Thursday, July 9, 2009

July week 2

Well since I havent heard anything, I figured I would just update you a little bit. so when I got home from Zone Confrence, I just had a really great Interview with President Nichols, and He really helped me realize that when it comes to companions I just need to breath and think if it is right, wrong, or style, and I realized that I just need to get over my bad self, and be patient. things will change. well so as I did, we started our week, and in one day we had 11 new investigators, and we havent had a turn out like that in problebley a month, so I just realized that it really does help when we humble ourselves, and we do what the lord asks us to do, and love our neighbors.
Well so I have been pretty good, I just went on exchange yesterday, and I had a great time, I went into Elder Morrisons ( our new District Leader) Area, and I visited some really awsome families, the one that I want to tell you about is just amayzing, I just was quite impressed.
so we went to this family who is the father who is about 43, and he has two young dauters one is 11 and the other is 7 , the mother was not there, so I diddnt meet her. As we were teaching, the Seven year old was just so tierd, and she put her head on the eleven year olds lap, who was just completly in our lesson, she was asking so many great questions, and as the seven year old (smilie) was laying there, the eleven year old(tina) was just playing with her hair, and she just let her sleep there, and then we where getting ready to leave, and Tina said the prayer, she said something that just ripped my heart out, she said " please bless my sister, as she has some bad health, please bless my mom and dad in thier duty (jobs), I am so greatfull for my sister, I love her very much, please bless her in everything she needs." I cryed through the whole prayer, she is the cutest little girl I have ever met, and so smart. the people here are just so loving, they love thier families so much, and I just am amayzed.
Well Time is running short, and I am running out of things to say, but what I do want to say is this.
I know that this church is true, Iknow that god made a plan for us, and that this gospel really does bless families, our families are ordaind of god, and when you do what you know is right there is such a spirit, and a love that every one wants, I now that Joseph Smith is a true Prophet, I know that he RESTORED the saviors church, and that the Prophet Thomas S. Monson is the Prophet, Seer, and Revolator today. I know that My savior lives, and that he loves each and every one of us.
I love you all
Elder Colton Frederick

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