Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May Week 4

Hey there everyone! Well its the next week of the mission life here and I can't tell you how different things are when you have different companions... Last week I told you all about the odd coincidence of me training a new missionary waiting for his visa... well this week I must tell you of the thrills of not doing anything but missionary work. The week began with nothing more than just the usual, uh, stuff.... we were supposed to email and we were late, we went shopping and we were stopped by people... the usual missionary stuff... However I do have to say that I have adjusted what I carry with me every day simply because of what the area does... so to show you all what I carry generally I have: 2 copies of the Book of Mormon, 5 Restoration pamphlets, 5 plan of salvation pamphlets and 5 gospel of Jesus Christ pamphlets. on top of that I was carrying my personal Book of Mormon, and Bible. The things I carry now are copies of the Book of Mormon and about 10 of each of the pamphlets mentioned above. The reason I tell you what i carry is because of how "in handy" they have been. Now I'm not saying that you should carry as much around with you as what I do... I'm a missionary... But I can't tell you how excellent it is to be walking down the street and have several people come up to you and ask you about who we are and be able to tell them. The best thing that has happened this week is why I tell you what I carry. Here we go.... it was thursday and we hadn't had any luck at all in finding anyone to teach. Just when things were looking really bad, this man comes up to us and stops us. He has a Book of Mormon in hand and he says to us that he was given the book by a member that he works with and he has questions for us. When he opens his copy inside I noticed that he had a restoration pamphlet and the corner of the back of the pamphlet looked like it had been cut off. Well it had been. I, unknowingly had cut off the corner of one of the pamphlets sometime in the days before and just had the thought "I wonder if I will actually see this pamphlet put to good use.". I had given it to one of the members and had challenged them to give it and the book of mormon to someone who they thought would be interested. As you can see someone was. When I saw the pamphlet I was extatic! simply because I wanted to finally know if there would ever really be someone who wanted to know and that knew someone I knew.... Well the idea worked. I was able to see the lords hand in my life that day. SO>>> now I have a challenge for all of you out there and all who are willing. Keep a copy of The Book Of Mormon with you and don't be afraid to talk to people. Remember that if you know someone who is possibly interested at all. THE LOCAL MISSIONARIES WILL LOVE YOU!!!! Will you all carry with you a copy of the Book of Mormon and give it to someone this week who you think could use it? I can promise that as you do so, the lord will bring blessings into your lives that you need currently. I love you all super tons and hope you are doing well!!! Elder Klynton Frederick

Monday, May 20, 2013

May Week 3

Hey everyone!! Sorry about last week, It was transfers and I got not one, but TWO new companions, other news... my area became the LARGEST bike area in the Tucson Arizona Mission... uh... yeah, it got bad.... for a whole 48 hours.... to tell you why it changed so fast I have to tell you about my new companions... first.... Elder Kennington. What a stud! Elder Kennington goes home in 5 weeks which is why there are three of us in this companionship. Now the best part.... Elder Kennington is a former "AP" or assistant to the Mission President. He pulled some strings and we got a car soon after seeing how big our area was and that we had biked most of it in the previous transfers.... Honestly the kid is cool but kinda lazy... oh well I love him. He works really hard and he really has some seriously good finding ideas... He is awesome!.... Then we have the third member of our companionship and his name is Elder Horner. He is a Visa waiter going to Sao Palo Brazil!!! this kid is a freaking stud too! he makes the days so much easier.... He is a good hard worker.... So there you go..... There really isn't much to say about anything else here on the mission! Things are really beginning to pick up in the area and I am more than excited to see what all is going on!!!!! Love you all!!! Elder Klynton Frederick PS... I wrecked on my bike... Hah... you will all love the pictures!

Monday, May 6, 2013

May Week 1

Hey everyone!!! the biggest story for this week is marriage..... We had an investigator and her fiance get married on friday and it was so exciting. To make things worse... her baptism is on saturday this week! Oh by the way... Aparantly being from Utah means you know how to grill... I ended up grilling flat ribs for the wedding and it was pretty cool! Everyone told me they were awesome, and the best they had ever tasted. I just said that is was because of Jake's grill (that would be the husband). They all said its the cook... what ever... I'm a terrible cook! Transfers is also next week which is cool cause I get a new companion... Its about to get dicy!!! Any way... so things here are getting hotter but not at the same time. It rained today, which was odd I guess.... Not that I know any different.... I haven't ever lived here before now. I will say that I Know for a fact now that there is a devil and he is quite real. Trust me.... I know. Thank you all for the support! I know that this is short but I wanted you all to know that. Take care! Elder Klynton Frederick