Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It has Begun - Week 1

For all who want to know - Colton's Pday is Wednesdays so email him before Tuesdays at midnight and then he can answer on Wednesdays.

good, I am really glad that you got my E-mail. I am having a blast, and really learning a lot, we actually had a baptizem on sunday, my companions old companion did the baptizem, and we got to stand in the pictures. On monday, we met this really neat family, the women spoke english, and was going to school for religion, and we tought her the first lesson, and gave her a book of mormen, and asked her to pray about it, and asked her to come to church. well when we left, she said a prayer that just grabed my heart strings, she asked to know for a sure fact that this is true, and she asked to bless my companion and I becasue she saw the light of christ as we knocked on the door. It was Amzing. I was so happy.
I took a plane from banglore to chenni, and that was about an hour flight, then from there I flew to rajahmundry, and that was about an hour as well. so I dont really know how far, but I do know whare north is, so I am all good. although i am starting to want a compase because the streets go in circels.
My Pday is on wednesday. so email me tuesday night there because then I will check it at about 1:00 am there. its 1:30 pm here.
Christmas was a lot of fun here, I had a good time, but I wanted to sleep.
I love you too, and I am glad to here that your cheering for me. I am keeping a journal every night, and I write about 3 pages every night. I might need a couple new journals by the end of next year.

I love you
P.S. I am about to check your other E-mail.

Hello again,
so my first impressions of the country is..... Very croweded, and the people that drive her are nuts. My companion is really cool he is from Sri Lanka, and he speaks very good english, and he has tought me how to teach the people of india. He is also very interested in the second comming, we talk about it almost every day during companionship studys, he is very bright, and very smart. He wants to come to america and work, (funny fact about him, He wants to marry an american girl) I think its great, so all of you who want to meet a very priesthoodley strong man, Elder Addagabottu is getting off he mission in 6 months *wink*
So the food.... it is great, We eat with our hands. No utinsels, its great, and I never would have thought, but there is actually a methed to it. we eat often at a local cheap restureant, but it is very good, and we have a couple of dinner, and lunch appointments on thursday at some Investigators houses, and a couple of members houses.
My living quarters are pretty neat, its a good sized appartment, and the one bathroom has a hole in the ground, and the other has a toilet, but the toilet you have to flush about 8 times, I just use the squater, and by the way there is no toilet paper, so we use a hose, and water, it is kind of refreshing actually... j/k there is toilet paper, but we just ran out, and so i use the hose. Jeese I wish I could see your faces as you read that.
The members here are great, they are so loving and so faithfull. and the investigators are great to, they all care about you, and how your doing. we actually have set a couple of dates for people to get baptized.
Well I am glad that christmas was good, I hope every one there was good. so how much snow exactly do you have at home???? I am really glad that Klynton is doing good, Miss him very much, and I wish I could show him everything here, he would love it.
Grandma fell??? Well i am glad to here that she is okay, but keep an eye on her.
So Scotts fair well was sunday... Im glad to here that. Robert is leaveing pretty soon here to huh???
well I know that the lord will provide for you mom, I am praying for you everyday.
I think its funny how people teach lessons that they need for thier salvation.
we;; its time for lunch, I love you so much, tell everybody that I love them, and to write often.
I love you mom

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Arrival in India

When I got to work this morning there was a letter from Colton and one from his mission president. They are as follows:

I have gotten here nice and safely, I am 12 and a half hours ahead of you. but I am here safely, and soundly, I am very tierd, I got here, and we didnt get to the appartment until 3:30 In the morning, and I have had about 4 hours of sleep in 2 days. by the way its 5:30 in the afternoon here, so that means that its 5:00 in the morning there. So ya Life is pretty good. I am tierd though. so I have gotten pictuers, and I will be sending them to you pretty soon.
So here it goes, When I got on the plane in Denver, I sat next to this really Nice woman named Elin, you say it ee-lin, she is from sweeden, and she was on her way home, we talked almost the whole way to germany, Yes almost the whole 8 hours, and I we talked about religion, and life, she's not a member, but she belives all kinds of different things that are really close to our gospel. I really enjoyd talking to her, and So I gave her my E-mail address, and asked her to write. well then we got on the plane to India, and it was quite long, I was in the middle, and had no leg room. So then we got to India, we got everything together, and we walked out, and my mission pres. and his to assistents where there waiting for us. It was really cool to see some friendly faces, (even though we diddnt know them) and so we got our stuff into this tiny little "bus" ya, no it was an extended mini van, then we went to the appartment, but that was a trip in and of its self, I was so nervous, the people here drive like their drunk, It makes me Nervous, people dont have any Idea that the lines on the road mean anything, and if you get in thier way, they honk untill you move. well then we got lost, and it was a local dirver too, and had to backtrack to get to the appartment. after that we got to the appartment and went to bed, for to hours, then we went to the mission Pres. house, and had break fast. then came to the office. and here I have been. so now the sights are beautiful, but this country is definetly a third world, but the people here a beautiful, and very kind.
well tell every body that I love them, I will be writing soon. also I am having fun, but I neeed some sleep, because I cant concentrate, or type. I love you all, and I am having a blast.
and I am here safe.
your son

