Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Family pictures

Here we are after Colton went through the temple. He in his mission suit, Klynton in his tux in preparation for Cat in the Hat and me in my dress. I decided to try to get some family pictures and Klynton was struggling with the sun in his eyes and I thought the picture was really funny so it is the one you see for now. As soon as I get the real ones back from Kim, I will add a few... and great thanks to Amanda for taking this silly shot! Thanks to Kim & Linda for lining up the semi-serious shots so that we get some of Colton before he leaves.

This day felt like Christmas to me. I got up about 5:00 because I couldn't sleep. I was laying there in bed crying tears of joy over this day finally coming. The anticipation for Colton to go through the temple for himself was soooo exciting, so I finally went in his room and made him come in and lay on my bed with me so I could hold him and cry and pray and thank the Lord God in Heaven that I could be his mom. I think I was more excited than he was. This is a Thank - you day not only for him but for all of my family. It was so choice to be with my brothers and sisters in the temple. We missed those who weren't there but this was awesome!!!.


Kim said...

Ditto.........What a great day.....
Love, KIM

Misty said...

Family pictures should be easier, now that your kids are older, right?!