Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September week 5

Hello from good old India!!!!

Wow, Gram, sounds like you need to take it easy, I got three E-mails saying you broke your thumb, and that you put a rib out…. BE CAEFUL!!! I need to see you in one piece when I get home. Get it??? Got it? Good.
Well It sounds like every one at home are having a good time, sounds like your all staying busy too. I am really glad that you are doing so, I know that staying busy is probably the best thing to do anymore, then that way you don’t have time to think to much.
My week was pretty good to, I have been taking care of my companion the last couple of days, he has had a cold, and a fever, so I am watching him. Something really cool though, my companion and I are teaching this brother that we found, he is from Nigeria, he is Muslim, and he plays soccer for a huge company called “BEML” or “ Bharath Earth Movers Limited” it’s like CAT, they make Bulldozers, backhoes, and Tanks. Its pretty cool, but we started to teach him the other day, and as we where talking we got on the subject of temples, and he completely opened up, and wanted to know more. So now we are teaching about the Plan of Salvation this Next week. He is just so awesome.
Oh man, I wish people would update their Blog’s so that I could see pictures of these new spirits coming into the world, I found out last week that Dal Had a son, and I was totally not expecting that. I didn’t even know he was expecting. Well shows how much I know. I am so excited to hear about everyone though, I have been thinking about all of you here and there. I hope to see more of Amelia and Christian, I miss her so bad.
Well not to much has happened this week, its been just another interesting week, now maybe I am taking it for granted, but life is pretty chill here…. Although I did shoot a monkey with a sling shot the other day. I guess I had better tell that story. So on Monday’s we have our weekly planning session, and we have to plan so that the week is in order, but as we where sitting there, a monkey tried to get into our house, Now the reason we have sling shots is because these monkeys are not the nicest of animals. And they take what ever they want, when ever they want, they also are like rats. They are EVERYWARE !! So any way as we are planning, a monkey tries to get into our apartment, and I grab my slingshot, load a marble, and hit the monkey right in the stomach, he looked at me and I ran for him grabbing a stick, and opening the door, and the monkey and his friends jump up on to the roof of our house, and so my companion and I chase them up on top, and just start Nailing them with marbles. We haven’t seen one since.
Well that’s my week, Ill keep you all posted, for when the monkeys hit again. ;)
I want you all to know that I know that this is the true church on the earth, the more and more I see of the world, the more and more I know that this is true. I have no doubt that Christ Lives and Loves us, I know that he atoned for our sins, and the sins of the world. I also know that Heavenly father is merciful enough to send prophets again to us. I know that Joseph Smith DID see God and Jesus Christ. I know that he restored his gospel through the Prophet. I know that when Thomas S. Monson speaks this weekend, that he speaks the words of the lord, and that We are to listen and follow suit, I know that if we live our lives accordingly that we will be blessed. I bear testimony of all of this. This is the greatest work that we could ever do.
I love you all, and I know that the lord is watching over you.
Elder Colton James Frederick

