Monday, August 30, 2010

August '10 Week 5

FAMILY!! (and Friends!)
Hello from India!!
Oh boy do I have some fun news this week. We have just embarked in the most interesting three weeks of my Entire mission... three people in a companionship... holy cow I really hope that having children is easier, but if my children are anything like I was probably not. we have been really working hard getting to two areas, keeping them separate, and yet keeping companionship unity. Oh boy let me tell you it is tough I am just praying that I can stay sane long enough to plan for my night, and then go to sleep, because the fun just starts again in the morning. I really am having a good time with it, I have the chance to get to know two companions as well as get to know each of the new investigators. Then I get to spend time in my own area. SWEET!!! its really kind of fun to see two different areas, and then work in both of them in the same day. I am also in a new apartment so it kind of feels like I am the one transferred and just in a new area, so now I am putting two mental maps together in my head and seeing where they both lead, ( let me tell you I wish I had a GPS some days.)
OH Man I am sorry to hear about Jess's car, that really bites, some people just don't use their heads, ( I know I am no exception sometimes but really, Hitting a car with an ax is ridiculous even if your in danger)
mom your going through my mail huh??... are you really looking for photo's? ... Just kidding its no problem, but thanks for telling me.
Wow it sounds to me like the scout stuff is really taking off, and now that I hear that everyone is back into school is crazy, I cant even imagine school right now, even to have family in school, but I am glad to hear that everyone is getting back to their educations, that is what the lord asks of us, to continue learning and growing, and seeking out of the best books. I am really excited to put my efforts into learning (unlike what I did before my mission) there is no giving up or getting fed up this time, I know that the lord will help me if I really honestly give it my all, he'll make up the difference.
Well for a story this week, I have found a really sweet family that I have really been trying to get to progress. Usha, Anto, and Richella are the coolest family ever. Usha and Anto are originally roman catholic, Usha has spent A LOT of time in the bible and know's that roman Catholicism is not correct, but just doesn't know where to find the truth, when we started to teach her it was kind of crazy hectic because she had a ton of questions, but when we pulled out the book of Mormon and she decided that she needed to read it, things began to really progress. Usha now reads the book of Mormon every day, and not just reads, but tears it apart by studying it, she uses the foot notes and is really prayerful about the whole thing. Her husband is just willing to follow what ever she teaches him, and the daughter Richella is of course going to follow her mother. We finally got to teach them about the Word of Wisdom, and the whole family really loves to Drink Tea and Coffee... it was so funny because as we where teaching about Tea and Coffee, she stopped me and said "Frederick... you cant make me do this.. I really like my Tea and Coffee."
I looked at her and said " Sister Usha, I am not going to make you do anything, this is all up to you and god."
she looked at me and just blinked and we continued on.
The next day she called and told me that she wanted to follow it. It was way funny to watch as she has called me every morning to tell me that she is doing it. and what was even better was that this morning she called and told me that she was now enforcing it with her husband and her daughter. and they love it!!
I know that this truly is the lords work and that his commandment are there for us to grow and be happy. I am so grateful for the gift of Moral agency that the lord has given to us. I am so grateful that we have the gift of the Holy ghost, as it leads and guides us in our lives and as the lord has given us this gift as we bring our lives in accordance of his gospel.
I know that the savior lives and that his atonement was truly infinite, I know that by living our lives the way that the prophet has taught us that we can be happy and successful in our righteous endeavors. I know that the gift and power of prayer is sent from the lord, and that the lord does truly listen and answer them. I know this because the prophet Joseph Smith did see Our Father in heaven and His son Jesus Christ. I know that a young farm boy 200 years ago was chosen by god to restore the truth and Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that the book of Mormon is the word of god, and that by abiding by its precepts we can, and will get closer to God.
I love you all and am so grateful for all of your support, I know that the lord is watching over you and that you all are being guided by our lord and savior.
Thanks for all that you do and say,
Love, Elder Colton Frederick

