Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July '10 Week 4

Hey Well things are Pretty good here, Chennai is amazing, and there are just so many people here that are just willing to listen to the gospel, we where walking to some investigators home, and all of a sudden some guy comes running up to us and was asking us what we where doing here, and if he could know about us, we then shared with him about Joseph smith on the road, and he said that he wanted to come to church, I was just really so surprised to see that he wanted to know about the gospel.
So Zone conference was Pretty good, the New Mission President, President Funk is way Chill, I really like him, I was able to sit down with him in my Interview, and come to find out, he is originally from Manti, and Both of his Little brothers where born in the Mt. Pleasant Hospital!! so we where really able to connect.
Chennai is Amazing We are really rocking it out here, and I really like the area, its way sweet. The people here are really nice, and very loving. One of the things that I have been trying to do here is to wash the peoples Dishes, here in India, only the woman goes into the Kitchen, unless the boys are putting something in there, so I have been sneaking in there and washing all of their dishes, its the funniest thing ever to see the womens faces, they just stare at me in pure shock that I would do anything like that, and sometimes the men try to "pull" me out, they don't try to hard, they are also usually in shock, its pretty funny.
Yes mom I found the school, it is rising star, and they come to church every week, Brother Gorden and his wife are in provo now, they haven't been here in about a year, but it was really cool when I asked about them to the family that is running the school, she was so excited that I had Knew about them already.
Well about Kyles wedding pics, you'll just have to tell the hoser to send me some of his Pictures, I am not getting on to facebook.
Hey I am so happy to hear about lane, that is way cool, your going to have to send me some pictures, I know that things will be so great you'll all be taking pictures any way, but I want to see the pics.
Well I love you all, and am just so happy to know that "we are all in this together" I know that even all the problems that are in the world are able to just pass us by as we stay strong in the gospel. I know that the lord is watching over all of you, and I also know that he is aware of your individual circumstances. I know that this is truly the lords work and that because of the wonderful gift of the gospel being restored, Know that those that embark in this work are doing the right thing. I know that the book Of Mormon truly does testify that God lives and that he loves us. I know that because of the savior that we are all able to live with god again, because of his gospel plan.
I love you all and am so happy for your success and your desires to preach the gospel to those around you, you are all such amazing examples.
Elder Colton Frederick

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

July '10 Week 3

Vanakam from Chennai!! (means Hello in Tamil)
Well life is great in Chennai, My new companion is Elder Tewari, he is originally from India, but has been brought up in the states, he was living in Virginia before his mission and has now been out 6 months, so it has been pretty interesting to see the way he does things because he was trained by a former assistant, and follow up trained by another former assistant, so now just a lone little Elder from little old vizak gets to try to live up to the standard given... pretty fun, I am really enjoying the way that Elder Tewari works and has a way to do everything. he is espically fun because he was a big politician in Virginia before his mission.
Well it sounds like your all just having a blast, I hope that you can send me some pics of the good old wind rivers. Oh by the way the package came, but is in custums in Bangalore, the hosers have my shoes, and wont give them back unless I go and get them... There is a good thing that I am in Bangalore today, ahh Zone Conference, somebody is going to get a good old chew if they don't give it to me. Oh well what can you do?
Hey so how is Jess, please keep me updated, that poor guy is working hard so that he can go on his mission, I am quite proud of him and his hard work, I know that he will do an amazing job, because the lord want's us at our best before we go and do his work, and I know that he will do just amazingly as he dedicates his life to what he knows to be correct.
Well I just want to let you all know how thankful I am to have you all be a part of my life, I know that its not easy just simply going through life, but you all do it well, and You have all been such grate teachers for me, I know that it wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for the savior Jesus Christ. I know that because of his Atonement we are able to have happy lives... if we work at it. Lately I have really had my eyes opened to the atonement of the savior. I feel that each day my eyes have just slowly been opened to the light and love that it brings. One of the things that I am trying to work on is just simply my love for everything, and I know that it truly is a gift from god to be able to love one another, and to have compassion and charity for others, but I also know that it is so important to have it for if we have it not, "we are nothing."
I know that this is truly the lords true and living Church and I also know that the book of Mormon is a true Witness that the gospel of Jesus Christ is restored. I am so grateful that we are able to go and proclaim this to "every living creature" I know that by living the gospel of Jesus Christ we can live with each other in the lords kingdom, and that the wonderful plan of the living god is that we can live in his kingdom as families.
I love you all and am so thankful for your prayers and your willingness to write and support me here in India. Your all the best.
Elder Colton Frederick

