that when you pray and ask god for any thing He will give it too you.

I love you all one last time this week.
Elder Colton Frederick

Colton also requested recordings from everyone telling him they loved him. His birthday is coming up and so if you have a moment, send him a letter by tape or cd.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

August Week 1

That sounds like just too much fun, I miss camp, REAL, FRESH, fruit, that I dont have to wash, and wont make me sick. Ugh.
Well mom, I havent been able to see pigs on the bus yet, but I did see a couple of chickens, and I the other thing I have seen is an old man peeing out of the bus as we where going down the road, I was really glad he was standing in the back.
Yes I got the two Emails last week, thats why I said what I said, my regellia pants are in a box... somewhare... I dont really remember what my room even looks like any more... kind of funny, not knowing those things... Yes I got the punn of KFC, But its more like Karnatica Fried Curry... sorry thats kind of funny. Well actually Kolar Gold Fields is more south east of Bangalore, its actually pretty famous, look it up on wickipidia, youll be supprised.
okay so here is the low down on my companion, His name is Elder Chagoya, he is from Chicago. Tall Dark and handsome for any of you ladies that will be looking for a husband, he is a cycelist, like lance Armstrong, and is planning on comming to utah when he gets home. ( 15 months) We actually where in the same district for some time while I was in rajahmundry, and then he was transfered here.
So about the missionaries that are supposed to be comming, I am not sure, all I have heard is that they are still trying to bring them in here, but we will see. I really hope that all of the visa's come soon.
Wow, I am so excited for Heather, I hope she has a good time in the temple, I miss it so much. Heather if you read this, I hope that you go with your husband at least once a week, and talk to him and also your partents about it, that is my most favorite place, and since there is'nt one here in India, I hope to hear that you are doing all of the work that you can. I know that that is the House of the lord, and that is also whear you can recive all of the insperation that you need. (For Everyone) I know that the temple is the place that explains our purpose in life, as Alma 34: 32 says " this life is the time for man to prepare to meat god, this is the time for man to preform his labors." I know that the labors that we are supposed to preforem are those in the temple, I also know that when we go to the temple and we do all of those things, and we keep our covenents that we will be blessed in all of our Rightous Endevers.
I love you all, I know that the lord is watching over all of you, and that he is answering your prayers. I am amayzed at how fast time fly's when you really do what the lord wants, and when you are doing the things that he has asked. I know that this is the saviors true chruch, and that he has restored it through a Modern day prophet. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of god, and that when we read it, and we concentrate on making it part of our daily lives, that we will be blessed. I know that the Present prophet, Thomas S. Monson, and his twelve apostals are PROPHETS, SEERS, and REVELATORS. I sustain them in their calling. and I know that I am doing the lords Marvoulous work, because I am too weak to do this On my own. It is the lords work.

