Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April '10 Week 4

Well life is going Pretty good here in good old India!
JESS YOUR A FREAKING STUD!! I am so excited for you!!!, You have to tell me when you get your call, I know how strange it is when you actually put your papers in, but I promise that it will be the most rewarding choice that you ever make in your entire life, and that goes for all of those who are putting their papers in and are receiving calls very soon, (you know who you are)
Well A big congrats to BRIGHAM!! I am so happy for him, thats great!!
Okay well not to much is going on here, We just had Zone Conference, It was one of the best That I have ever been too, I was really able to see how much we have been working, and I was able to have a great Interview with president Nichols, I love him so much. I sometimes wish that I could sit at his feet and just watch what he does and learn from him.
Highlight to all of my Uncles, I just want you to know how much I really love all of you, you have each helped me in my life, and on my mission, I have been able to see your love and your small teachings in my life have been there so that I could be able to learn and grow. you have been such a grate insperation in my life, and I aspire to become just like Each and every one of you, I love you all, and am just so happy that you have put the gospel into your lives and your families, Please remember how important it is and don't forget the wonderful examples that you have put and been in my life. There are a lot of Missionaries here that want to meet you all. I also want you to know that the work that you did with me is being rewarded 7 fold if not more, your example has been a blessing in my life.
I don't have any news lately I am doing pretty good, and I am really happy, working with my Companion has gotten really good, and we are starting to see a lot of success, we just recently had 2 baptisms, and we are planning on setting a couple of Awesome Families Today if not tomorrow, I really pray that they know how much this gospel can truly bless their family.
I love you all and am so happy to know that you are all striving hard to live the gospel. I know that this is the lords true and living church, I know that it was restored along with the gospel 200 years ago, I know that Joseph Smith truly Saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, I know that Thomas S. Monson is his living successor and that he holds the keys to lead and guide this church in these tough, and trying days, But I also know that as we all try to live the gospel and we put forth our effort to read the scriptures and gain a relationship with our heavenly father that we can be saved from sadness and sin. I am grateful for a living and loving savior. I know that the lord has given us a divine witness to know his plan for us, and I know that its the word of God. The book of Mormon has been truly writen for us in this day.
I love you all and am so happy for you I am praying for you all.
Elder Colton Frederick

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April '10 Week 3

Well Things are great here, mom it sounds like you had a good time at Conclave, I am really happy that was fun, but I am sorry about the Gopher, at least its not one of the Rats here in India, they are as big as house cats, I almost kicked one the other day that was trying to get into our gate at home, but it ran away!! they are NASTY!! sometimes I wish I had a hand gun and I could just POP them as we drive down the road.
Hey so I Have a cool experience that happened this week, as we where out "Finding" and just Knocking on doors, it was about 8:15 and we had a half an hour to travel to get into our apartment, we also had just been canceled on, so we thought we would go and see a family that we had met a while back, but as we where walking down the road, we noticed that we where too far from there house, and that it was behind us, but as we where talking about it, we felt like we should just keep walking and searching, and all of a sudden this brother starts talking to us, we offer to share our message with him, and he invites us to his home. When we got to his home, we found out that his wife had studied in a Christian school, Her husband was hindu, but he was very interested in hearing about how his family could learn to be happier, and he wanted a way to raise his children in a proper way so that they would not end up like everybody else. As we sat down with them we shared about prayer, and Sister Lila (the mother) just started to ask some really good questions, so we offered to come back later and answer them. The next time that we came they had had Family prayer every night, and where really excited to ask their questions, which where about how they could get an answer to their prayers, and who was the Holy Ghost, and why was he so important, and then they asked the Most Important Question... why is your church different from all of the rest? and it was so great, we just unfolded the restoration on them, and they where so happy, and excited, they even asked us for a book of Mormon before we could give it to them. The spirit was just so strong with them, so we are really praying hard for them. They are so awesome!.. well I am glad to hear the your doing good, just take care of your selves, I know life gets tuff, but I promise that its worth it.
I know that the lord lives and I know that his son Jesus Christ Atoned for our sins, that he was resurrected and that he and Our heavenly father appeared to Joseph smith 200 years ago. I know that the truest happiness is found in the gospel of Jesus Christ, and that through the Wonderful plan of our Heavenly father we can be together for Eternity as we work out our own salvation. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of god. I know that the lord has called and chosen Living servants today. I am so grateful that we are able to listen to his words today.
I love you all and am always praying for you.
Elder Colton Frederick

