Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Colton '10 Week 5

Hello Family,

Oh man your in Cali !!! I wish,
Well that is cool about Garadilli, but its just plain not cool that your telling while I am just dieing for some kind of Chocolate that is not form India. not that its not good or anything, but there is nothing like Chocolate from America.
So I have a funny story for you, So my A/C froze the other day, and I was trying to fix it and then it just randomly stopped working, and sunday was the next day, so I didnt want to call a Repair man to come while I was at chruch, and since it was sunday, well you get the point, so I and my companion ended up sleeping with out an AC for TWO DAYS !!! It wasnt really sleeping, I thought I was going to die, I sweat all night long, and when I woke up There was a pool of sweat on my bed where I had been lying, when I finally had the Idea to sleep on the marble floor thinking "oh that has to be cooler" NO CHANCE it was hot to!! but then when we called the repair man he came, looked at it, and went out side, and then came back it and it was working, I looked at him and said "what happened?
He said "the breaker was switched off I just about KICKED MY SELF, I suffered Two days because I forgot about the breaker switch, stupid me.
Oh well, life is good though, we are really working hard, and praying for some new Investigators, we have been having a hard time getting new People to teach.
By the way McKenzie Thanks for the Invitation, it came this week, You look Great together!!
Well time is less, but I am so happy for all of you, I hope that you all know that I love you all, and am just so grateful to call you all mine.
I know that this church is true, and that Joseph Smith truly was called of God to restore his Gospel, I know that by living it and abiding by its Preepts that we can enter into Gods kingdom. I know that the Prophet Thomas S. Monson is the lords Chosen Seer and Revolator today, I am so excited to hear from them Very soon, and listen to the words that the lord is going to tell us through his chosen Servents. I love you all, and am so grateful for all of you, and the Lords Master plan for each and Every one of us.
I love you all, and am so grateful that the lord is watching over you, I feel you prayers Ever day Thank you so much.
Elder Colton Frederick

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

March '10 Week 4

OH man thank The lord for another day.
Well life is going well, we are really working hard, I have been on exchange with the zone Leaders, The assistants and my district leader almost every other day, and just learned a ton. I have been pretty happy, we are really working on setting people for baptism. We are also working on resolving concerns latley. Its been really fun.
WOW your going to Cali? that's cool, while your there you should go and see Frankie, I know he would love to see you. You had better send some pictures. I would love to see what it looks like.
Its getting warm there huh? Ya well, its just getting hotter here, I think its true there is three different Temperatures here, HOT, HOTTER, and HOLY &$^# ITS HOT!!!
I do have one cool story to tell you this week, My zone leader and I where on exchange, and we went to see this brother that comes to church every week, but tells us every time we come that if we talk about baptism that its better for us to not waste our time. But when we when we asked him If he believes that the book of Mormon is true, (he is reading it Daily) and if he has asked god if it was true.
As we sat down with him we asked him and he said that he didn't have the guts to ask god, we asked him why. he told us that he didn't want to bother him with little things. My zone leader and I laughed a little and said " brother I know that your not bothering god, he wants you to ask him if this is true." so after a little time we committed him to pray and ask God. I told him that We would call him in the morning, and he said okay. I prayed so hard, I just wanted him to receive an answer, but the magic happened the next morning, I called him at 8 and as I talked to him, I said "brother Narayan Raj, did you get an answer? " He was so excited he said " brother, I got an answer Last night. As I was praying I had the reoccurring sentence come into my head ' as much as you love me the book is true' " Meaning that as much as I love you the book is true the book is true - needed some translation there- I was just so happy that he he had received an answer that I started to cry and was just so happy for him, I just think that its truly amazing that the lord works and does unexpected things every time.
By the way, I have an odd question Hows uncle Eph? Just was thinking about him the other day, Tell him I said hi, and that I asked about him.
well mom thanks for the advice, I will work on that, sometimes it just takes a little humility on my part but when we care the lord makes things easy.
so you said more newsier, I am not exactly sure what you want to know other that at the moment I want to Kill all of these kids in my Email room, there are about 10 of them and all of them are yelling at the top of their lungs in Telagu, and playing computer games. oh well Kids will be kids.
I want you all to know how much I love you all, and am so grateful that you all are taking care, I pray for you daily. I know that the lord is watching over you.
I also know that this is the true church of the lord and savior Jesus Christ. I know that Heavenly father lives and that he loves each and every one of us, I also know that he did Select another prophet for us in this Dispensation so that we could know who he is. I know that the book of Mormon is true, and that it was written for us, and that by living its precepts that we can receive the revelation that we need to continue on in life, I also know that Jesus Christ Lives and that he Atoned for our sins, I Know that his living Servant Thomas S Monson is his True and Living prophet, I know that he is truly there to help us know what god wants for us.
I love you all and am so happy that your all safe.
Elder Colton Frederick

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March '10 Week 3

Hello Family!!!
well I am glad to hear that your busy mom, it sounds like EVERY BODY was busy this week, in between getting married, and arranging marriages, to just plain having fun.
Well, life is good here, just trying to stay sane when it comes to dealing with those who don't really want to be Delt with. got to love those that you stay with all day every day.
Well life is good here in India, I am loving good old Vizag, its absolutely amazing, there are just so many people who are ready and need the gospel in their lives right now. we just found a family who when we started to teach about how the gospel blesses Families the wife just started to cry and say how happy she was that even though she had an arranged marriage, how grateful she was to have such a great husband. Someone who would help her children to grow and have a great roll model to watch and follow. They where so happy to have us that they wanted us to come as soon as possible, they are a grate family, I really pray that we can help them to truly receive the restored gospel.
So not to much this week, I am just glad to see that everyone is happy and ready to stay busy, never thought that I would say it, but I hope that I die being busy.
I just want you all to know that I love you and how grateful I am to have such a grate family who is willing to work hard at living the gospel.
I know that this is the true church, the Church of Jesus Christ, and I continue to have my testimony grow every time I talk to people who don't know what it is that they want in life, or what they are truly doing here, I know that God truly has a plan for each of us, and I know that when we listen to his council and we search the scriptures, I know that the holy Ghost is truly able to speak to us, and that buy his guidance we can truly attain the level of perfection that we can become. I am so grateful for the Book of Mormon, and its Divine coming forth, I am grateful for a living prophet who is able to speak with our heavenly Father and tell us exactly what we need.
I love you all, and am so happy to call you all mine.
Elder Colton Frederick