I love you,
Elder Colton James Frederick

Thursday, July 30, 2009

July Week 5

Well Hello Family,
Boy what a week, I have had, it was an interesting one for sure, I have gotten to KGF not KFC!!!! So KGF is near Bangalore only…sorry that’s Indian English, it is about 3 and half hours from Bangalore by bus, or should I say by the craziest driver I have ever seen, and there are about 13 million of them in India. Yah, its that bad.
Well it is good to hear that you have had such a great time on the 24th, I was missing it badly, I hope you people got pictures… GRRR no one updates their FREAKING BLOG… I am talking to you aunt Kim, and Molly your not out of trouble either, you should be taking pictures every day and updating weekly… just kidding, but I would like to see pictures of you people on a regular basis, I mean come on I am half way around the world here. [smiley face]
Well so my days here in India are good, I have had a couple of … Interesting stories lately one of which I would like to share now.
So my first day here in KGF I was with my companion and we went to see this awesome family who I had been told a ton about, and when we got there, we started to teach the Plan of Salvation and all of a sudden the wife looks horrified and runs out the door and her husband follows suit, we are then left in the room with their two sons, who are just staring at us, I then look at my companion and we both just shrug our shoulders and are wondering what is going on when all of a sudden this 250 lbs Indian (he was huge) walk in wearing a white robe. He then sits down and starts to talk to the children in Tamil (another Language) and the parents are just staring. The pastor then takes their prayer book and is looking at it. So then I take my Plan of salvation pamphlet and put it face down on my Knee just in time for him to look at it. He then turns to me and says “ ware are you from?” I then look at him and say “ the church of Jesus Christ of Latter- Day Saints.” Then he just started to rip into us and tell us that we should go and teach those who are Hindu and Muslim, and that we should not disturb the faith of the catholic families. So Then I started to say some thing, about how we are teaching those who want to hear, but then he just tells me that I am Evil and that my gospel is false because I am a latter- day saint and I have only had the gospel for some time where as he has had the gospel for the last 2000 years, so I asked him how he could know if what he had was true when he didn’t have Apostels , and he told me that he didn’t need one, and he started to just talk and talk and he wouldn’t shut up. So I yelled at him (I felt bad for doing it, but I did) and said “ But whare is your prophet? Oh ya, you don’t have one do you?!” but he didn’t hear me. Any way so to make this story short, he left and I started to cry because Of how bad I felt for his soul, I knew instantly that he had a special place marked for him in hell. Well any way we ended up getting the whole family to come to church because they liked what we had to say, and they knew he was wrong.
That just goes to show how much the adversary doesn’t want us here, especially because we just continue to have awesome stories like that, and of course there is more to it, but that is for when I need it.
I really am so glad that we have and know that we have the truth from the beginning of time, and before, I know with out any doubt that this is the true church of Jesus Christ, and that I am doing our heavenly fathers great work, I hope that I have one of these experiences a day, just to prove to me and the adversairy that as Nehemia once said “We have a great work and can not come down” I know that Joseph Smith is a true prophet of god, and that Thomas S Monson is the Prophet Seer and Revelator of this day, He does receive revelation today and that he does Know what is best for our families. I sustain my Leaders and I know that each and every one of them have been called of god to help us in our daily struggles. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of god and that it does contain certain truths that have been able to restore the true church back onto the earth. I know that it is written for us so that we can know and watch for that great and Dreadfull day. I love you all and I know that The lord is watching over all of you. He has his angels watching over you.
Elder Colton Frederick

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

July Week 4

Well hello Home!!!!
so guess what... IM LEAVING RAJAHMUNDRY!! I am getting transferred on Friday to KGF which is even smaller that Raj, but I am way excited, because one of my Elder friends that had earlier been here is now my companion, his name is Elder Chagoya.
So not too much is going on here, I am just getting ready to go to KGF, its really hard, all of my Converts and my investigators are here, and I am leaving, I just am glad that I can be with them in the celestial Kingdom, if they do whats right. I love them so much, I wish that I could come back and see them all before I leave, even if I where only to be here for a couple of days... Oh well
so Life here is awsome, I am just loving India more and more.
it would be nice to have an Email at least twice in a month though. and then I woudnt have to guess what week it is, (I dont want to count the time because if I do, then I know how much time I have left)
well I love you all, and I know that so does the lord, he continues to bless you and I all of the time, I see his blessings every day when I go and teach all of these wonderfull people. I know that he does love us enough to send his son for all of us, and that he did restore his church for our families. so that we could become one Eternial family and be with him. I have seen the problems that happen in every day life, and I promise that as you keep that gospel in your lives that you will be able to see the things that you need to do. he will guide you in all of your lives. I can see it in my investigators lives, the musulim sister Tanveer she has been really sick the last couple of days, but I know that she is so happy because she is reading the book of mormon every day, and she knows that it is true, and I too know that it is true. I love you and I know that no matter what happens the lord is with all of you
Your Elder
Elder colton James Frederick

ps, sorry so short.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

July Week 4

Wow, that sounds like you had quite the trip mom, I hope you took a lot of Pictuers, I would like to see it all.
Well Life here is pretty good, I Might be transferring here in the next week or so, so be looking for that news next week.
We are really working hard here, we just set 8 people with a baptisim date, but I probabley wont be here for any of them because I have been here in Rajahmundry for the last 7 months, yep seven months have passed away, never to return, I honestly cannot belive the amount of time that has gone by. Every time I get home from prosaliting, I think "holy cow its night again" I just wish I could do more in a day, but I just seem to not have enough time. Oh well thats life.
hey so a neat little fact, One of the guys that was in the MTC with me was from Steamboat springs, he went to the Chicago south mission.
Well not to much has been going on really, no super neat stories, but I guess every day is a miricle around here.
I love you all, and Iknow that the lord loves you, I promise that as you all continue to keep the covenents that you made in baptisim, and in the temple, I promise that you will have all of the things that you need. I know that what the Prophets and apostels tell us is so that we can come closer to our heavenly father. I know that the prophet Joseph smith Recived the revelation to Restore our saviors church, and that he did recive an ancient record that was translated by the power of God, and was given to us and is now called the Book Of Mormon. I know that it is the Fullness of the Gospel.
I love you all.
Elder Colton Frederick