Dear Sister Frederick,

Your son is safe and sound in Bangalore, India and doing very well. Sister Nichols and I picked him up at the Bangalore Airport with his companions at about 2:00 AM Wednesday morning our time. They all spent the rest of the evening with the assistants in their apartment. Then this morning at 9:00 AM they all came to the Mission Home where Sister Nichols fed them a wonderful breakfast. We then had an orientation for them that lasted about two hours. After the orientation we took photos of each elder and then each elder with Sister Nichols and I. I copy of that photo of us and your son is attached. It was taken in the Mission Home in front of our Christmas tree.

This afternoon I met with your son and had a wonderful interview with him. He is a great young man. Tomorrow morning for Christmas all the new elders, plus the senior couples and other missionaries assigned here in Bangalore will come over for Christmas. We will eat breakfast, sing carols, and have a gift exchange. I will also announce to each new elder their first assignment and who their trainer will be.

Elder Frederick will be assigned to the Rajahmundry I Branch and his companion will be Elder Addagabottu. He fly out on Friday morning. Elder Addagabottu is a district leader and an outstanding missionary. I trust him and believe he will be an excellent trainer for your son.

Thank you for sending you such a wonderful young man. Do not hesitate to contact me at any time.

President Melvin R. Nichols

Monday, December 22, 2008

Travel Day

Today was the big travel day. I got a small email this morning telling me that they were leaving the MTC at about 10:00 and that Colton would call about noon. He called just after noon and I conferenced Mom, Molly and Matt in on the conversation.

Colton's companion's name is Garrett Craney. When we ask him what he had been learning he told us to get a copy of "Preach My Gospel" and study chapter 3 and we would know. He told us that the devotionals he got to enjoy, one was an area 70 and the other was someone who sits on the board at the MTC.

Colton's itinerary is that he traveled to Denver leaving SLC at about 1:45 and getting into Denver about 2:45. They left Denver about 5:15 and are flying to Frankfurt Germany tonight. They arrive there at about 11:30 am. They have an hour layover and then fly straight to India and arrive there about 1:45 a.m. on Christmas Eve.

Colton is doing great. He says that he has learned tons but it sounds like it has deepened his understanding more than anything and he has been extremely busy.

After he got to Denver, he called back and I got to talk to him for a little longer. He told me that they got to go to the temple a couple of times. He has gained about 3 lbs eating the MTC food. The best experience he had though was in the RC (Referal Center). This is where they take the calls from the Pass-along cards. He told me that he answered the phone and it was a single woman from Idaho. She had a son in high school and he had early morning seminary. Her husband had left her for another woman and she was about 31 or so. He said that the son's Guidance Counselor at the school was mad because the boy had early morning seminary and he didn't think that the kid needed to be in seminary zero hour and he was giving the kid a hard time. So the mom felt prompted to go to the counselor and bear her testimony to him, so she did. The next day, there was a knock at her door and there stood the counselor with her son whom he had pulled out of math and the counselor wanted to know more about the gospel. Apparently he is now taking the discussions.

I hope I got all of that right. I am not sure what Colton saw in the situation but it really touched him and he felt very blessed to have been able to talk to the woman. On the way to Denver, Colton gave the kid next to him a pass-along card and was pretty excited about that as well. As I talked with Colton, I finally said to him, you are kind of chomping at the bit aren't you? and he answered, "Mom, I can hardly wait to get there and get going!" It was obvious that he is anxious to be about his work and is excited to serve. Colton loved the plane ride and was really excited about that experience. There are 8 missionaries including Colton on their way to India today.

Colton said that in the MTC, the other Elders in his district were on their way to the Peoria, Illinois mission and he told them to look up Scofield's and that that is where his grandmother had served her mission. They seemed to be excited to know someone who had been there a little. I told him once again that if he will email me with all of your answers I will place them here so that all can read them.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Finally some communication

I haven't heard from Colton since the first night until today and today I got a letter and an email. So look to the side for his email. Remember that he can read them but isn't supposed to reply except to home.

