Wednesday, January 28, 2009

January Week 4

So I have great news, good news, and some not so good news. so the not so good news is that I am kind of sick, My head is killing me, My sinuses are stuffed clear behind my eyes, I am coughing up beautiful green and yellow stuff, and I feel like sleeping for forever, but I just keep pressing forwards, I am taking all of my pills, so hopefully it will leave soon.
The good news is that I just had 2 baptizems on sunday(sorry I forgot to tell everyone) but it was great, I actually got to do a baptizem, his name is Ratnaker, I will be sending picturers soon, and he is a body builder, he is short but huge, and really going to be strong in the gospel as well.
And now for the Great news.... drum roll please?? and I have another 4 and maybe 6 more baptizems next month!!! Chyeah Boi!!!
I am pretty excited, and we keep finding so many great people, so thank you so much for the prayers, I really appreateate them.
so story time. Well as you all know about the family with the 16 grandchildren, the Vanadi family, we have been teaching them for a little while now, well we invited them to church a few times, and they havent shown up, well we found out why, thier parents wont let the sisters out of the house with out a brother or father with them, and they cant come to church because their parents wont come with them. so Yesterday my companion and I had family home evening with them becaue they want to have it with the elders. well while there, we asked the father, and he said, well they also have collage, and they are all to young, well we showed him the importance of coming to church, and he had a look of " okay youve defeated me," but I dont think that he is willing to let them go. so we need to find a way to help them come to church.
now for second story, so about a month ago, we found this family with the parents, and 2 childern. the father go in an accident, and injured his leg. well we have been teaching them, and the son and daughter have accepted baptizem, but the mother and father dont think that they (the parents) need to be baptized. Well monday was the mothers birthday, and she is really great, and so we bought a cake, and we had family home evening, and just had a great time, so now we are teaching about baptizem to the childern, and trying to get the parents to be baptized now.
Okay so some of my favorite foods here, Butter chicken, prawns, absalutly wonderful, Chillly chicken, Tastes like wingers, only not sweet, and I absulutly love them, Sweet lassie, Its a drink, and it is so good, its like curd, but its sweet. and Artos, it tastes just like red cream soda, I absulutly love it, and get this, its only in Raj. yep only in Raj, I am so happy that I am here. :)
well so as I have said, life here in Raj is great, I am seeing so many great things, I am so happy to be here, and the people here are so great, I hope that I can stay just a little longer, but transfers are on the 4th, so you never know, and I might not be able to send e-mail that day, but if I can, I will.
well I hope everything is going well there at home, I know that the lord is taking care of you, I love you all, and I do miss you, but not enough to come home, sorry, I know that if you pray every night and every morning that you will become closer to the lord, and if you read your scriptuers at least 10 minuets a day that you will have so many blessings, and that if there are any problems that the lord will bless you if you just stay close to his words.
I know that the church is true, and that Joseph smith was a true prophet, and I know that Thomas S. Monsen speakes with heavenly father and Jesus Christ on a daily basis. I know that the book of mormen is the word of god, and I know that if we seek dilegently that the lord will unlock the mysteries of the scripturs to us. the lord really is Our loveing heavenly father. Jesus Christ really did bleed and die for our sins, and that he was resurected on the third day, and that we will return to see him again, and that he will be here sooner than we think. I love you all, and I know that the lord will bless you as much as he has blessed me if you just do the things he askes. I say all of this in the name of Jesus Christ amen.
well we will hear from you next week, I love you all, keep smiling, and remember the church is true!!!
Elder Colton Frederick

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

January 3rd Week

I will try to watch for some pictuers, and its good to hear that molly is busy with the baby's, I am just a little frusturated that I hadent heard anything about it, but thats life right???
So this weekend was Zone confrence, and I had a great time, we went to Visack, and I got to go on exchange with my MTC companion, and we stayed at his appartment. we learned a ton about the mission, and about the people here, we had interveiews with President Nichols, and when I was in my interview, he asked how I felt about being in the field for a month, and I looked at him and said " right, its only been a week." but then I realized that it has been a month, and I have been on my mission for two months, and I really honestly never felt it go by. I felt bad that I haddnt realized, so when I got to my appartment this morning, I looked at the calender that Alexis gave to me, and I saw that I had only crossed off until the 11th, and that today was the 21st. I was quite supprised.
so a neat Experience... well, we met these three young men, and we had set an appointment to come back and meet with them at a later date, and the buncked us, but then we where riding around for some finding, and they where out whare we had met them. well, we said hello, and they explained that they had been out of station and had forgotten that they had set an appointment, we asked them if we could share the message, and they said yes, but we would have to do it rite there... well we said a prayer, and started, and about three minuets into it, a man came and told them in telegu (the local language) that they souldnt listen to us and that they should go up stairs. well the one boy said " give us a minuete, but we will be right back" we said okay, and waited, well the man left, and the boys came back with 3 more boys. well they then explained that thier father is hindu, and that he hates christions, and that the boys where interested, and wanted to hear about our message, and asked us if we could go down the street, and teach so that when thier father came back, he wouldnt see them. so of course we said yes.. we then tought the rest of the lesson, and answered all of thier quiestions, and they then said that they wanted to meet with us again, so we set another appointment with them on thursday.
so here are some really neat things that I have eaten.
Non: its like a flower tortella,but it rises, and has butter all over it.
Butter chicken: AMAYZING!! Its my favorite, I think that everytime I eat at sri kanya (a "nice" resturant) I get it.
and Onion curd: curd mixed with cilantro, onions, and some pepers, but it depends. I absulutly love it, but I have to be carfull, because when I do eat it, I tend to get really tiered after.
but any kind of food here is wonderful, and all of the currys are really good.
I am loving the fruit, I wish I had more!!
so I have a request for all of you reading this, will you please pray for the Vanidi family, their the ones with 16 grandchildern, and I really am hoping that they will except baptizem, we feel that thier ready, and we are going to set them with a date tonignt or tommorrow, I really have come to love them, and I keep feeling that I have more to do with them then just teaching and baptixing, I dont know what, but I just know what I feel.
Well as I said life in india is great, I just keep thinking about everything that I am doing, and kind of wishing that It wont stop, I really hope that one day all of you can meet all of these wonderfull people.
I Love you all, and I am praying for you all as well.
Please be carfull out there, and know that the lord loves all of you, and he wants you to return to him, but in the time that he has planned, and not any sooner. I love you all so very much.
Elder Fredeick

