Wednesday, September 2, 2009

September Week 1

Well Hello Family,
It sounds to me like I have been missing all kinds of fun things, every one is leaving, getting out into the world, or getting married.
Well its nice to hear that you are all going to be doing family camp, I miss that so much, I cant wait to go camping again, and actually want to be dirty. (means no running water)
Life hear in India is awesome, That picture that Sister Linton took was a couple of Saturday’s ago, we where on our way to go and meet our baptismal candidates and have their Interviews, (I sent more Pictures of the baptism) It was really funny, the young boy that I baptized was so scared that Elder Linton and I had to calm him down, and talk to him for about ten Minuets, in the water, to let us do it again, so that is why he looks so scared as he is getting out.

******[His name is Rajeev. Sister Linton says this about Colton in the email attached to the pictures "We also wanted to compliment you and your tender, loving, and encouraging way with Rajeev. Your kind manner is a wonderful personal quality. If you stay close to the Lord you have the potential to be a great father some day. May He bless you in all you do. It’s a joy to serve with you.]
Well I have a really cool story for all of you, we have been teaching this brother named Jasper, who has been investigating the church for about the last 4 months, he was meeting with my companion and his former companions before me, so as we have been meeting with him, we where one day at his house, and we started to discuss the Holy ghost, and how we need it in our

lives, and he said “ well how can I get the holy ghost??” so we have then set him with a date for baptism and now he is just trying to get past his previous arraignments and is hoping for baptism. The even better part is that as we meet him, he is completely aware that we want to know what is concerning him, and he will tell us openly, it is just absolutely amazing.

So far as life is going, it is really nice here, I really Enjoy KGF and am so glad to be here, I know that this is the best work in the world, and in the world to come, I really am so grateful to be serving the lord in the beautiful land of India, I am so glad that the work is not yet done, because I could spend the rest of my life doing this. I know with out any doubt in my mind that when the lord said “This is My work and My Glory – to Bring to pass the Immortality, and the Eternal life of man.” That he was meaning that this would be the most happy and wonderful Experience of our lives, I know that when we put forth the Effort that we have in our hearts, that he will make those things that are weak, into strong aspects in our lives.

I know that this is the True and Living church of our savior Jesus Christ. I know that when you pray with a sincere heart and with Real intent, that you will know that this is true, I also am so happy that I can say that I know that this gospel is the thing that will make you the most happy. When I see the changes that I have made, and drastic, and almost Impossible changes, that the people of India make when they accept them, I know that this is the most marvelous work that can ever be done.
I love you all
And this is my testimony , in the saviors name amen.
Elder Colton Frederick

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