Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Colton's next letter

Ummm you remember what I said, about being informed, well Ididnt even know that there was a New baybe!!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRR, I would have liked to have been informed... Thanks... alot... JK

so answers, My mission Pres is from alaska, and has about 100 acers of absulutly beautiful land, and has invited me to come up when I get home and go fishing in thier rivers, and go hunting with him.
Yes I absulutly Love the food here, I have officialy lost 10 LBS, and I am feeling great, The food is wonderfull, rice and all kinds of different Curry's, and the banana's are soooooo good, When I got to india, sister linton( one of the office Sisters) gave us a whole bunch of snaks and bananas an I ate about 10 of them. oh ya.... they are way good. so ya the food is great, I just had a drink yesterday made form cantalope, that was amayzing, and all of the things that they make here is really good, but sad to say, I am really starting to miss my hamburgers... alll they have here is chicken, and mutten, not that its a bad thing, but I want a steak, maybe some REAL potatos, and some of aunt kims wonton salad.
So yes, we travel on bikes here, sorry cycles, bikes here are Motercycles, and cycels are peddle bikes. I am really having a blast on them here, other then they tend to rip my pants, so I have to sow them every now and then.
well I have to speak in Zone confrence... and the topic is on how to make our goals personal, well I just wipped out my timberline card, and wrote my talk in about 10 minuets, and when my companion read it he was blown away, and he is the District leader and has been out for 15 months, and never heard about the SMART goals. so we will see how it goes.
well Ihope that answeres some of everybodys questions, please continue to ask, I have all kinds of answers.
Love you
Elder Colton Frederick


Kathy said...

I'm glad he likes curry. I ate alot of India curry in South Africa and can't even stand the smell of it anymore! :>

Daily Chaos said...

Remind me to teach him how to spell when he gets home.