I got the email first and it read: He mom, this is my Email address, I just want you to know that you can e-mail me here, I leave on the 22nd at 1:45 PM, and I arrive in india on the 24th at 1:45 am. I will check this on saturday, because thats my only other time to check before I leave, Please if you havent sent my backpack yet, I NEED my PURPLE duct tape, so that I can mark my Bags. I love you, your son.

Now the letter - this one is hand written:
Hey. Sorry about the time, I thought that I wrote to you on Wednessday, but I absulutly forgot, I wrote to Brenda, Heather, and Matt, and Molly and Christian, and I had plans to write to you, but I completely spaced it. (and I ran out of time)
Well thanks for the program, I really appreciate it, I was telling my companion and the rest of my district about Kalob getting baptized, and about your "sub for Santa" experience. It was great, they all said that was really neat, and that they were writing home to tell their families about doing the same thing.
By the way, my companion is really cool, I don't remember if I told you about him but he is a really great guy. He is from Paradise Utah, and he is a champion trap shooter, pretty cool Huh?
Hey, I need Dustin Sorenson's address.
So Mom, If you are wondering, I am having a lot of fun, I am learning a ton of new things. I want you to know that I love you, and appreciate everything that you have done for me.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The MTC Day

Okay, okay, I have been a bit remiss in my duties. I have been gone every minute and now I finally have about 5 minutes to post the new stuff. As most of you know, Colton went into the MTC on December 3, 2008. The pics here are of the moments spent with him. I am not sure if I am just "wacked" or what but this has been one of the most peacefull experiences I have ever had. There has been no fear and I was so excited for Colton to walk out the back door and down the covered path to his dorm room I almost threw him down and went for him. I could just feel the spirit of the MTC permeate me and I really wanted to stay. My friend Steve ask if it brought back memories and I could remember how hard it was but also how fun it was.

I really hope Colton enjoys it. I know the food is good and I am anxious to hear who spoke in their devotional on Tuesday night. I hope that he begins to realize that "mom" isn't totally dumb and that some of the things she talked about and made him do, were the voice of experience and not just reading the booklet!

I did get a letter from the first night and he says he "wants to make the time count, not count the time" and I really hope that is true. I hope he realizes that in some ways, the MTC is some of the hardest part. It always seems to be the learning curve that is the toughest. I don't have an email for him yet but just so you know... He leaves the MTC on December 22nd.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

The big day!!!

Sunday was a hugely wonderful big day! Colton had his farewell remarks in Sacrament Meeting and he really did do a nice job. One of the things that he really wanted to bring out in his talk was his love for scouting and there were so many people there from scouting that he loves and that we all love. Our OA (Order of the Arrow) friends were there, many of his friends from Camp Scofield came, friends from high school, not to mention the family and of course the ward. We filled the chapel and most of the cultral hall. There were alot of people there whom we love. For those of you who missed the day, we missed you too.

We fed the masses at Molly's after the meetings and it was a very good lunch. The rolls from Terrels were, as always, the best and they made yummy turkey sandwiches. We did a lot of visiting and it was so good to get to visit with great friends and family.

Then in the afternoon we went back over to the church to have Klynton's Eagle Court of Honor and that was great. The OA boys from Delta did a marvelous job of presenting the eagle feather.

Our friend Kyle Hansen also presented him with an eagle feather and that was an excellent presentation. Carvin Marvin came and presented him with an eagle bolo that he had carved.

The eagles nest ended up with about 15 people in it by the time Klynton joined them. It was a good one. He was in good company with all of those people.

Klynton chose his Uncle Matt to whom to honor with the father's pin. He was very emotional about giving that pin to Matt. I don't know that Matt really understands how much he means to Klynton. Klynton looks to all of his uncles as an example but Matt has been here the most. Matt holds a special place in Klynton's heart and Klynton's emotions really showed through as he honored Matt.

So, finally, both of the boys have received their eagle ranks and I feel like this is two milestones under my belt. It worked out, with the help of those whom we love that they were able to expidite the eagle award and get it here before Colton left so that Colton could be here for it. I am amazed at how much the boys have grown.

Catch up

Here are the pics from the day Colton went to the temple. He loved his experience in the temple and was awed by the beauty he saw there. He has been back to the temple almost every week since.

We also took some family photos at Molly's after the lunch was done so for those who want to see these, eyes open or closed, I hope that you enjoy them. This day really did feel like Christmas because we were so excited!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Seussically fabulous

Klynton's play was the past two nights and here are some of the pics for everyone to enjoy! He did such a good job! He didn't seem nervous and when mom was at work at the show house, everyone who came in that knew he was her grandson commented on how perfect he was for the part.