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April '10 Week 2

hey thats great!! you just sound so BUSY with EVERTHING!! Hey Tell everyone at conclave that I said HELLO!!! I miss everybody, I have been thinking about all of the fun things at scout activities.
HOLY COW CONFERENCE WAS AWSOME!! I completley loved it, it was one of the funnest ones that I have heard, I think that the Lord wants us all to know how much he loves us, and how much we need the priesthood, and the gospel in our lives, espically after sunday mornings session from Pres. Monson, it was AMAZING, I was just really blown away by the spirit.
SO my questions where a little Vague, so my answer was vague, so, its about time I just get specific about all of my questions, oh well that's what I get for doing my own thinking with out enough thought. good old me.. I just have a hard time asking the right questions for my self.
Mom I think its funny that you bring up the way that we change, I am so grateful that I have seen the Kind of people that I want to hang out with, and the kind of people that I should seek to be with, sister Beck answered that question with out me even asking she said " women(and men) should be women, not babes that need to be constantly petted to keep them happy." I Like that, I need to just plain surround myself with people who rise up to their best and want to teach by example. People who just want to push each other in the right way towards a righteous goal. Thats what I am looking for when I go home, Righteous friends.
Oooo... Tell the Spencers I am praying for them, and send them my love, I really love them, they are just absolutely an amazing family. I know that times get tough, but I also know that the lord gives us these Infirmities to strengthen us.
Well, not too much happened this week, I am just blown away at how much, and how fast the time flys by, I know its just part of the lords time and plan, but I just cant believe the speed that things like time goes out the door, I was just thinking about how it feels like I was just sitting down to Email you all last week. Oh well that's life I guess.
I love you all and am praying for you all, I miss you, but am happy to be doing the lords work here in India, I know that this is the place that I need to be, I am so grateful the lord has called me to be here to help these wonderful people. I know that this is the lord true and living church, I know that the Savior lives, that he atoned for our sins, I also know that he restored his church by selecting a living prophet. I know that the power that he sent back on this earth through Peter James, and John, is the power that can truly bless all of our families. I am so happy that we have the ability to hold this power as we strive to stay worthy and live the way what we should.
I love you all, and am so happy for you all I know that your being watched over.
Elder Colton Frederick

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April '10 Week 1

I hope you all enjoyed Conference, I am so excited for it, I get to see it THis week, I have questions that I am hoping get answered, I hear that it was really fun... I don't know how that works, but I am looking forward to it.
Wow, you all sound so busy, some are preparing for the end of semesters, some for marriage, some for Events, and some for just everything else, I am praying for you all, and I am hoping for the best in all that you all do. That is so exciting about everything that is going on. I have thought about you all a bit this week. Its crazy that your all just moving on, some times its a little weird as I sit here and progress only with my Investigators and not in life, but I am just so glad that its the lords work that I am doing and not my own, I think I would go nuts!!
Well I have a cool story for you this week, on Sunday we had an appointment with this family that has been having troubles, the husband and wife are fighting and they have been starting to really get torn apart, he finally received a testimony of the book of Mormon, and then he started to come to church, and she wasn't happy. So this week we decided to take the Branch president and his wife, but they called us and told us that they were not able to go, and that they wanted to send another couple, so they sent brother Sunil and Sister Nazreena, they where really happy to come, but when we got to David and Hephzibah's, Sister Hephzibah was so angry that she went into the other room, and sister Nazreena went in after her, we had a great lesson about the atonement with brother David, and as we needed to go, they stayed with the family, when we got home, we called brother Sunil and he told us that they had just left brother Davids home, and that the family was laughing and smiling when they left. We called brother david and he told us that he needed to pay his tithing, and that he wants his whole family to be baptised, they just need to wait for sister to come to church. They are so happy!! It was so Amazing.
I cant Imagine my life without the gospel and I am so Happy that the lord cares about us so much that he has given his son Jesus Christ, all so that we could be able to Live with our families in the next life. I know with all of my heart that this is the lords true and living chruch, I know that by living the restored Gospel, and by following a Living prophet that we can truly live in love with each other. I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ is true, and that it is the only way to reach the Kingdom of god. I hope you all know that I Love you and that your all in my prayers.
I love you all so much,
Elder Colton Frederick