Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Week 4 March

So, to start off, I am sort of confused, I only forgot to write one week, I thought that you got all of them. oh well I am repenting and writing again.
I did recive the package, and thank you, I really appreated the treats!! I gave one to one of the couples and they where asking how they survived? I have no Idea, but I was so excited that I froze them and only eat one like every other day. its so great. THANK YOU FOR THE CHOCLATE!!!
okay so now I am curious, what movies have they been previewing, I just want to know, I have been curious to what cool movies I have been missing.
So now that you say something about the temple, That is really awsome, It brings some more sence to what is there, I really like the Idea.
Okay so I have been thinking about some things latley, maybe you can answer some of this for me. so why does everything start and end with abraham, now I am going to do some more studying, but I would like to know what is up with that.
Hey Paul is comming to Indai??? THAT IS AWSOME!!! I am so excited to see him!! maybe we could serve together. Man I am so Excited to hear that.
Well i am sorry its cold there, it has been almost excrusiatingly hot, I never put on sunscreen, but yesterday I really needed it, I kind of got burned, but not badly, so from today onwards I am putting on sunscreen, espically because of how hot it gets here, 45 degrees Celcius, ya thats hot.
so it was pretty cool, the other day, I was out prosyliting and looked up at the sky and the clouds in the north where really dark, so I said to one of the native elders, " man that looks like its going to rain pretty hard." he looked at me and said " no its not, sometimes it looks like that, but it never rains." well he kind of ate his words, about 10 minues later, we where on our way to an appointment, and I looked up at the sky, and all of a sudden this drop about the size of a 50 cent peice hit my leg. and then I stopped and put all of my stuff in a plastic bag, and told my companion to do the same, well then as he was putting his stuff in his bag, it just started to pour, not just like rain at home, but it was in sheets, and the drops where huge, well we had an appointment, and I started to walk out into it and this guy grabs my arm and says "sir dont go out, its raining, youll get wet" I just looked at him and laughed and said " Brother, I know..." and walked out into it. and I was completly soaked in about thirty seconds, it was awsome!! I wish I had pictures. well any way it was great my companion walked out and said "are you nuts? its raining" and I just said
"well we have an appointment, and the rain isnt going to hurt you, is it?"
he looked at me and said " okay" so we rode for about 20 minuets in the absulutly beautiful rain. our appointment buncked, and we went out finding, but no one was in the roads, it was some one rolled up the streets in new york city, but the whole city. ya it was way cool.
well to answer your question, no I dont have to boil the water, for dirinking or brushing, I just brush, no big deal, the curry's I eat kill any kind of bugs that I could possibly get, and then to top it off, I dont drink anyting but botteled water.
so I have this family that I found about 3 weeks ago, and we have now set the sons with a baptizem date, and are trying to teach the parents about baptizem and how the parents, even though they where baptized in a differnt church, need to be baptized in the true church. well we decided to teach the restoration again, and as we where teaching the restoration, we hadent even talked about baptizem at all, and the youngest son says "brother, what about me, I want to be baptized in the TRUE church, can I be baptized?" and I looked at him and said " OF course you can, as long as its okay with your parents then yes you can, you have the desire, so yes" well to be short both of the sons are going to be baptized on april 5th. I am so freaking excited. I know that the True authoity was given back to Gods children through Joseph smith, I know that this church is true and that the Priesthood keys are back in the hands of the prophets, and that the things that the ordinences that are done on this earth are important to our salvation, I know that if you are truly keeping the commmandments of god and reading your scriptures, it brings you true happiness, and I know that if you put your trust in god, that you he will bring you the things that you need, in his time, but it will happen. I know that Jesus Christ is the ONLY begotten son of Heavenly Father, and that he did atone for our sins, and that if you remember the covenents that you have made in baptizem, and in the temple (for those who it pertains to) that you will be truly happy, and that the lord trully love each and every one of us.

