Wednesday, October 28, 2009

October Week 4

Hey, my Email timed out, I had a good long one, but I dont have time to write another one, I am doing great, I am also really happy, we are seeing miracles here in KGF.
I love you all, and I know that what is going on here is true.
Love Elder Colton Frederick

Note: Apparently they only have so much time and his was up. Hayley Hann... Colton sends his regards and ask me to call you, I have tried but your phone never seems to be on. Call me back please.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

October Week 3

Namascadam, and Namasta from good old KGF!!
Wow it souns like you have been having a blast with staying busy, I miss all of the scouting stuff, I miss ceramonyes, and everything. I have been thinking about that, and how much I really am glad that I was tought to see things like that in life.
Well as I told all of you I have recived a new companion, His name is Elder Riley, he is from Mtn. Home Idaho, he has been out one more transfer than I have. He is great, I really like him, we are really on the same page about wanting to do the work. espically with our goals, we want to really work hard and make alot of changes in the branch, he is a hard worker, which is really nice, and way smart, so i like learning from him.
Its really interesting leading out an area, I have found alot more about my area and branch in the last like three days than I have in the last two months, its nuts, (okay so maybe not more, but still alot) I really have been trying to see if we can get more of our members to come on exchange with us, we have a couple of the young men who come fairly often, but we want to work on getting the members to trust us and really get fierd up on the missionary work. Its absulutly amazing at what Preach my gospel teaches about working with members. I really love being able to read and then apply what it is that I read and use it in action. I hope that becomes something that I can use better, studying and applying. (we all know thats what i need)
Well not alot of really cool stories, but I do want to bear my testimony, I know that this is the Lords true church. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, I know that it does guide us when we honestly seek for guidence, I can see that the lord really does guide us when we are in need. I know that by small and simple things, great things come to pass. That right there is the biggest thing that changed this world, because a young boy of fourteen years, decided to pray aloud, the lord manifested him self to the young boy, called him as a prophet, and restored the church once again on the earth. I Know that Thomas S Monson is the lords mouth peice on the Earth again, I know that when we follow his adviece, that we will be able to recive the blessings that he wants to give to us. I know that the lord is there, and he wants to give us the things that we desire, but he only does that in the way that is nessicary to us. I know that the lord is always listining to us as we pray, he is answering in his own way. I know that it is his greatest work to teach his children about the plan that he has for us. I know that this work is the greatest work in the Entire world, I know that when we bring one of out brothers or sisters into the gospel, that we will recive the love and joy that Heavenly Father wants to give to us. He is watching over you. He loves you. and I too love you
thanks for the Email from everyone.
I love you.
Elder Colton James Frederick

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

October Week 2

WOW, What a week!!!!
Sounds like you where as busy, if not busier than I was. You all sound like your loving life there. Getting ready for the Holiday’s, and taking care of everyone there, Oh man. You have your hands quite full.
OH BOY can I just tell you how much I loved Conference? “That was Amazing!!” I loved every moment of it. Especially Elder Holland’s Talk about the Book of Mormon, I was just blown away at how strong and how firm he got up there and just Completely Scolded, ripped and Tore apart those who even have any doubt about the Divinity of it. As soon as he ended, I turned to my companion and we both looked at each other and said “ WOW” it was awesome, it completely made me want to change the way that I teach the book of Mormon to people.
Speaking of which, I have some News, My companion Is getting Transferred, :( I am quite sad, I love him so much, he is great!! He is going to Hyderabad 2nd branch. That just FYI is where my trainer, Elder Addagabottu, and Elder William, are both from. So that means Elder Chagoya is just going to tell a lot of hello’s from me. On the other hand, my new Companion is Elder Riley, he is from Idaho, and he’ll be here on Friday.
Okay so answer to a couple of questions, Gram yes I got your card, thanks SOOOO much!!!! Did you get my letter yet?? Okay I will keep my eye out for those packages, I am really excited for them. For Christmas, all I want is music, like the songs that we sing for Christmas, and also “Mannheim steam roller”, a little of everything would be great! Mom You’ll know what to pick.
Okay Kyle. What’s this about a girl, I only heard a tiny ity bitty bit of that section of life??? As they say in Telagu “Chependy Ra.” (means Tell me bro) If you’re getting hitched before I come home you and I are gonna have trouble ;) Just kidding, but dude keep me posted, its weird not hearing from my brother… cough cough, hint hint, every know and then.
Well I have another funny story for you all today… The monkey’s came back… and they brought reinforcements… as we woke up this morning, we where praying, and my companion finished and went to step out side to go and exorcise in out little “compound” and as he opened the door he saw monkeys. Well I was in the middle of praying and I hear this. A door opening and then a really loud gasp, then I hear “Elder…. Theres monkey’s …” I thought “ whatever, there is probably only a few of them” and continued to pray, then I finished and walked to the door to see about 10 sitting on our wall, and in the tree. I then proceeded to grab a hand full of marbles, and my sling shot, and just started firing at will, along with my companion, I think that we hit about five of them (they’re kind of dumb, they just kept trying to get into our gate) so then after they got the point that we where not going to stop until they left, they started to jump onto our roof, so the next thing that happened was, I ran up on top of our house just firing at anything that moved, ( more Monkey’s) My companion was following suit. About the time that we got up there, they where all yelling at us and running away. Our neighbors had seen them coming and just started to throw rocks at them, and some of them had big old sticks ready for them. It was probably the funniest thing that I have ever done. Any way, so now we just have to wait and see what they will do next, you never know what they are up to in good old KGF.