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July "10 Week 2


Well I actually don't have very much time this week because I am GETTING TRANSFERRED!! I will be going to Chennai first branch, I will be leaving on Friday for Chennai, I am pretty excited too, because it will be the biggest area that I will serve in, and the biggest place in the whole mission.
but I will be sending you some pictures with this e-mail, I really hope that you like them, I know that time is less, but I wanted to at least tell you all that I love you and that I' will be giving you more news with everything next week.
I love you and I know that you are all being watched by the lord, I know that The lords plan of Salvation is true, and I know that the savior is the center to the lords plan for us all.

I love you and know that time will pass as it passes, I know that we are all excited to see each other again, but... I STILL HAVE 4 MONTHS!!! I have time to work... I love you and I know I will be seeing you in due time.
love you all so much, Please don't misunderstand my comments, but my whole mission is going home with in 4 months, 42 missionaries are going home in three week intervals, so I just want to be able to focus on the mission.

Love you all
Elder Colton Frederick

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July '10 Week 1


AH the fourth of July, I got fed rice and then got sick because of it...
Sounds to me like you all had just quite the amazing week this week, and oh boy was I missing you for the fourth, although I am quite glad that the lord let it fall on a sunday this year, all because he know's of the party that will be happining next year... OH the Fire works. they will be AMAZING!!! almost like Divali here in India.
Wow, sounds like the winds are a changing in life, speaking of the winds, I NEED PICTURES!!! so here is the deal, pics for me, pics for the family!! (mom no worries they will be on the way soon)
Well it sounds to me like you had a lot better of a week so far then I have, I was on lock downs on monday, This means that I could not go out prosalyting for the whole day due to some stupid people thinking that they cant live with a one rupee raise on carrots!!! can you believe it Carrots!!? anyway, that day was terrible!! I thougt I was going to die of cabin Fever. Then the worst... At 5:00 in the morning I woke up due to my body screaming GO TO THE BATHROOM!! and it hasnt stopped since... ahh rice. from that, I have had my week.
other wise I have had a great week, we are working on some sweet families who just already love the gospel, and have already had spiritual experiences, we are really hoping that we can watch them progress towards baptism.
Other then that, not to much has happened here, I am just Fighting the urge to run to the bathroom!!
I do have some other news, WE HAVE A NEW MISSION PRESIDENT!! his name is President Funk. I will be meeting him at the end of this month. So thats really all my news.

Something that I have been thinking about lately is the amazing promise of the book of Mormon, One of the families that we have been teaching we just gave the book of Mormon to, yesterday, and we showed them the Promise that Moroni Gives to all those who read from the book, Moroni 10:3-5 states that all those who read from the book, desiring to know if it is right and true, must ask god. and that if they will do it in faith, and With Real Intent, that means are willing to do what they must to follow it completely, will receive an answer by the power of the Holy Ghost, and that "by the power of the Holy Ghost ye may know the truth of All things." I know that what god, and Moroni promises is true, and as I have promised this to so many families here in India, I promise this same thing to all those who have, and havent done this yet, and I challenge all of you to do this, read from the book, again, and then pray with a sincere Heart, I know that you will get an answer.
I love you all and hope the best for your week, I know that this is all true. I am praying for all of you and for your well being, I know that god lives and that he loves each and every one of his children.
Love you all
Elder Colton James Frederick