He seemed so calm and didn't even hardly blink. He seemed to take everything in stride I even got to dance with him in the isle.

Imagine that!
I danced with the cat!

He played with all his heart and soul
and did a superb job for all.
His hat you can see was as tall as the wall.

Okay, enough of my ryming - I know it is bad but it kind of makes you feel like you can.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Crunch Time

We are down to two weeks tomorrow to see Colton into the MTC. Life in the house is a little like living in a bubble. The old habits are very prevalent and as I say to him "We need to get these things done" he comments back that "You think I don't know that?" It is interesting to see how the young prepare for things. He hasn't even got his suit cases out of the garage yet. I am looking forward to things getting done and his having the new experiences he is taking on. Klynton's play is this week if anyone wants to come. He is performing as the Cat in the Hat on both Friday and Saturday nights. They are performing for the elementaries and the middle school today and tomorrow and he is so excited. Molly and I can hardly wait for the play to be done.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Family pictures

Here we are after Colton went through the temple. He in his mission suit, Klynton in his tux in preparation for Cat in the Hat and me in my dress. I decided to try to get some family pictures and Klynton was struggling with the sun in his eyes and I thought the picture was really funny so it is the one you see for now. As soon as I get the real ones back from Kim, I will add a few... and great thanks to Amanda for taking this silly shot! Thanks to Kim & Linda for lining up the semi-serious shots so that we get some of Colton before he leaves.

This day felt like Christmas to me. I got up about 5:00 because I couldn't sleep. I was laying there in bed crying tears of joy over this day finally coming. The anticipation for Colton to go through the temple for himself was soooo exciting, so I finally went in his room and made him come in and lay on my bed with me so I could hold him and cry and pray and thank the Lord God in Heaven that I could be his mom. I think I was more excited than he was. This is a Thank - you day not only for him but for all of my family. It was so choice to be with my brothers and sisters in the temple. We missed those who weren't there but this was awesome!!!.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Colton things

With the upcoming mission and all, I have added a link called "India Life" to my blog site that you can follow if you so choose. This is the blog of a family who lives in India and they teach at a school there. One of the gals in my office, Tonya, sent me this link and also forwards emails to me so I thought you might enjoy following what Colton and I have been following for a couple of months. They can't post very often and their emails have been getting out about once a month but this is pretty cool to follow and see. Enjoy!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The rest of the Story

Here is the best picture from yesterday. At noon I went down and joined the witches on the corner and I will let Molly add that pic - if she doesn't, I will at a later date. Anyway, we waited for the kids from the elementary to come on their parade so I spent some time with Mom, Molly, Dal and Christian on the corner of Main and 100 West with the witches. It was a fun day. We partied at work and at Radio Shack (I had to work both places yesterday) and also on the corner. In the evening I had about 6 kids come to the house.

Last week of October

Here is the mighty Klynton at work with his band concert. I wasn't able to go but they are all dressed in tuxes and I must say, he looked so nice. I love seeing the boys dressed like that. Colton, Dal and I think Kyle went to the concert. Klynton really loves to play the trumpet but the band teachers love the fact that he can play the French horn as well and so he usually ends up playing the French horn even though he wants to play his trumpet. This week though, he told them he wanted to start learning the sax. They nearly split. He can play almost anything he puts his hand to with very little practice and he is really good at it. With practice, he gets proficient fairly quickly

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Second time

Okay, it is time to really get going here. Molly tells me that this is really easy so I am going to keep at it. Klynton finished his papers this past week to receive his Eagle award and so we are now waiting for that to come and we are praying that it gets here before Colton leaves so that we can do the court of honor the same day as Colton's farewell. Colton is getting ready to go through the temple, he got his recommend last night and so we have it scheduled for the 8th of November at 10:00 in our temple down here. If you would like to come, you are invited. We are doing big sandwiches after so let Molly know to order you a sandwich, bring $10 for your family and check with her or Linda to see if you need to bring anything else as we will be having Family Home Evening/Birthdays Christofferson style afterward - all are invited to join in. Colton is counting down the days and so am I :)!

It is also time to wish all a Happy Halloween! I hate the fact that it is already getting cold but I guess time marches on. The leaves have been beautiful though so with the produce on the stands and the pumpkins everywhere, we are into and on top of the event this week. May you have a "ghoulish" week!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Getting started

I guess it is time for us to start with the rest of the world and I also decided that with Colton leaving this will be a great way to keep the rest of you informed about what is going on with him. Perhaps he will be able to post to this as well so, we shall see how it goes. So I guess I will join with the rest of you and try this out.