Thursday, July 9, 2009

July week 2

Well since I havent heard anything, I figured I would just update you a little bit. so when I got home from Zone Confrence, I just had a really great Interview with President Nichols, and He really helped me realize that when it comes to companions I just need to breath and think if it is right, wrong, or style, and I realized that I just need to get over my bad self, and be patient. things will change. well so as I did, we started our week, and in one day we had 11 new investigators, and we havent had a turn out like that in problebley a month, so I just realized that it really does help when we humble ourselves, and we do what the lord asks us to do, and love our neighbors.
Well so I have been pretty good, I just went on exchange yesterday, and I had a great time, I went into Elder Morrisons ( our new District Leader) Area, and I visited some really awsome families, the one that I want to tell you about is just amayzing, I just was quite impressed.
so we went to this family who is the father who is about 43, and he has two young dauters one is 11 and the other is 7 , the mother was not there, so I diddnt meet her. As we were teaching, the Seven year old was just so tierd, and she put her head on the eleven year olds lap, who was just completly in our lesson, she was asking so many great questions, and as the seven year old (smilie) was laying there, the eleven year old(tina) was just playing with her hair, and she just let her sleep there, and then we where getting ready to leave, and Tina said the prayer, she said something that just ripped my heart out, she said " please bless my sister, as she has some bad health, please bless my mom and dad in thier duty (jobs), I am so greatfull for my sister, I love her very much, please bless her in everything she needs." I cryed through the whole prayer, she is the cutest little girl I have ever met, and so smart. the people here are just so loving, they love thier families so much, and I just am amayzed.
Well Time is running short, and I am running out of things to say, but what I do want to say is this.
I know that this church is true, Iknow that god made a plan for us, and that this gospel really does bless families, our families are ordaind of god, and when you do what you know is right there is such a spirit, and a love that every one wants, I now that Joseph Smith is a true Prophet, I know that he RESTORED the saviors church, and that the Prophet Thomas S. Monson is the Prophet, Seer, and Revolator today. I know that My savior lives, and that he loves each and every one of us.
I love you all
Elder Colton Frederick

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

July Week 1

Man you have no Idea how bad I felt that I didnt wright, I felt way guilty all week because I didnt write to you. I just think that if you dont Email me I will just pretend like you did, because I keep feeling guilty that I diddnt.
Well Im glad to hear that life is going great at home, I am actually sending this letter from Visack, we had zone confrence, and our train got delayd 5 hours, so I probelbly wont get home untill about 8 tonight, so I get to hang out in visack for a day.. it should be pretty fun.
so I have a super neat story today, so you remember the musulim sister that I was telling you all about? well we where visiting her the other day and we started to ask how she felt, and she said that she was so blessed because she was praying to heavenly father, then she called us last night, and said " so I really want to be baptized, but my family wants to know if they have to be baptised to at the same time." obviously we told her no, and she said "well good, I hope I can be baptised this augest." I was so happey I just about yelled, and to top it all off, we where reviewing the 1st lesson, and she can teach it about as well as a missionary, she knows the restoration like I do, and she is reading the book of mormon EVERY DAY, she loves to read it, and she is usually reading 3 chapters in a day. I am so happy for this girl, I just keep praying that her parents hearts will be softend.
Oh man, I am so excited for Klynton, he must be having a blast, I miss the kid a ton, I keep doing things that I think "man I know he would love this" I hope he is having a blast at camp, I am so jelous.
well I know that the lord loves you, and that you are really in his hands, I am so glad that you are able to see the lords gentle hand in your lives, and I pray that you all continue to have the Hine sight to see him there.
Iknow that this church is true, andthat we really are doing the work that he wants us to do, I know that as we do what the lord askes us, and we live our lives worthely that we will be able to listen to his spirit, and we can recive insperation, and revelation for our families, our callings, and for our selves, I know that My savior lives, and that he loves me, I know that he atoned for my sins and the sins of the world, I know that if we put our trust in him, that he will lift our burdens and make them lighter, I know that he called a prophet once again and that that power and authority is back on this earth today.
I love you all
Love Elder Colton Frederick