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

September Week 4

Wow, it sounds like you have been having quite the week, and some of those wonderful problems that always trying to get us to look down. I am really glad that you are keeping your chin up mom, I know that the lord is watching over all of you!!! And I am just happy to call all of you my wonderful family.
MY PACKAGE IS WHAT???? Oh okay, well Ill just keep waiting, I might just scraping by though… J/K I know your busy, don’t worry to much, I know that it will get here when it gets here.
So news for all of you, maybe, but CONGRATULATIONS TO MCKENZIE PROCTOR!!! I hope that there are invitations coming soon… I want one. ;) that’s so cool, I think that everybody is getting married lately.
Well everything Is AWSOME here in good old KGF India, we are just Lighting it up over here, we have the coolest Investigators, some of which have set them self’s with a baptism date. Therefore, we are working hard at getting them ready for their dates. One of which in particular I think I really want to tell you about. So a couple of weeks ago I told you all about the brother and his wife that we really wanted to set with a date, the Husband smokes, drinks, and has been drinking coffee, well we had been hoping that we could set him with a date, maybe next month, at the end of It or so. Well when we where at an appointment he said, “ brothers I want my wife and I to be Baptized on October 11th.” So we told him Okay and that he was going to have to do a lot of hard work to get there, but we knew that he could do it. Well so we talked to President Nichols about him, and he said “ well go ahead and baptize him.” So we went yesterday to meet him, while we where sitting there, his wife who doesn’t speak ANY English just started to talk to me, and as we where sitting there, she said that she was SO happy that we had come and that her husband had been changing. She then said, “ We are going to stop everything, all word of wisdom problems by September 30th and that they wanted truly to be baptized on October 11th. One of the funny things about this experience with this family is that our former District leader, when we told him about this family, told us not to expect anything from this family, and I quote “because I have been in that situation and the husband doesn’t usually want to progress. ” well I hate to break it to him, but we are baptizing them in 3 weeks, all because they wanted to be baptized, we didn’t even ask.
So that was only one amazing thing that has happened this week, there have been many more, we received a new Branch President, who come to find out has been sealed in the Salt lake Temple, and has been all over the states. We are really excited for him, because he is just an amazing man.
I just want you to all know that I have now doubt that this is Jesus Christ’s true church on the Earth, I have seen, heard, felt, and know that there is nothing better that this gospel on the earth. As we where at Zone Conference this last week, Sister Nichols said some things that really touched me, and really testified one more time that all of this is true. She was talking about the Atonement, and how the savior went through it all, and how when he was in the garden of Gethsemane, that as he knelt down and prayed that if it was gods will that the cup could be taken from him, but he knew that he was the one that had to do this, there was no one else. So he suffered the pains of the world, EVERY negative feeling that we, any of us have ever had or will have, and that he did that because he loved us. He knew that he couldn’t do it just for half of us, or that he could stop half way through, and then pay the rest of it later, but he knew that he had to do it right then and there. There was NO OTHER way….
Later when the savior died on the cross, when he was stabbed in the chest, water came from his body, and they say that the stress and the loss of blood that he suffered, that that caused his heart to burst, and that he did truly die of a broken heart. I know that this is true. I know that Jesus Christ bleed and died, But I also know that he was resurrected, I know that he appeared to Joseph smith on a beautiful spring Morning, and that he told him that he shouldn’t join any church. I know that He then through the prophet Joseph smith, RESTORED his Gospel, TO ITS FULLEST. I know that Heavenly father has this and many more plans for us in time to come. I know that he loves us and that he listens to us when we pray, he doesn’t just pick and choose, he is a just and Loving God. He truly cares about us, he is happy when we are happy, and he cries when we cry. I know he is watching over us. I also know that he does want us to follow him, and be with him in the Celestial kingdom so that we can be Exquisitely happy for Eternity.
I love you all
I know that this is the lords work and his glory, and that I am laboring in the fields for my brothers and sisters in India.
Elder Colton James Frederick

Thursday, September 17, 2009

September Week 3

Wow, thanks for the Email's I knew you had probably sent an Email, but I had to give you crap, you know how I am.
WHAT KLYNTON WENT ON A DATE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!??!?!?!?!?! With who???? what did the stud do??? KLYNTON YOU ARE IN TROUBLE!!!! no email, no letter, nothing, Oh boy... J/k Love you bro.

Well life here is really good, I am in Bangalore this week for Zone confrence, it was alot of fun, and tommorrow I have my Interview with President Nichols, I am so excited!
well not to much has gone on here latley, we have had alot of really cool blessings latley, there have been alot of people here sick, with feavor, and they have asked for blessings, so we did as they asked, and the next day they where at chruch, COMPLETLY better, It was Awsome! I really have seen alot with the Priesthood latley, and every time I see it, I just continue to see that there is NO doubt that this is true in my mind. I just wish that I could do the Missionary life the rest of my life. I mean I know that I can do it as a member, but I just wish that I could be able to learn and go out all day and continue to help all of these great and wonderfull people understand that Heavenly father is really there, and that the really does know them, he is watching out for them, and he loves them. I know that this truly is the best thing that I could ever do in my ENTIRE life, I dont want it to end, but I know that when it comes to this, I have to stop some time, but Iam just glad that I am able to do it.
Well Happy birthday to all of the September birthdays at home, Mom, Kim, Kadee and last, but certanly not least KLYNTON, I love you all, and am just so happy to call ALL of you family!!
well time is less and I love you all, I know that this is the greatest work ever and that this truly is the chruch of Jesus Christ, I know that there is a living prophet on the earth, and that he really does speak to god.
Love you all
Elder Colton Frederick

