Monday, April 29, 2013

April Week 5

Oi, What a week, This has been nuts. So let me just tell you that even for the struggles We've had as missionaries, god makes it all worth it. Well, now hold on for the ride of a life time. We met two investigators two weeks ago, their names are jake and Kelly, to give you an idea Jake is a less active and has been since he was 16. Jake is engaged to Kelly who was catholic and now less active as a catholic. Jake told Kelly when she wanted to go to church that he was never going back and the only one he would go back to if he went back is the LDS church. Kelly went with the Idea and now they have been talking to us. Now for the best part. I said that they were engaged. They told us literally yesterday that as of saturday they had heard from their family and their family is heading down here to see them married ON FRIDAY. Jake and Kelly were thinking about a week from now they were going to do it and his family said OH FRIDAY, SOUNDS GOOD! Mind you they are all LDS ( his family) so they are getting married and they asked my companion and I to be there for it all.... Now it gets even better. Kelly made the decision at the same time that if she was getting married that fast why not get baptized that fast so her baptism date is the 11th of MAY!!!!! Wow. We just got busy.... so there's an idea of what my week just did to me. Not to mention its getting hotter. I look like a black man nearly now that i've been here two months... the oven has been turned up and someone forgot to butter me.... No more brown... I'm gettin crispy! Colton thought he had it bad.... I got news for you buddy.... it just about to hit 115 and guess what.... 3 months in that heat you begin to melt not just the stuff you have..... yeah it puts a whole new meaning to "Hydrate or DIE" its like my mission president said... "here everything is either dead or wants you dead!" My testimony has grown substantially since I have been out here. There is so much work to do and so little time to do it... If only we could all see it at times..... I love you all and appreciate the love and support! Thank you all for helping me decide to go on a mission! Love ya! Elder Klynton Frederick

April week 4

This week has been a mess so I'm sending you a message only this week! I'm barely going to make it through this next few minutes and tell you the important stuff for now. I will send a real letter about this week probably tomorrow.

Monday, April 15, 2013

April Week 3

Hey Everyone!!!! Time is flying by here in the Arizona Tucson Mission! Things are going well here, I have my first Two Baptismal dates and here is the best part... The husband is a DOCTOR ( or has a doctorate degree) in RELIGIOUS SCIENCE!!!! that means he has pretty much been to and knows every religion out there. AND WE CAUGHT HIM!!!! I was soooooooo happy! His wife is totally entranced by the fact that we have a Relief Society and that the women in our church are seen as equal partners in marriage!!! its awesome! so, as for the story there you go. We met them, taught them one lesson and committed them to baptism, AWESOME!!! My week officially got better that day. I know there isn't much to tell, how ever I thought I'd share that little tid bit with ya'll!!!! I also got to go hiking this week up a beautiful little peak called Cat Mountain again. Its so much fun! I got pictures that I willl share here in about 2 weeks or so. I have officially seen what shoe polish can do to shoes... I polished some seriously bad looking shoes ( my shoes needed it really bad) and now they sparkle in the sun!! its awesome... Little favors from god... I hope all is well and everyone is doing well!!! love you all and can't wait to tell you about the next adventure this coming week!!!! Love, Elder Klynton Frederick

Monday, April 8, 2013

April Week 2

HEY THERE EVERYONE!!!!! So I know that the last few weeks I haven't had any stories to share. Well, I have one for Uncle Bart and boy will he be jealous. So, My companion and I went on splits with the district leader this week and for dinner one of the members sent us to Panda Express. Yah, thats not the interesting part. We met a HELLS ANGEL!!!!! and boy was he a stud!! We had a really good talk with him and he actually told us that he appreciates the work we do. He said that we are great men and the work we are doing is more than worth our small amount of time that we spend on missions. Many times we think that even the roughest of people dont need the gospel but even he was once married to an LDS woman. WOW, what a week. That kind of thing makes me happy. The next story I have for you all is about another non member. His name is Rico and he is really quite a man. His wife is LDS and he is looking to convert but he feels like he needs a sure answer. He hasn't recieved it yet and he may never. However, we were at his house the other day (like wednesday or thursday I honestly can't remember what day it is half the time) and he asked us for a blessing. He asked me to give it and I was more than willing. When it was all said and done he thanked me and then his wife needed a blessing (with oil) anyways... So when she sat down Elder Reese asked her who she would like to have give the blessing and she said to me "looks like you are getting a double whammy elder. Will you please give me the blessing too?" which means that Elder Reese annointed and I blessed. What an experience! The blessings were so beautiful and there was so much love. You could really feel the spirit there during the blessings. Please don't forget men, that the Authority you hold to administer the priesthood keys you have is so important. You can be a servant to our heavenly father in more ways than one. I promise that if you take the time to administer to those whom you have been appointed to teach, preach and administer to, you will find greater love, peace and joy in your lives. Don't put off the yoke that our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have asked us to use. PLEASE find greater purpose in following, upholding and being an example of the commandments, and the covenants you have made with God. I love you all so dearly and miss you Love Elder Klynton Frederick

Monday, April 1, 2013

April Week 1

Hey!!! All goes well here in Tucson! I have had a long week and I really don't know where to begin. There really hasn't been much for teaching but I think that the members here are really beginning to understand the real Idea behind missionary work. Time has been moving quickly but it seems like I have been moving really slow. As for the story of the week.... there really isn't one... the people here are really hard to teach and the few who we are teaching are a little hard headed... sounds like you teach yourself a little out here... wow... now there is something I didn't think about.... Revelation and I'm sending ya'll a letter... now thats what I call god working in mysterious ways... I hop things there are going really well. I really miss everyone back home! I am praying for you all!! I wish I had better stories to tell!!!. Mom, I am so happy to hear all of what has been going on. there is more to life than we all thought. Or I should say the world is smaller than I thought. I met a man here in my ward and I need to know if you know the man who converted him. I think i know him but it would be through you that I do... The man I am looking for is Bruce GYMON (I think thats how you spell it) he is from ephriam and he should have been in the Air Force. There really isn't much more I can tell you as far as information. The man who he should know that I met is : James Willhite. If you could find out if he knows him that would be awesome. He really wants to thank him dearly for his testimony and I recognized the name!!! I love you tons. I need 2 more things... Sucrayl (I think on the spelling I'm wrong) and the CHEESECAKE recipie!!! I love you tons thanks for everyting!! Are you sure that Ashton is here in this mission? I cant find him on the board at the mission office... Make sure and then let me know.... Love, Elder Klynton Frederick