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Well Hello Everyone at home,
I am glad to hear that your doing well, Life here is pretty good, I have been really working hard to get things done in the lords Kingdom, and we finally had another baptisem, his name is Badri, this guy is good, he made me crazy though, he wouldnt show up to our appointments on time, but he would come 15- 20 minuets early for church, which is good, but I just about lost it with him a coulple of times, his English is pretty good, but he is just shy about what to say, so we didnt know if he understood what we where teaching, because he would just say yes, and then not ask questions. so we finnally got all of that worked out, and got him baptised this week.
we also have been working with this musulim sister, and that is pretty tricky too, she has been out of town alot, she tavels all over the country and she is hardly ever here in Raj, but when she is we get alot done, we started to ask her about how she felt about the book of mormon, and she told us that she carries it everywhare, she never leaves it our of her sight. Come to find out, she knows it is true, and she knows that she should follow what it says, so now we have set her with a baptisem date, so now she needs to ask her mother. that is going to be the "tell" becasue her mother is PACKA (EXTREMLY) Musulim.
Wow, the weather there sounds really interesting, It has been pretty wierd here too, some of the locals are really worried, becsue normally it is raining a ton by this time, and it still is hot, hot, and hotter, I dont think that it is under a hundred even at night. All I can say is THANK THE LORD FOR A/C !!!!!!
Pagent!! OH man, I was just thinking about pagent thismorning, I was thinking its just about that time, I wish I could see pagent, but Iknow that its all in due time.
well as I Said, things are great here in good old Rajahmundry, and I really am having a great time, I am learning alot still, I keep hoping that I can become like that wise old owl, I tend to find my self just listining to the people and to my companion and other missionaries as well, I like listining, its really neat to see what people have to say.
I love you all, and I know that the lord loves you, I know that he is watching over you, and that he is really there when you need him, I know that he loves to answer your prayers, because he answers mine, I see his answers Every week when I hear about home. I know that he really did send his son, and that he did have that great plan for Joseph smith to Kneel down and ask such a simple question, and that such a great answer came to him and to all of us. I know that the prophet Thomas S Monson is really his prophet, seer and Revolator. and that his apostels are really receving revelation today, I know that his work and his glory is comming to pass every day that we are living.
I love you all
Elder Colton Frederick

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

June Week 2

Hello family!
well HYDERABAD was awsome, I really had a good time, and yes it was full of the spirit, I had a lot of really neat experiences, one of which I really want to share. So as I had said, monday we where traveling, tuesday was Zone confrence, and wednesday was our interviews, so each of those days, I had to get up early and I was not able to study the scriptures, and I felt quite down, like something was wrong, now mind you of course we had a great spiritual experience at zone confrece, but, I as I was sitting there, on thursday, I realized that I needed something, so before we went out to do our activity, I pulled open my book of mormon, and started to read, and I only read about 10 verses and I had to leave, so as we left, I just felt completly better, I also was able to do some more missionary work, it felt so much better to read and study. any way all I can say is I know that there is a huge difference when you start your day with a little bit of study.
Well I am sorry to hear about the weather, I wish it got that cold here, I am burning up, I feel like a snowball that was tossed into a Fire, I am littarly melting. its great, but at the same time, I am sick of sweating. Oh well thats life.
WOW stephen is going to washington !!! I have a member in my branch that is going to the same mission!! here name is sister Gorila (yes) she is from Rajahmundry!! man that is awsome!!!
Well canada huh?? that is pretty sweet, I hope that you have a good time, I hope that you take a lot of picturers!!
Man I miss camp, the other day, I was sitting there, and I thought about Klynton, and I realized "hey he is waking up on his first day at camp right this very moment!" it was kind of wierd, but I was so excited for him.
Mom its wierd that you said that I was a quarter of the way done, becasue I feel like I just came to india last week, I asked my companion if it was true that the first 6 months where the longest, and he said "oh ya," I just then felt like I couldnt belive that this is the longest, because it has just flown by, I dont even know whare the time went, I just keep thinking to my self, I wish I could slow down time so that I could teach more, and do more. I also wish I could Extend(sorry mom but I do) but my visa will run our before I could do so.
well I love you all, and I want you all to know how much the lord loves you, I know that he gave us our agencey to choose weather to do right or wrong, I also know that he sent his son do atone for our sins so that we could get rid of those mistakes and be clean sothat we can enter into his Kingdom. I love my savior, and I know that he loves me, I know that Joseph smith is a true prophet, and that god and Jesus Christ appeared to him and told him that he was chosen to bring back the true gospel of Jesus Christ. I love you all
Elder Colton Frederick