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Colton's next letter

Ummm you remember what I said, about being informed, well Ididnt even know that there was a New baybe!!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRR, I would have liked to have been informed... Thanks... alot... JK

so answers, My mission Pres is from alaska, and has about 100 acers of absulutly beautiful land, and has invited me to come up when I get home and go fishing in thier rivers, and go hunting with him.
Yes I absulutly Love the food here, I have officialy lost 10 LBS, and I am feeling great, The food is wonderfull, rice and all kinds of different Curry's, and the banana's are soooooo good, When I got to india, sister linton( one of the office Sisters) gave us a whole bunch of snaks and bananas an I ate about 10 of them. oh ya.... they are way good. so ya the food is great, I just had a drink yesterday made form cantalope, that was amayzing, and all of the things that they make here is really good, but sad to say, I am really starting to miss my hamburgers... alll they have here is chicken, and mutten, not that its a bad thing, but I want a steak, maybe some REAL potatos, and some of aunt kims wonton salad.
So yes, we travel on bikes here, sorry cycles, bikes here are Motercycles, and cycels are peddle bikes. I am really having a blast on them here, other then they tend to rip my pants, so I have to sow them every now and then.
well I have to speak in Zone confrence... and the topic is on how to make our goals personal, well I just wipped out my timberline card, and wrote my talk in about 10 minuets, and when my companion read it he was blown away, and he is the District leader and has been out for 15 months, and never heard about the SMART goals. so we will see how it goes.
well Ihope that answeres some of everybodys questions, please continue to ask, I have all kinds of answers.
Love you
Elder Colton Frederick

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Week 2

Now its my turn to repramand.... Or just complain, You know that your son is half way around the world, and can only E-mail once a week, and then to top it off only gets Emails from family and friends. what am I supposed to say to my immidate family and those who only read your blog. I dont know whats going on there, I cant answer any un asked questions, or tell about cool experiences that I had, or how may baptizems I have this sunday, or even anybody asking if Im alive, not even my own mother.... :( I think Im going to cry.... okay maybe not...

So life in india is great!!! I am learing a ton, I have seen most of Raj, and Iam starting to get the gift of toungs a little bit, I am starting to pick up on names better, and I have found my self doing the head shake. thats moving my head side to side to say yes.
To answer everyones un asked questions, we have 3 baptizems this coming sunday, and last sunday I did my first confermation.
so cool experiences, So saturday, we went finding, and we found this family, there was one elder gentelmen, and his two grandsons and one grand daughter, well we tought them about the first lesson, and we gave them a book of Mormen, well then we asked if we could see them again on sunday, and they said yes, well when we rode up, the grand daughter was reading the Book of Mormen, ( we gave them 3 Nephi 11) and so we asked her if she understood it, and she told us about the chapter, and we where amayzed because we thought she had seen us and was reading it because of us being there but she had actually continued to read, and was now in chapter 12, well we asked if we could come in, and she said yes, well while we where waiting, at first it was the origional 4 then it turned into 8 then it turnd into 16, who all wanted to know what the chapter was, and had all been tought how to pray by the one grand daughter. Come to find out, there where 4 familys living in that one house, It was a good sized house too. but they all wanted to know more, we then asked if they had ever had a family time, and they hadnt, so we asked if we could show them how to do a FHE, well we explaind it, and they wanted us to come and do it withe them, so we came back the next day (monday) and we showed them how to do it, and there where 2 more faces, so we had a good time and showed them what to do, and when it was time to go, they didnt want us to leave, so we ended up saying good bye for about 10 minuets. I really felt a new love for this family, they are so amyazing, and so smart.
so another experience, there was a family that we found about a week ago today (wednesday) and we set an appointment with them for sunday, well when we set the appointment, we saw that they had a son with ceribrial palsy, which we immeditly saw that they loved so much. so sunday when we came, we thought about the Plan of Salvation, and about the restoration. well come to find out, the son can understand the message of what we where sharing, and when ever we walk in, he gets this big huge smile on his face, and just looks so happy. well we where baring our testimonys on the plan, and I started to bear mine, and I started to cry, and I knew that the spirit talking through me because even though I was using my words, I could feel the spirit, and the mother started to cry, and I promised her that her son would have a perfect body, and just told her the truth, and after I said amen, she said and I quote" what time is your services, and can I have a book of mormen?" so we told her, and we didnt have any copies with us, but we set another appointment with her, and told her we would bring one to her when we get more because even now we are out, and so is our mission office, and the bangalore distribution office.
well I think that is suffecient for you being that you didnt send me anything, so next time send me some questions!! please??
I Love you all, and i know that the lord loves you as well, remember that christ really did bleed and die for our sins, he will be here soon, to see us again, and we need to be ready, remember Alma 34
once again I love you alll.
Elder Colton Frederick