I love you all, and I will see you all next week.
Love ELder Colton Frederick

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Week 3 - March

Well, I am glad to see that life is going good, and that everything is going AWSOME! I really think that the work your doing with the OA is great, I think that you will start getting a better turn out, mom you always know how to keep things Interesting and fun. man, I really wish I was there for the food, that sounds Delicious, I mean dont get me wrong, I love the food hear, but man do I miss American food. Oh well thats life, and I can get it when I come back.
well life is good, my companion is good, and leaving, transfers are tommorow, and I am getting a new companion. his name is Elder William, he is from Hydrabad, Elder Cunningham is going to go to Chenni, pretty cool huh? I kind of feel bad though he is going to the hottest part of India at the Hottest Time of the year. and its a walking area, so no cycling.
well, life here is great, I am working hard at figuering out all of the names of the Areas, and of all of the people. I know the area, but the names are whats hard for me, because most of them are like AVA road, JN road, and theres Ganesnager, and all kinds of places like that all over my HUGE area, but I am getting it. which is good.
Well, I am excited to see your regelia, I want some pictures, by the way, the package I have sent has Pics in it, and also some letters.
Tell grandma that I did finally recive her letters, and that they all came at about the same time, it really just depends on who gets them in the "post office" here in india. by the way, if you send anymore packages send them to the chruch In rajahmundry, because other wise I will have to pay for the Curriour. Here is the Address
18-11-15 Tummaloua
Near Venkateshwara Apartments
Rajahmundry 533 104
Remember this is the church address, so when I transfer it will change, but if you want to send Letters, you can still send it to the same Address that you have been in bangalore. this adderss is for Packages if you send anymore this transfer.
Well, as I have said, life here in India is awsome, I am doing great, losing weight, and looking great, I am Really growing in the gospel, I really enjoy being able to study, and find answers to questions that people have. I know that this church is the true church of Jesus Christ, and I know that the book of mormen is the word of god, I know that Joseph Smith is a true prophet, and that Thomas S. Monsen is the propehet of god today. I know that he does recive revelation from god to help us stay happy and closer to our families.
Ilove you all, and I am praying for you.
Elder Colton Frederick

Thursday, March 5, 2009

First week of March

Well I am so glad to hear that your calling gram, I really miss her, I keep thinking about what I can do to help more here, but I know that my prayers are all that matters, and That she will be fine. I know that the lord realy does listen to our prayers, and that she will be fine.
OKay so about the housing, most of the houses look like they do in Mexico, the only difference is that they are smaller, really all you have to do is watch "The Bourne Ultimatum" and that just what it looks like. our appartment is a lot bigger though.

So I have a couple of pretty cool stories and pictuers, so my companion and I where going to a members house

and I turned around to get a member on the back of my cycle and then all of a sudden I heared a loud crash, well I looked back and my comanion was standing back up and he had blood all over his face, and there where peices of bike flying all over, well I instantly jumped off of my bike and grabbed my handkerchief and walked up to him and put it on his face and applied pressure onto his face,

I also sat him down and took care of him for shock, then I was asked if I should take him to the hospital by someone who was freaking out, and I figured that it would be better to get out of there then let people get all freaked out because of the blood, so then we got into an auto and got to a "hospital" well the "Docter" wiped him up, and said that nothing was wrong, well when we got back to our appartment I could see that the docter was an IDIOT and that I needed to do something, so I checke him for a cuncussion and cleand him up and dressed his wounds. so there are some pictures I am going to send so check them out.
So no I havnt gotten my packages yet, but It shuold be here soon, so we will see,
I am so glad to hear about the everything that is going on, I know that the lord is taking care of you all, and I love you all. I want you to know that I know that the church is true, and I know that the lord loves each and every one of you. I know that Joseph smith is a true propeht, and that he really did restore the gospel of Jesus christ, and I know that we truly hear the words of the lord from a living prophet today.
I love you all
Elder Colton Frederick