Wednesday, June 3, 2009

June Week 1

Well hello family and Friends,
well this week has been pretty interesting, and so has the last few days. My week has been full, I have had a ton of appointments, and I have been visitings a lot of recent converts latly. well then, we have had Zone Confrence, and I have been in Hydrabad for the last 3 days, (by the time you get this any way) and so I am just enjoying the spiritual high, then we get to go and visit a film place for our zone activity, (its kind of like Disney land, other than there are no rides) tommorow. I am pretty excited, I also am getting excited, transfers are supposed to be comming up soon, I hope that I can stay, but I also hope that things are in place so that I can go, yes I have mixed feelings about staying, and going.
Well I am glad to hear that things are getting better at home, Sorry mom for both of us Leaving, but you knew that we had to fly the cupe some time right?? Just kidding, you know we will be back.
So I had my Interview with President nichols, and he asked me how I felt about having about a quarter of my mission being over, and I just said, I honestly can not belive how fast it has just flown by. so I guess thats life right?
Hey that sounds awsome about that fellowship, I really miss all of those things, I cant wait to come back and do them, but at the same time, I am just way too glad that I am here, and learning about our savior.
I know that this church is true, I know that our heavenly father put us here to learn, weather it be sickness, poverty, family problems, anything, I know that we are here to learn from every thing that comes our way, and as Nephi say in 1nephi 3:7 I know that the lord will provide a way for us no matter what our issue is.
I know that our savior atoned for our sins, I know that he did it because he loves us, and I also know that he also called The Prophet Joseph smith and a prophet to bring back his true chruch. I now that my reedemer lives, and that he is there for us when ever we need his help.
I love you all, I am so greatfull for all of your support, I hope that you know that you are all loved by me and the lord.
Elder Frederick

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Misty said...

Just catching up on his letters - what a great spirit!