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

September Week 2

Well HI,
Well since my mailbox was SO full of Email from my family, and friends I just felt SO loved…(NOT!!!) Oh well that’s just life.
Well Life is good here, thanks for asking (Not) and I am really excited to hear and see all of those wonderful pictures of family camp, that NO ONE posted!!! UGH!! What the Heck did every one fall off of the face of the earth??? I didn’t get one Email this week, oh well, I guess I just wining because I am Half way across the world, and every one just jumped at the chance to say HI… Grrr J/K
No, I know you all love me, I just figured I would give you ALL a little crap, I was just hoping for a little more. I bet that everything is going great, and you have a good excuse for not Emailing… mom. But that doesn’t let any one off for not updating their Blog’s. (MOLLY, KIM) I have a BIG HUGE GRIN ON MY FACE, and I know you know it.
Okay so now for the serious stuff, life is really good here, I have had a lot of really cool experiences this week, first off, we went to this brothers house about a week ago and met the wife the first time, she didn’t speak ANY English, but it was really funny because she just kept trying to invite us inside, so we just kept trying to tell her that we couldn’t. so we set a return appointment for Friday, when we showed up, the Husband came right up to us and opened the gate and gave me a big huge hug, and then proceeded to do so to my companion, he then invited us in, He then explained that he was so happy that we would try to come back, and that we wanted to meet him. (that’s not all) so we explained Prophets, Jesus Christ’s earthly Ministry, and the Apostasy, and then we popped in the restoration DVD, that is in Telagu (their Language) and then watched that. As soon as the video was over, we shut off the TV and looked at brother Babu, and he was just in full tears. He was so happy that he told us that he wanted to come to church this Sunday, and that he would be there Early…. Well Sunday rolls along and he shows up to church, and loves it, so we set another appointment with him for Monday, and when we come, he then tell us how much he loved church, and that he wants to come to church EVERY week, not only that but when we asked him about if he had read the Book Of Mormon, he said “ oh ya, I read 10 chapters” my companion and I just started to cry, and cry and cry, we where just so happy that he had done so, and that he was able to tell us EXACTLY what they said it was amazing.
So now for my next experience, I was teaching these two brothers yesterday afternoon, and right at the very end, my companion gets a phone call, so he steps out side and calls it back and all I hear is “Umm Ya, he is right here, hold on a minute.” I look at him and he calls me out, I excuse myself from the lesson, and before I answer the phone I ask in whispers “who is it?” he said “ I don’t know” so I picked up the phone and said “ Hello, This is Elder Frederick” and all of a sudden I hear a familiar Muslim Voice say “ HI FREDERICK!!!” I just burst into tears because I knew Instantly it was… TANVEER!!!! Ya, I was just so surprised that she was calling, and then so happy that I couldn’t even breath, I was just so happy. So, She is doing really well, she had gotten my Phone Number from Elder William because he his at home now. So she called me and said Hi, and just told me how much she missed me. I cant tell you how happy I was. I have been praying for that Girl since Rajahmundry, and have been worrying so much that she would disappear. I just cant explain how happy I was.
Well that is about all I have time for, so I love you all. I truly know that this is the greatest work that we can do ever in our entire lives. I know that this truly does bring the most happiness and that the joy is so … Excruciating (not the best word, but it works) that you can barely breathe. I know that this is the truth, and I am so happy to be able to be one of the chosen young men to go and teach the people of India. I know that this is ware I need to be, and I know that there is no other place, other that in the family or the Temple that can bring so much joy to someone’s heart as the missionary work here does for me.
I love you all
See you next week
Elder Frederick

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

September Week 1

Well Hello Family,
It sounds to me like I have been missing all kinds of fun things, every one is leaving, getting out into the world, or getting married.
Well its nice to hear that you are all going to be doing family camp, I miss that so much, I cant wait to go camping again, and actually want to be dirty. (means no running water)
Life hear in India is awesome, That picture that Sister Linton took was a couple of Saturday’s ago, we where on our way to go and meet our baptismal candidates and have their Interviews, (I sent more Pictures of the baptism) It was really funny, the young boy that I baptized was so scared that Elder Linton and I had to calm him down, and talk to him for about ten Minuets, in the water, to let us do it again, so that is why he looks so scared as he is getting out.

******[His name is Rajeev. Sister Linton says this about Colton in the email attached to the pictures "We also wanted to compliment you and your tender, loving, and encouraging way with Rajeev. Your kind manner is a wonderful personal quality. If you stay close to the Lord you have the potential to be a great father some day. May He bless you in all you do. It’s a joy to serve with you.]
Well I have a really cool story for all of you, we have been teaching this brother named Jasper, who has been investigating the church for about the last 4 months, he was meeting with my companion and his former companions before me, so as we have been meeting with him, we where one day at his house, and we started to discuss the Holy ghost, and how we need it in our

lives, and he said “ well how can I get the holy ghost??” so we have then set him with a date for baptism and now he is just trying to get past his previous arraignments and is hoping for baptism. The even better part is that as we meet him, he is completely aware that we want to know what is concerning him, and he will tell us openly, it is just absolutely amazing.

So far as life is going, it is really nice here, I really Enjoy KGF and am so glad to be here, I know that this is the best work in the world, and in the world to come, I really am so grateful to be serving the lord in the beautiful land of India, I am so glad that the work is not yet done, because I could spend the rest of my life doing this. I know with out any doubt in my mind that when the lord said “This is My work and My Glory – to Bring to pass the Immortality, and the Eternal life of man.” That he was meaning that this would be the most happy and wonderful Experience of our lives, I know that when we put forth the Effort that we have in our hearts, that he will make those things that are weak, into strong aspects in our lives.

I know that this is the True and Living church of our savior Jesus Christ. I know that when you pray with a sincere heart and with Real intent, that you will know that this is true, I also am so happy that I can say that I know that this gospel is the thing that will make you the most happy. When I see the changes that I have made, and drastic, and almost Impossible changes, that the people of India make when they accept them, I know that this is the most marvelous work that can ever be done.
I love you all
And this is my testimony , in the saviors name amen.
Elder Colton Frederick