Thursday, September 17, 2009

September Week 3

Wow, thanks for the Email's I knew you had probably sent an Email, but I had to give you crap, you know how I am.
WHAT KLYNTON WENT ON A DATE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!??!?!?!?!?! With who???? what did the stud do??? KLYNTON YOU ARE IN TROUBLE!!!! no email, no letter, nothing, Oh boy... J/k Love you bro.

Well life here is really good, I am in Bangalore this week for Zone confrence, it was alot of fun, and tommorrow I have my Interview with President Nichols, I am so excited!
well not to much has gone on here latley, we have had alot of really cool blessings latley, there have been alot of people here sick, with feavor, and they have asked for blessings, so we did as they asked, and the next day they where at chruch, COMPLETLY better, It was Awsome! I really have seen alot with the Priesthood latley, and every time I see it, I just continue to see that there is NO doubt that this is true in my mind. I just wish that I could do the Missionary life the rest of my life. I mean I know that I can do it as a member, but I just wish that I could be able to learn and go out all day and continue to help all of these great and wonderfull people understand that Heavenly father is really there, and that the really does know them, he is watching out for them, and he loves them. I know that this truly is the best thing that I could ever do in my ENTIRE life, I dont want it to end, but I know that when it comes to this, I have to stop some time, but Iam just glad that I am able to do it.
Well Happy birthday to all of the September birthdays at home, Mom, Kim, Kadee and last, but certanly not least KLYNTON, I love you all, and am just so happy to call ALL of you family!!
well time is less and I love you all, I know that this is the greatest work ever and that this truly is the chruch of Jesus Christ, I know that there is a living prophet on the earth, and that he really does speak to god.
Love you all
Elder Colton Frederick

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