Monday, August 23, 2010

August '10 Week 3

HOLY COW YOUR ALL..... busy.. Good, its good for you.
Oh man Tell Parker I am sorry, that's tough, I know we have to be really careful here in India because of the mosquito's they are terrible here, sometimes they are is big as your pinky finger nale crazy little bugs, ( we have an electric tennis-racket that fries them when ever I see them, as well as some stuff that we can burn that keeps them away, but they are terrible little bugs.
well on to other news, Things here are going to be getting a little... bigger, we are now combining two areas for at least 3 weeks, and I am now in a threesome companionship that means we have A LOT to do and very little time to do it. Ahh the beauty of missionary work.
I had a really cool experience last night, we went to a part member home where every one but one brother are members, and only the mother and one daughter are active with a family of 7 (I hope you understood that) anyway I have been working with the non-member brother who is just not happy at all, he is always quiet and just doesn't talk much. With in the last two week's I haven't been able to get much out of him other than he just was not happy, and that he had a lot of dreams... but he wasn't sure how he was going to get to them.
So yesterday I was talking to him, and I the thought came to mind to shut up. I looked at him and asked " Anand... who is god?" and then I shut my mouth and began to listen... really listen... it was great because it opened him like a book, I found out what has happened in his life to make him so unhappy, and I was able to listen to him and the spirit tell me his concerns, and now because I shut my mouth, I know how to help him resolve his concern. I was so grateful for the opportunity to have the spirit tell me to shut up, and listen to what he had to say. it is truly amazing at what you can learn when you listen to those around you and you don't say anything. I love learning from a mission.
well not to much other then that has happened here, we are just working hard and focusing on getting things done here in Chennai, and boy oh boy do we have alot to do. My plate is clear full, and I am so excited to start at it.
I know that your all being taken care of, and I am so happy that you are all as busy as possible, I hope that you all continue to do so, its so much better when you stay busy, I wish that I could just stay busy all day and all night, then I don't have to sleep and I can get things done even faster.
I know that this is truly the best work in the kingdom of god, and I know that by sharing the gospel you can truly be blessed, I know that when you put your life in the lords hands he blesses you and is able to sustain you in all things. I know that the lord lives and that he loves us, I know that by his love he was able to send his Beloved son to this earth to atone for us and to allow us to be forgiven. I am grateful for the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and for the book of Mormon, I know that is is another testament of scripture that can help us to gain that closeness to the lord that we need. I Know that Thomas S. Monson is the the lords true and living prophet. I know that as we Listen to his and the apostles words, that we can be able to safeguard our lives so that we can live with the lord and our families.
I am thankful for every aspect of the gospel and all that it has done for me, I may be 20 years old, and not much has really happened in my life, but the little things that it has done for me are monumentous for me to learn and grow. I know that by living the gospel plan and applying it into our lives, that we can be able to overcome the sad times in our lives.
I love you all and am so grateful for you and your support. I am grateful for your sacrifices to help me become who I am to day.

Elder Colton Frederick

Monday, August 16, 2010

August Week 3

Well Being that my New P-day is on Monday, I guess we are all just going to have to get used to the changes of schedule.

So the last couple of days have been good, we just had a baptism this week, and are going to be having a few more next week.
Chennai is a pretty cool place, its just on FIRE!! we have been really excited about seeing people progress and getting ready for amazing changes in their lives.
Like I said, not too much going on around here, just a change in schedule, I have now officially started it today so like I said not to much has been going on around here.
I love you and hope you all know how much I love and appreciate you and your support for me to be working out here, I Know that you are all cruzing through life, just flying by the seat of your pants... Haha (I know I am only funny to my self) but anyway I will be happy to hear from you all next Monday
I Know that this is the lords true gospel, and I know that because of the Prophet Joseph Smith's simple question, we know and love the lord even greater. I know that because the lord loves us so much that he really did give us temples, all so that we can have the understanding, and feel the love of the lord. I am grateful to the lord for giving me such a wonderful family and friends who truly care and who are so supportive to do this work.
I know that the Book Of Mormon is the word of god, and that because of it we have the gift of understanding the ways that the lord works.
I love you all, and hope to hear from you again soon.