Okay so enough of the animal experiences, My week has been pretty good, I have been able to see a lot of really awesome things this week. One of which is leading up to a baptism this next week. Our investigator Jasper is really a great guy, and he has really been prepared by the lord to become a member. About 7 years ago, he saw Elders, and met them, but he didn’t want to even talk to them, they told him about the church, and he thought nothing of it. Then he met elders about a year ago and didn’t think about it. But then about 6 months ago he met my companion now, and his companion then. Then he stared to become more and more interested, so they started to teach more and more, and he is finally going to be baptized on the 25th of October. We are really happy, because we have been really trying with him. He has done a complete 180 from who he was to who he is now, and we hope that he just continues to do better and better every day.
Well that’s that this week, I hope that you all enjoy your week, I know that the lord is watching over all of you, I am praying for you all, I know that he is there, and that he really does want us to keep all of the his commandments so that he can show us his love.
I know that what was said at General Conference was the lords words for us to hear, I know that Thomas S. Monson is the lords prophet seer and revelator, and that he is speaking to the lord often. I know that Joseph smith Restored Jesus Christ’s church. I know that the Book Of Mormon is the word of God, I HAVE NO DOUBT ABOUT IT. I know that reading it will bring us closer to heavenly father, and that when we pray that he is listing to us. I also know that when we have troubles with those things in life that we can pray, but we also have to bare it with Patience, long suffering, and kindness. I know that Jesus Christ lives, and loves us. He DID atone for our sins, and I know that we can use that atonement to make our lives better, as we repent, and offer up a broken heart and a contrite spirit, the lord will make it known unto us as to what we need, and I also know that he will answer us.
I love you all, I know that as you continue to live the commandments and show God that you love him, HE WILL pour out blessings upon you, enough that there would be not enough room to hold them.
“ God be with you till we meet again”
Elder Colton Frederick

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

October Week 1

That’s going to make me want to count, and then that will make me trunky… NO THANKS!!
On the other hand, life is good here in India, I am doing really well, My companion is doing better, and we are back to Kicking butt!!! Especially because we went on Exchange with the Zone Leaders yesterday, and I was able to really learn a lot, I think its funny how when we think that we have it down, the lord sends people to teach us, or shows us exactly what we need to learn, I LOVE IT!!
Well I am quite excited for General Conference, we get to watch it this weekend, I am just excited to hear what the lord has to say to us. I know that it truly is exactly what we need to hear. It sounds to me like it was pretty good, I got a few Emails that said it could definitely do the pick me up that People need lately.
Oh man, that Medicine man sounds awesome, I really am excited for when I can see those things again. All I get to see and hear is Pooja … don’t ask. Ill tell you later.
I miss those kinds of things a lot.
Well I am glad to hear that all of you still have your sanity in this crazy world, I know some times things get crazy, but when you keep a positive outlook on life, you get to the point ware it doesn’t matter anymore about the small stupid things. You can get through the day when you focus on the big important things and not let the little things get in the way. President Nichols said something in a zone conference, imagine when your backpacking, if you look at the goal and focus on it, you know where you need to go, but if you start looking at the trail and you focus on that, then you get lost. He compared the trail to the adversaries Temptations, but the goal is the Celestial Kingdom, where we want to receive exaltation, and Eternal life. So just Keep your chins up, and remember to say “Come what may.” and remember to just love it.
Well I have a pretty neat story today, so the other day we where getting our cycles fixed, and my companion where standing there talking, when all of a sudden three Muslim brothers walk up and start to ask us what we are doing, and what we believe. They started to ask a whole bunch of questions about the bible, and how it all works, so we answered them, and told them that if they really wanted to know more, they could come to church. That was 4 weeks ago, so as we where sitting in church on Sunday, I was just about to walk into gospel Principals class, to start it, and these two Muslim brothers walk in, one of which was wearing the clothes and everything. I invited them into class, and they said okay, they sat down and we started to teach class. Well the even better part about all of this was that the lesson that I was teaching was on… Prophets!! Oh boy that was awesome, because they got to ask all the right questions and that was exactly what we needed to teach. Then we continued to explain that prophets have been meant for all of us to learn, and that is why we have the Book of Mormon, it was great!!
Then afterwards we went to priesthood and Elder Linton taught about how we can get to the Celestial Kingdom, It was even better, because both of our Investigators where just blown away. After church, they asked us if we could meet, and they also asked for their own copies of the Book of Mormon. Since that time we have met with them, and answered all of their questions, and have started to teach exactly what they need, and want to hear. It was great, and their really progressing, quickly.
Well its time to go, but I want you all to know that I really do love you. I also know that the lord is watching over you. I know that he is answering your prayers, and he is also listing to every one of them. I know that this gospel can and will solve the problems of life, especially when we ask of him in faith. I know that Thomas S. Monson is the Mouthpiece of God, and that the twelve apostles are called prophets Seers and Revelators, by God. I know with out any doubt in my mind that when we listen to their words that we will be blessed. Not only the prophets of today, but the prophets of old. I know that the Book Of Mormon was written for our day. I take comfort in it when I read it because I know that the lord is talking directly to me, and my family. This is Gods Kingdom on the earth. The savior lives, and loves us. This is the lords work, and I know that it is the best work to do.

I love you all so much, and I know that the lord is watching, and waiting for you to ask for his help.
I love you
Elder Colton Frederick