Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Well Hello Everyone at home,
I am glad to hear that your doing well, Life here is pretty good, I have been really working hard to get things done in the lords Kingdom, and we finally had another baptisem, his name is Badri, this guy is good, he made me crazy though, he wouldnt show up to our appointments on time, but he would come 15- 20 minuets early for church, which is good, but I just about lost it with him a coulple of times, his English is pretty good, but he is just shy about what to say, so we didnt know if he understood what we where teaching, because he would just say yes, and then not ask questions. so we finnally got all of that worked out, and got him baptised this week.
we also have been working with this musulim sister, and that is pretty tricky too, she has been out of town alot, she tavels all over the country and she is hardly ever here in Raj, but when she is we get alot done, we started to ask her about how she felt about the book of mormon, and she told us that she carries it everywhare, she never leaves it our of her sight. Come to find out, she knows it is true, and she knows that she should follow what it says, so now we have set her with a baptisem date, so now she needs to ask her mother. that is going to be the "tell" becasue her mother is PACKA (EXTREMLY) Musulim.
Wow, the weather there sounds really interesting, It has been pretty wierd here too, some of the locals are really worried, becsue normally it is raining a ton by this time, and it still is hot, hot, and hotter, I dont think that it is under a hundred even at night. All I can say is THANK THE LORD FOR A/C !!!!!!
Pagent!! OH man, I was just thinking about pagent thismorning, I was thinking its just about that time, I wish I could see pagent, but Iknow that its all in due time.
well as I Said, things are great here in good old Rajahmundry, and I really am having a great time, I am learning alot still, I keep hoping that I can become like that wise old owl, I tend to find my self just listining to the people and to my companion and other missionaries as well, I like listining, its really neat to see what people have to say.
I love you all, and I know that the lord loves you, I know that he is watching over you, and that he is really there when you need him, I know that he loves to answer your prayers, because he answers mine, I see his answers Every week when I hear about home. I know that he really did send his son, and that he did have that great plan for Joseph smith to Kneel down and ask such a simple question, and that such a great answer came to him and to all of us. I know that the prophet Thomas S Monson is really his prophet, seer and Revolator. and that his apostels are really receving revelation today, I know that his work and his glory is comming to pass every day that we are living.
I love you all
Elder Colton Frederick

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

June Week 2

Hello family!
well HYDERABAD was awsome, I really had a good time, and yes it was full of the spirit, I had a lot of really neat experiences, one of which I really want to share. So as I had said, monday we where traveling, tuesday was Zone confrence, and wednesday was our interviews, so each of those days, I had to get up early and I was not able to study the scriptures, and I felt quite down, like something was wrong, now mind you of course we had a great spiritual experience at zone confrece, but, I as I was sitting there, on thursday, I realized that I needed something, so before we went out to do our activity, I pulled open my book of mormon, and started to read, and I only read about 10 verses and I had to leave, so as we left, I just felt completly better, I also was able to do some more missionary work, it felt so much better to read and study. any way all I can say is I know that there is a huge difference when you start your day with a little bit of study.
Well I am sorry to hear about the weather, I wish it got that cold here, I am burning up, I feel like a snowball that was tossed into a Fire, I am littarly melting. its great, but at the same time, I am sick of sweating. Oh well thats life.
WOW stephen is going to washington !!! I have a member in my branch that is going to the same mission!! here name is sister Gorila (yes) she is from Rajahmundry!! man that is awsome!!!
Well canada huh?? that is pretty sweet, I hope that you have a good time, I hope that you take a lot of picturers!!
Man I miss camp, the other day, I was sitting there, and I thought about Klynton, and I realized "hey he is waking up on his first day at camp right this very moment!" it was kind of wierd, but I was so excited for him.
Mom its wierd that you said that I was a quarter of the way done, becasue I feel like I just came to india last week, I asked my companion if it was true that the first 6 months where the longest, and he said "oh ya," I just then felt like I couldnt belive that this is the longest, because it has just flown by, I dont even know whare the time went, I just keep thinking to my self, I wish I could slow down time so that I could teach more, and do more. I also wish I could Extend(sorry mom but I do) but my visa will run our before I could do so.
well I love you all, and I want you all to know how much the lord loves you, I know that he gave us our agencey to choose weather to do right or wrong, I also know that he sent his son do atone for our sins so that we could get rid of those mistakes and be clean sothat we can enter into his Kingdom. I love my savior, and I know that he loves me, I know that Joseph smith is a true prophet, and that god and Jesus Christ appeared to him and told him that he was chosen to bring back the true gospel of Jesus Christ. I love you all
Elder Colton Frederick

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

June Week 1

Well hello family and Friends,
well this week has been pretty interesting, and so has the last few days. My week has been full, I have had a ton of appointments, and I have been visitings a lot of recent converts latly. well then, we have had Zone Confrence, and I have been in Hydrabad for the last 3 days, (by the time you get this any way) and so I am just enjoying the spiritual high, then we get to go and visit a film place for our zone activity, (its kind of like Disney land, other than there are no rides) tommorow. I am pretty excited, I also am getting excited, transfers are supposed to be comming up soon, I hope that I can stay, but I also hope that things are in place so that I can go, yes I have mixed feelings about staying, and going.
Well I am glad to hear that things are getting better at home, Sorry mom for both of us Leaving, but you knew that we had to fly the cupe some time right?? Just kidding, you know we will be back.
So I had my Interview with President nichols, and he asked me how I felt about having about a quarter of my mission being over, and I just said, I honestly can not belive how fast it has just flown by. so I guess thats life right?
Hey that sounds awsome about that fellowship, I really miss all of those things, I cant wait to come back and do them, but at the same time, I am just way too glad that I am here, and learning about our savior.
I know that this church is true, I know that our heavenly father put us here to learn, weather it be sickness, poverty, family problems, anything, I know that we are here to learn from every thing that comes our way, and as Nephi say in 1nephi 3:7 I know that the lord will provide a way for us no matter what our issue is.
I know that our savior atoned for our sins, I know that he did it because he loves us, and I also know that he also called The Prophet Joseph smith and a prophet to bring back his true chruch. I now that my reedemer lives, and that he is there for us when ever we need his help.
I love you all, I am so greatfull for all of your support, I hope that you know that you are all loved by me and the lord.
Elder Frederick