Thursday, March 11, 2010

March '10 Week 2

WOW, mom tons of questions this week.
Life is good, I really liked zone conference, it was really great, I loved it. we had Elder Perkens come and talk to us, he is the Area authority. I learned a ton.
So I am loving my area, its great, I have some absolutely amazing pictures of the ocean and the mountains in the back ground of an apartment complex that my companion and I where finding in. (I will try to send them soon.)
Ummm... I am still running, and It just feeling great, I am feeling so good, Now all I need to do is get some dum bells, then I can work on my 6 months to sexy... Who said that?
Hey Brigham! CONGRATS!!! man that is so awsome! I am so excited for you, I hope that you put your whole heart into every moment, I know that is what has made me be so happy with the work that I have done, its truly the best thing that I have ever done.
Hey mom, sounds to me like your just working so great and hard, I am happy for you, I think that I will have to feel like that when I go home, otherwise I might go crazy, I cant sit for very long, I start to get restless, even in church, I want to be doing something other than fighting sleep because its all in Telugu.
Well I havent really had much of amazing experiences lately, I have just been studying and applying what I am learning into my teaching, I keep finding grater and better ways to teach. Espically with my new companion, he is great, he is a really hard worker, and he knows what he is doing, I like him because he is native and he understands the craziness here, so is fun
Just want to tell you all that I love you all so much, I am so grateful to all of you for teaching me and helping me become what and who I am today. I know that the lord will bless you for it. A shout out to all of my wonderful uncles who have taught me so much, I look up to you all, and hope that you know it. You are all such great fathers, I am so happy to call you mine. you have each taught me something that I can use the rest of my life. I bore my testimony about you in zone conference this week.
I love you all, and am so grateful for all that you do, I know that this gospel has truly blessed our family and I am so happy that we are able to follow the saviors example and learn about his atonement and apply it into our lives and into our relationships, I know that as we do so, that we are able to come closer to our gracious Heavenly fathers presence again, I am so grateful for a living prophet who leads and guides this church, I know that the book of Mormon is the word of god, I am so glad that Mormon was able to see us and what we need, I am so grateful for the Gospel and the Priesthood being restored by the prophet Joseph Smith, I know that he Saw the lord and his beloved son. I am so grateful for the whisperings of the spirit. I know that he speaks to us if we are truly living worthy of this companionship. I know that the savior lives and that he truly did atone for our sins, I am so happy that he did such so that we could return and live with him and our families again. For those who are going to be going to the temple soon, I know that this is truly one of the greatest blessings that you could ever have I Exhort you to contemplate the things and the blessings that you receive there, and for your future family, I am so gratefull for a loving Father in heaven who cares enough for us as to give us the power on this earth to become families for Eternity.
I love you all
Elder Colton Frederick

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March '10 Week 1

Well an Absulutly Good Morning to you all,
Life here is grate, I am just loving the Heat, and the beauty of Vizag.
Wow, the Trade-O-ree, huh? man I miss that stuff, Making me think of it, excites me, I am excited to get back and do that again.
Hey it sounds to me like you had an amazing Conference I like what you learned mom, I think it truly is amazing at how much we can learn at church and at Conferences at church, sometimes I think, "I don't need to learn anything else" but then I find that I cant say that because I am just a young guy serving the lord, its always fun to learn though, I tend to also just wish that I could just use osmosis and put the whole standard works and Preach my Gospel into my head. oh well what can do.
Hey mom, I am sorry to hear about your friend, that is sad. Espically that his sons weren't happy, I am also glad to know that the lord is truly there for us, and I am so glad that the savior lived and died for us.
I really don't have much to tell this week, other then I will be in Hyderabad next week, I have zone conference next week, and a general authority will be coming, I think its the first councilor in the Asian area presidency, but I am not sure. We will see.
I am so glad that we have so many things to learn from in our lives, weather it be a mission, just life, getting married, having children, gaining new friends, or just watching people go about their lives. I know that the greatest thing that keeps us all learning is the gospel,
( Im sorry I can't really concentrate I have a whole bunch of Kids playing shooting games on the computer and the volume is clear up.)
I Know that the savior lives, that he loves us, and that he truly atoned for our sins, I know that the book of Mormon is the word of god, and I know that the only true progression is by following by its precepts, I Know that the lord truly does provide a way for us to keep his commandments, I have seen is so much here in a land that is so totally based on the world. I know that the spirit is truly there to teach and testify to us that our Heavenly Father lives, that he loves us, and that he wants us to learn of him,
I know that his chosen Prophet was Joseph smith and that he was directed by the savior and by the lord to restore his church. I know that the living prophet is Thomas S. Monson.
I love you all and am so happy to know that you are all watched over by the lord, I am so thankful for your prayers.
once again thanks for all that you have all done,
Mckinzie!!! Congratulations once again, I love you and am so happy for you.
Family thank you all for your patience.
Elder Colton Frederick