Wednesday, August 4, 2010

August '10 Week 1

well it sounds to me like things are going pretty good, You have all been Crazy Busy, and will be even more, That's great, I am sooo happy for you all. I know that the best Cure for a little sadness is when you get right to work, I love being able to just get lost in what ever it is that I am doing and then all of a sudden... Its time to wright home again, Kind of cool how that works out.
So I have some news. As of the 15th of August We will be changing our schedule, our whole weekly schedule, that means that our preparation day will no longer be on Wednesday. It will be on Mondays from the 16th onwards. For all those who are writing on tuesday night, you are going to have to write a little earlier, that means like...Sunday.
Well as of that I am pretty good, I have a ton of things to get ready for this week, we are having one more baptism this week, and then two more next week, so we have to do all of the paperwork, Interviews, (this Means that I have to get he zone leaders to come and do the Interview's because I am not allowed to interview my own investigators even though I am the district leader.
In other news, our mission is slowly slowly going down in numbers, we just had 12 amazing missionaries going home, and now that means that we are going to be taking areas and putting them together so that we know each area... oh what fun, that means Million more souls are on us to cry repentance! Bring it on baby, we have the lord on our side!!.
So it sounds to me like your all getting the mission on the brain now, Tyson, Brigham, Jess, I think next on the list is Hayden, Klynton, Devin, Kadee, Teancum, (not in that order) but holy cow, the craziness of it all, I don't think the whole family will be under one roof for the next LONG TIME, 10 years I guesstimate. Thats cool.
KYLE!!! Man those Photos are awesome, I am so happy for you, thanks mom for sending them. I have to say that you are all looking pretty freaking good.
Its crazy to me that all of these things are going on out there, but its cool to see and hear the news.
Well I am so grateful for all of your support here, and I know that your all doing well, I know that your prayers are being answered, and I also know that as each of you look to the Lord, and focus on the things that he has taught I know that no matter what you will all be blessed, I know from a little hearsay that things are not so good with the things that are going on, but I know that the lord has promised us that if we are prepared, and if we are able to follow the commandments, the evils of the world will pass by us, "as the destroying angel passed by the children of Israel" I know that you are all being watched over, and I want you all to know that I pray for each of you on a daily basis. I love you all and know that the lord is there.
Elder Colton James Frederick

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