Wednesday, February 25, 2009

February Week 4

Well I am glad to hear that scouts have been going well, I am so glad to hear about Uncel shon, Tell him that I say to go as often as possible, when I read that I almost shouted, but I kept it in.
SO jess is an Elder now, AWSOME!!! I keep thinking that he has some time, but that he is going to go on a mission pretty soon, I know that he is a great man, and that he is very close to his father in heaven. He will do some great things in his life, I am sure of it.
I hope your foot is okay, Im sorry about that, please be carful, I would like to see EVERYONE in one peice, when I get back.
well I am runnig out of time, but I want you all to know that the Vanadi family has been baptized, and that I was able to baptize one of the sisters, so some realy cool news, Rajahmundry had 11 baptizems this sunday, and we are pretty sure that is a new record.
I also have a couple of more baptizems this week.
I love you all, and I am so excieted to let you know that I know that this church is true, and that The book of mormen is the word of god, and that if you pray often that the lord will be with you in all things. as one of my best friends said "live your life on your knees" it really does work and the lord is really there listening to us.
Once again I love you all
Elder Frederick

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

February Week 3

So I am so excited to get your package, I cant wait to have some more books of mormen!! we have been out, when I read that, I told my district, and they where so Excited!!!
Well Life here is great, I am so stoked to hear that others are putting thier papers in, I hope that everyting is going great in thier lives.
So I am going to be sending a package pretty soon also, and the letters are going to be in it, I have sent my letters to klynton and grandma twice, and they came back, because I had the wrong stamps. so I am going buy all of the things and send everything to you, and I also am sending all of my pictuers to you to, so you get to see some of my converts, and baptizems, ( by the way, the Vanadi Family is getting Baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) ya Im excited
so be looking for those in about a couple of weeks. so I hope every one is doing great, I am loveing my new area, my area is huge. I can ride for an hour, and then make it to my appointment.
so today we woke up early and Rode our cycles on the second biggest bridge in all of asia, and guess ware that is, yep in Raj, its not very long, maybe a mile and a half, but the people here are always telling us that its so long, so when we did it, they have all been suprised to hear that.
so I hope that every one in the OA are having fun, I cant tell you how much my experiences in the boy scouts is helping me, every time I write a talk, I am using scout stuff, and every time I tell a story, its about scouts, and I know that the boy scouts is what made me be able to be here, I hope that every one know's and understands that the principals in the OA are what makes Awsome missionaries.
Well I love you all, and I hope everything is going well, please send me more of your great questions, I Love replying to them, and being able to think about what is going to come next.
I know that the book of mormen is the word of god, and that as you read, you will come closer to god, I also know that it answers any questions that you have, if you pray and ask in faith.
please keep praying for my investigators, I am praying for you all, and I love you all
Elder colton Frederick

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Febraury Week 2

Well, I am so sorry that this is a little late, but its because we had Zone Confrence in Hydrabad, So we got up Yesterday and rode a Train to Hydrabad, and then didnt get to the appartment until it was time to go to bed, and we left Rajahamundry at 9:00 am.
Well, my New companion is great, his name is Elder Cunningham, and he is from Sanantonio Texas, He is great, he is a really hard worker, and loves the lord, he has been out for 6 months, and he is second branch in Rajahmundry.
Answer, no I am not out of Raj, I am just in a different Area, that is Huge, I love it, and We are ridding cycles, I really am happy that I get to get out and stretch my legs.
Well so the money is called Rupees, and its about 50 Rupees to 1 dollar, so its pretty nice, there are a ton of stuff that you can buy, but if its nice, its about 1500 Rupees. so equal to 30 dollars.
well so As you know, we where teaching the Vanadi family, and guess what? we set four sisters with a baptizem date, and then I had to leave, even though I wasnt going very far, I figured that I needed to tell them that I wasnt going to be comming to teach them anymore, and the 2 of the sisters started to cry, well, I was fine untill the other two came in and we told them, the one sister is about 10 years old, maybe 12, but anyway, we told them, and it was like someone had turned on the fire hose, well that made me start to cry. well we got some pictures, and I will send them home pretty soon. any way, The date we set them with is Feb 15th, and now I am hearing that they arnt really excited, I mean they are, but they are not really acting like it. thats what I hear anyway.
well Zone confrence was AWSOME, I had a great time, the Second counciler in the Asia area presidencey came and he said a lot of really cool things. any way, I really got a lot of notes about everything said, and I got a really cool talk that was deffinently written by the spirit of the lord, because when I read what I had written it was not something I was expecting to come out of my head.
any way, I want to bear my testimony that I know that this church is the true church of Jesus christ of latter day saints. and I know that my heavenly father lives and that he loves each and every one of us, and every one in this whole world. I know that Jesus Is the Christ, and I know that he bled for the sins of everyone. I know that Joseph smith is a true prophet, and that he really did bring back the true church of Christ.
I know that the gospel Is ture, and that with it all things are possible, I know that it heals families, and people alike, Iknow that if we raise our children in the gospel that our children will grow to love the lord.
I also know that the book of mormen is the word of god, and that it my most favorite book, I love you with all of my heart, and I know that the lord loves each and every one of us, remember the power of prayer is the strongst thing, because you are talking to your father in heaven.
I love you all
Elder Frederick

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

February Week 1

Well, I hope Creed gets his call soon, I want to see whare he is going. so Congratulations!! new Adviser.. thats awsome, and Good, elder Tyler and I keep talking about hanging out when we get back.
Well I will have Jessie jane send you an Email this time, SO I have some news, I am transferring tommorow, and I am going to second branch, I will be going to second branch, my new companion is Elder Cunningham, and guess what, Rajahmundry is becoming a zone!! And my companion is now the Zone leader!! Pretty cool huh?? Well, I am pretty excited.
well mom your right, the streets are not clean, and you honestly cant turn your head without seeing some one peeing on the side of the road,
well, I have some other news, I got in an accident on my cycle, I am fine, I was riding in the night, and going pretty fast, and some guy on a motercycle cut me off, and so I ended up laying my cycle on the ground, well then I slipped off of my bike, and was sliding on my hands and right knee, and I slid about 10 feet, well as I was sliding, something said bounce and tuck and roll, well I did, and I felt hands pick me up and flip me over. well I then came to a stop, got up and grabed my cycle and continued to ride, I got to my appointment, and my hands where fine, but there was a big hole in my pants, and my knee was fine to, i wasnt bleeding, but I am bruised pretty good, and whare my garments where, there is no pain, but below them there is a bruise, and its pretty red, but other wise Im fine, so no worries
Well I will be sending some things home pretty soon, and some letters, so be watching for them in a few weeks.
I hope every thing is going great, its really great here, and to heare about every one, sorrry I need to cut this short, but I need to go do the rest of my P- day activites,
I know that you are all being taken care of, and that the lord loves you all, I love you all, and I am praying for you, thanks mom for everything you do, and every one else, I appriate you all, I know that if you keep on your knees, and your nose in that good book, that the lord will bless you all, remember the church is true, and Joseph smith is a true prophet, and that Thomas S monsen is a prophet of god.
I love you all, and I am praying for you.
love Elder Colton Frederick