Sunday, November 23, 2008

Seussically fabulous

Klynton's play was the past two nights and here are some of the pics for everyone to enjoy! He did such a good job! He didn't seem nervous and when mom was at work at the show house, everyone who came in that knew he was her grandson commented on how perfect he was for the part.

He seemed so calm and didn't even hardly blink. He seemed to take everything in stride I even got to dance with him in the isle.

Imagine that!
I danced with the cat!

He played with all his heart and soul
and did a superb job for all.
His hat you can see was as tall as the wall.

Okay, enough of my ryming - I know it is bad but it kind of makes you feel like you can.


Kadee said...

Well good for him!! Tell him I say good job! I'm proud of him!!

Misty said...

So great - I bet you are a proud mother!

Amanda Roseman said...

I'm glad that his play went well. I remember he was really excited about it :)