Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May '10 Week 4

Hello Family!!!
Well life is good, I am way happy and really excited about life. I have some sad news, my companion is getting transferred, I am getting someone else, I am a little sad, Elder Lohat has been alot of Fun, and I have really enjoyed his company. My new companion is Elder Thompson
I have had him in my district before, he is a really fun guy, so I am a little excited.
Life has been good, My companion and I are really excited about Amar and Saritha they have accepted a baptismal date, and will be baptized on the 19th of June. We are praying hard for them, I know that they are ready, and will be such a blessing to the church here in India. I am so happy that I have been so blessed with so many wonderful Families here in India that have taught me so much about how I want my family to function, I have seen such a difference in my attitude as I have been with so many great people.
Well not too much news again this week, I am just working on getting people to really read from the book of Mormon, and get their own testimony... sometimes that is the hardest thing to do, that and getting people to church. but when it happens, things just take off like a rocket!!! we have this family that we just met the other day, the brother is a Janitor in a High school and he has two children, since he got married his wife started to have "fits" and has needed care for it, some times she isnt all there Either. About 5 years ago he ran off deciding to leave his family, after sometime he decided that was a big mistake and he came back looking for his family with the Idea of Fixing the problems, he found his daughter in the hospital, his son in an orphanage, and his wife on the road. Since that time he has also lost faith in any church because of how Nasty the Pastors are, and how corrupt they are, so he ended up just not going to any church. We where walking out in the rain and saw the wife and Just knew that we needed to go there. When we did they invited us right in and told us this story, as we shared the restoration they said that they would come to church and wanted us to come back, when we came back we gave them a book of Mormon and the Father has been doing everything that we have asked him, he even came to church on sunday and LOVED IT!! We are going tonight and are hoping to set him with a date.
Well over all it just goes to show that the Lord really does work in small and Simple ways. I know that he is there and loves each of his children, and wants all of them to know about him and his Gospel plan. I know that this is truly the place that peace and love can come, I know that the Lord truly bled and died for you and me. I love him for it. I know that God lives. and I also Know that he has given us his words to read and Learn from so that we can come closer to him.
I love you all and am praying for you. I know that you are all good, and Happy, and I hope the best for all of you as things in life go on.
with all my Love,
Elder Colton Frederick

Thursday, May 20, 2010

May '10 Week 3

Hello Family!!
Wow what a week it sounds like your about to have, and that you are having!! I am so happy to hear that your all happy and excited about life!!!
Well You said that you want News, So not too much news, other than I am way excited to get back to work this week, we are going to go and see Brother Amar and Saritha, They have been really trying to progress, Amar came to church but their child is a little sick, and brother Amar's sister is facing some problems with her Husband, he is quite a peice of work, and to top it off it was an aranged marriage, Amar went to the police about him today and they are going to go take him to Jail, (he was just going to go and beat him up, but we talked him out of it)
On a fun note, IT FINALLY RAINED !!!! It has been so hot here that no body could function, and last night it rained and it hasn't stopped since!! and when we woke up this morning my companion and I had to go walking around our area to check out the beauty, I even got a few Pictures, ITS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!
I am sorry not too much news, I am going to be better next week, I actually have a few apointments today Early, otherwise our work wont get done for the week.
So I want you all to know that I am so thankful for the Emails, I am grateful for the news. and I am really excited for all of you!! espically Kyle YOUR GETTING MARRIED CONGRATS BRO!!!!
I hope that you all know that your in my prayers, and I am really grateful for all that you do, and all that is going on. Please know that your loved from clear across the world, and that I know that your being watched over always.
I know that this truly is the greatest work that we can do, I know that the lord is there and that he truly did send his son on Earth to atone for us, I am so grateful that he has given us families to share this wonderful love and grow together, with. I know that God truly did restore his gospel through the Prophet Joseph Smith. I know that the Living Prophet Thomas S Monson is the lords Prophet Seer and Revolator in these last days. I know that This is the Lords gospel, it is his true and living Church. I know that the spirit truly testifies of him and his son. I know that they live and love each and every one of you.

I love you all,

Elder Colton Frederick

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mother's Note

Sorry I am a day late. But, with my having surgery yesterday i didn't remember to check this yesterday.

May '10 Week 2

Too all Mothers out there!!

Hey family!!
It was so nice to hear all of your voices this week, Kind of weird to realize that this was the last time that I will talk to you until I get home.
Well as I just talked to you all recently, not too much has changed, I am happy and really excited to rock the Missionary work, so we (me and the mouse in my pocket) will see you all soon!!
I am happy for all of you that are progressing through life, I want you all to know that I know that your when you are trying to progress, you'll all get the things that you need espically when you focus on the things of the gospel and not the world.
Kyle!! Congrats on next week, I know that you'll be to busy to write next week, but I am so happy for you.
Jess, I am so excited for you, hit me up again with an Email, I miss you and am so happy to hear about your progress, by the sounds of it you are really happy.
I love you all, I know that the lord is watching over all of you, and I know that this is his true and living church. I know that Jesus Is the Christ, that he truly atoned for our sins, I know that he loves us so much that he wants each of our brothers and sisters to know about him and our Heavenly Fathers Gospel plan. I know that the book of Mormon is the word of god, and that by following by its precepts we can be closer to god in all things.
I love you all and am so happy for you. Best of luck to you all!!!
Elder Colton Frederick

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May '10 Week 1

Hello Family,
Well its very nice to hear from all of you!!
Its really cool to hear that People are leaving for missions, and that calls are coming and people are taking off to lands away from home to serve the lord and to gain growth and knowledge about our lord and savior, all to bring more of our brothers and sisters to the gospel.
I can't tell you all enough how awesome you all are. I have been thinking about how each and every one of you reading this Blog have each touched my life and pushed me to go on a mission, I know that it probably doesn't seem big in your lives, but I know how big it is here in my life. I am so grateful that each of you have been such blessings in my life.
Well I am pretty excited to talk to you all on Sunday, Kind of weird, I feel like I just called you for Christmas yesterday, doesn't really feel like its time to call again, and then soon after that I will be coming home. The lord wasn't kidding when he said that time will fly right by as you concentrate on the work of the lord. Its CRAZY!!
Well not to much has happened this week, I have been pretty excited for peoples mission calls to come, and that people are putting papers in, and then some of you out there are getting married, but are not telling ANYTHING...KYLE!!!!!! what the crap is up bro!! I haven't heard a single thing since I very first got to Vizag, that was 3 months ago, and I know your getting married this month...
well I am also really excited to talk to all of you, I have been thinking about what I am going to say... and I don't have any CLUE, so your all just going to have to think of things that you want to know and ask away, other wise I wont know what to say. I know its going to be cool to hear all of your voices agian.

Well as I said not to much here to say, I know I am just way excited to talk to you all. I am so glad that you have all been such an influence in my life.
I know that this truly is the lords true and living church, I know that the lord answers prayers, he has in the past and he does now today. I know that the lord really does love each of his children, I know that the savior lives and that he truly atoned for our sins, I know that the savior understands that we are not perfect, but that if we work like everything depends upon us, and pray like everything depends upon him, I know that our lives will work out the way that we need. I know that the the Lord truly appeared To Joseph Smith Two hundred years ago, and I know that He restored his gospel, I know that the book of Mormon is the word of god, and that it truly testifies of the lord and savior.
Alma was right when he was speaking to Korihor, Everything denotes that there is a God, that he is Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent, I know that these things that we do are all according to the lords plan as long as we do what he says. I am so happy For the Plan of Salvation.
I love you all, and am excited to talk to you all this sunday.
Elder Colton Frederick