Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May '10 Week 4

Hello Family!!!
Well life is good, I am way happy and really excited about life. I have some sad news, my companion is getting transferred, I am getting someone else, I am a little sad, Elder Lohat has been alot of Fun, and I have really enjoyed his company. My new companion is Elder Thompson
I have had him in my district before, he is a really fun guy, so I am a little excited.
Life has been good, My companion and I are really excited about Amar and Saritha they have accepted a baptismal date, and will be baptized on the 19th of June. We are praying hard for them, I know that they are ready, and will be such a blessing to the church here in India. I am so happy that I have been so blessed with so many wonderful Families here in India that have taught me so much about how I want my family to function, I have seen such a difference in my attitude as I have been with so many great people.
Well not too much news again this week, I am just working on getting people to really read from the book of Mormon, and get their own testimony... sometimes that is the hardest thing to do, that and getting people to church. but when it happens, things just take off like a rocket!!! we have this family that we just met the other day, the brother is a Janitor in a High school and he has two children, since he got married his wife started to have "fits" and has needed care for it, some times she isnt all there Either. About 5 years ago he ran off deciding to leave his family, after sometime he decided that was a big mistake and he came back looking for his family with the Idea of Fixing the problems, he found his daughter in the hospital, his son in an orphanage, and his wife on the road. Since that time he has also lost faith in any church because of how Nasty the Pastors are, and how corrupt they are, so he ended up just not going to any church. We where walking out in the rain and saw the wife and Just knew that we needed to go there. When we did they invited us right in and told us this story, as we shared the restoration they said that they would come to church and wanted us to come back, when we came back we gave them a book of Mormon and the Father has been doing everything that we have asked him, he even came to church on sunday and LOVED IT!! We are going tonight and are hoping to set him with a date.
Well over all it just goes to show that the Lord really does work in small and Simple ways. I know that he is there and loves each of his children, and wants all of them to know about him and his Gospel plan. I know that this is truly the place that peace and love can come, I know that the Lord truly bled and died for you and me. I love him for it. I know that God lives. and I also Know that he has given us his words to read and Learn from so that we can come closer to him.
I love you all and am praying for you. I know that you are all good, and Happy, and I hope the best for all of you as things in life go on.
with all my Love,
Elder Colton Frederick

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