Wednesday, February 4, 2009

February Week 1

Well, I hope Creed gets his call soon, I want to see whare he is going. so Congratulations!! new Adviser.. thats awsome, and Good, elder Tyler and I keep talking about hanging out when we get back.
Well I will have Jessie jane send you an Email this time, SO I have some news, I am transferring tommorow, and I am going to second branch, I will be going to second branch, my new companion is Elder Cunningham, and guess what, Rajahmundry is becoming a zone!! And my companion is now the Zone leader!! Pretty cool huh?? Well, I am pretty excited.
well mom your right, the streets are not clean, and you honestly cant turn your head without seeing some one peeing on the side of the road,
well, I have some other news, I got in an accident on my cycle, I am fine, I was riding in the night, and going pretty fast, and some guy on a motercycle cut me off, and so I ended up laying my cycle on the ground, well then I slipped off of my bike, and was sliding on my hands and right knee, and I slid about 10 feet, well as I was sliding, something said bounce and tuck and roll, well I did, and I felt hands pick me up and flip me over. well I then came to a stop, got up and grabed my cycle and continued to ride, I got to my appointment, and my hands where fine, but there was a big hole in my pants, and my knee was fine to, i wasnt bleeding, but I am bruised pretty good, and whare my garments where, there is no pain, but below them there is a bruise, and its pretty red, but other wise Im fine, so no worries
Well I will be sending some things home pretty soon, and some letters, so be watching for them in a few weeks.
I hope every thing is going great, its really great here, and to heare about every one, sorrry I need to cut this short, but I need to go do the rest of my P- day activites,
I know that you are all being taken care of, and that the lord loves you all, I love you all, and I am praying for you, thanks mom for everything you do, and every one else, I appriate you all, I know that if you keep on your knees, and your nose in that good book, that the lord will bless you all, remember the church is true, and Joseph smith is a true prophet, and that Thomas S monsen is a prophet of god.
I love you all, and I am praying for you.
love Elder Colton Frederick

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