Wednesday, May 27, 2009

May Week 4

well my week has been pretty good, I have a few more people set with baptisem dates, and I am pretty excited to see them begin on that straight and Narrow Path.
So Today I am going to start with a story, Well about a Month ago, we met this brother who if from Maryland, and he invited us to his house to share our message, well as we met with him, we found out that he had a son, and that his wife had died, come to find out his son is about a year and a half old. So we started to share with him the restoration, and he has had a lot of questions since that time. well yesterday as we had visited with him, we watched "finding faith in christ" and he had even more questions, well as we started to answer his questions, we finally found out that he doesnt want to just feel for an answer, he wants us to force him to belive... ya, so I just told him, thats not how god works, and thats not how we work, and so now, we just need to see whare he goes with it. I was so frustrated about that , I felt so bad for him that he want to have his agency taken away from him to become part of gods kingdom, and mom I felt like you do when I dont listen, LIke you just want to Throtel me... :)
Story Number two, so I was on exchange with My district leader, and all of a sudden he gets a call and says "oh... Hi president Nichols, how are you???" well then I hear " ya he is right here... here you go" and he hands the phone to me. Now the thoughts that where going through my head was this ".?." I said hello, and president Nichols says " Elder Frederick, I recived an Email from your mother about your grandmother... she told me that I needed to call you and tell you that eveything was fine..." I just about threw the phone, because he scared me, I had totally forgotten that you where going to Email him and tell me, so I thought that something had gone wrong. I was just happy to hear that grandma is okay, I hope that every thing gets better for her, I miss her.
Well I am glad you had a great weekend, Man I wish I was there, Oh by the way, I am so Jelous that you got to tear up the driveway, I woke up the other morning wishing I had two Pick axes, and could be putting some sprinkler into the ground. It was wierd.
That good old Dimitri, He is a great guy, I am so excited for him, I hope he has as much fun as I am having, I love being in the field. and hey thats awsome to hear that Jared and Paul are on thier way!! Oh man, I am so excited for them.
Well I love you all, I know that our heavenly father loves us so much that he gave us our agency to pick and choose if we will follow his plan or not, I know that my Savior lives, and that he is loves each and every one of us, I know that he Atoned for our sins so that we could live with our heavenly father and our families.
Love Elder Colton Frederick

Thursday, May 21, 2009

May Week 3

Well I am glad to hear that you are all having a great time, I really miss camping, and doing all of those kinds of things. I was thinking about going camping yesterday because it started to rain, hard again, and OH man I just continue to be excited for the rainy seson, becasue when it happens it will rain all day, and not let up, and then its not so freaking HOT!!!
Well tell Grandma that I love her, I know that it will be pretty early tommorrow when you get this, but tell her that I am not worried about her, and tell her that I love her and everything will be fine.
Well storie for the week, so as I said, that musulim sister gave us the Quran, and so Obvisouly I was excited, well I opend it up, and noticed that not a single thing about it had the spirit in it, so I have shut the stupid thing, and will only keep it because it was a gift. I really was suprised that it had so much anti-chirstion stuff in it, and how much it missquotes the bible, its pretty sad, the advisary obviously wants people to not even Know about our savior and his atonement.

I love you all, and I am so greatful for my savior Jesus Christ, I know that he loved us so much that he went into the garden of Gethsemnie and bleed for us, and our sins, I know that as he looked upon each and every one of our faces he did so with love and Charity, I know that he did so, so that he could fullfil our heavnly fathers plan for us to return to him and his son. I love my savior, and I am so greatfull that I could spend these two years to serve him, and to Proclaim his glory. I love you all and am so greatfull for all of your great examples.

Elder Colton Frederick

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May Week 2

well as I said my letter is also going to be short this week, but thank you for the advise, I am already doing that and just letting things just go buy, I just figure, its not for Eternity, and even if it was I would still love him for who he is.
Well Tell everybody Hello, and that I love them, I was really happy to talk to you all, it was really nice to hear your voices instead of just reading letters. Not that its bad to read letters, but I really needed to hear some familiar voices.
I am so excited to continue my mission and learn about our savior, I can see how much he really does love us, I was watching "the Testiments" with our branch, and in the scene when he Decends out of heaven, and the people start to cry and kiss his hands, I couldnt handle it, I just started to cry because I knew that when I see him I will not only do the same thing I am going to give him a big huge hug, because I know that he loves me and every one so much.
I to love you all
Elder Colton James Fredrerick

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

May Week 1

Well to start off, I am sorry to hear about your little bug, but I have been feeling that almost since I got here. That Throwing up, and Motions as we call it, is an every day, if not weekly experience here, now some times I am lucky enough to have no vomiting, but usally the motions are there, I havnt had a normal boul movement in about 3 months. But like I said, Im sorry to hear that, I hope that you get better soon.
Well your right I am calling home on sunday moring your time, but I am also calling home on saturday morning just to make sure that your ready for sunday, I will probably call at about 6 in the morning your time, so be ready both days.
Man I am so glad to hear that the OA is taking flight, I just wish that I could be a part of it. I really miss working with all of those young men, I love to see them grow into awsome leaders. I hope that when I get back that I can see some more changes, and may assist in some of them.
Well so a fun story for the day, the other day, my companion and I where riding our cycles and all of a sudden this guy said hey, well I just kind of ignored him, and then something said TURN AROUND AND TALK TO HIM. so I said Okay... well when I got back to him, he said in PERFECT american English, " who the heck are you guys?" well My companion and I looked at each other and then said " well we are missionaries from the church of Jesus christ, and we are sharing a message about prophets and apostels" he then looked at me and said " will you come to my home, I want to hear your message. " well come to find out, he is from maryland, and he came to rajahmundry about 6 months back and has seen Elders all over Maryland, and everywhare he goes in india, he sees us, so this time he asked us what we did, well any way, we are going for our third appointment with him tonight, and we are going to see if he will come to church this sunday.

well I know that my letter is a little short, but that would be becuse I am going to call on sunday, so be ready.
I want you all that are reading this to know that I know that Jesus christ lives, that he is the Christ, he is our lord, our god, and our savior, I know that he restored his true chruch through the prophet Joseph Smith, I have seen the blessings of this in my life and in the lives of those that I have been teaching. I know that the tempels are an esential part of having Eternal families. I have seen how important it is to the people here in India because the closest one is only... oh ya it's in Hong Kong. people here have to save mony for years to go to the temple, and for us in the states its just an hour away some times. I can honestly say that I know that this Church IS jesus christs true chruch on this earth, I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.