Elder Colton Frederick

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August '10 Week Two

Hey Well life is good here in good old Chennai, Just really excited for the weekend, we have a couple more baptisms. The district that I am with is just amazing, we have two amazing missionaries here who just really are excited about doing missionary work, they are all just amazing.
I don't really have much news, I am just staying busy, we have a lot of work that we have to do, so that really makes me focus on getting them ready, mostly that is just my life just running as fast as we can to one appointment to the other.

One neat experience that I have just had though is that we are teaching a really neat sister that is Roman Catholic, who knows that the Catholic Church is not correct, but isn't sure what is the correct Church. We gave her a Book of Mormon and she is now in 1nephi 8, but she just dissects the crap out of it with her bible Knowledge, but with sincerity, and now knows that it is true she feels that she must read the whole thing. She came to church this last week and had a lot of Questions about the sacrament and how its not bread and wine, and how its passed, funny lady, she is a little nuts, but I love her so much, she keeps me on my toes, and makes me have to really look things up in the scriptures, she has me scouring the New testament looking for scriptures that have to do with the soul. We just taught her the Plan of Salvation, and she had LOTS of questions, it was fun to watch her face as she gets more and more understanding of the truth. we just have to make sure to pick our "battles" she loves knowing more and more about the bible.

Well as I said, not to much has been going on around these parts, Mostly I am just teaching the gospel with some amazing missionaries, and looking forward to serving with more and more great people.
I know that this is truly the lords true and living church, I know that this is the greatest work that the lord could allow us to do. I know that because of the atonement of Jesus Christ we can be saved in the lords eternal kingdom, I know that the future is only as bright as our faith. I also know that when we put the lord first in our lives and we are obedient to his commandments we can and WILL be blessed. I love you all and I love that you are all strong members of the Church of Jesus Christ, I am so happy that you all have the same faith that I do that we can live together, no matter what happens, just as long as we accept the savior and his atonement, and live the gospel.
I Love you all, and am excited to hear from you again.
Elder Colton Frederick

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

August '10 Week 1

well it sounds to me like things are going pretty good, You have all been Crazy Busy, and will be even more, That's great, I am sooo happy for you all. I know that the best Cure for a little sadness is when you get right to work, I love being able to just get lost in what ever it is that I am doing and then all of a sudden... Its time to wright home again, Kind of cool how that works out.
So I have some news. As of the 15th of August We will be changing our schedule, our whole weekly schedule, that means that our preparation day will no longer be on Wednesday. It will be on Mondays from the 16th onwards. For all those who are writing on tuesday night, you are going to have to write a little earlier, that means like...Sunday.
Well as of that I am pretty good, I have a ton of things to get ready for this week, we are having one more baptism this week, and then two more next week, so we have to do all of the paperwork, Interviews, (this Means that I have to get he zone leaders to come and do the Interview's because I am not allowed to interview my own investigators even though I am the district leader.
In other news, our mission is slowly slowly going down in numbers, we just had 12 amazing missionaries going home, and now that means that we are going to be taking areas and putting them together so that we know each area... oh what fun, that means Million more souls are on us to cry repentance! Bring it on baby, we have the lord on our side!!.
So it sounds to me like your all getting the mission on the brain now, Tyson, Brigham, Jess, I think next on the list is Hayden, Klynton, Devin, Kadee, Teancum, (not in that order) but holy cow, the craziness of it all, I don't think the whole family will be under one roof for the next LONG TIME, 10 years I guesstimate. Thats cool.
KYLE!!! Man those Photos are awesome, I am so happy for you, thanks mom for sending them. I have to say that you are all looking pretty freaking good.
Its crazy to me that all of these things are going on out there, but its cool to see and hear the news.
Well I am so grateful for all of your support here, and I know that your all doing well, I know that your prayers are being answered, and I also know that as each of you look to the Lord, and focus on the things that he has taught I know that no matter what you will all be blessed, I know from a little hearsay that things are not so good with the things that are going on, but I know that the lord has promised us that if we are prepared, and if we are able to follow the commandments, the evils of the world will pass by us, "as the destroying angel passed by the children of Israel" I know that you are all being watched over, and I want you all to know that I pray for each of you on a daily basis. I love you all and know that the lord is there.
Elder Colton James Frederick