Monday, April 29, 2013

April Week 5

Oi, What a week, This has been nuts. So let me just tell you that even for the struggles We've had as missionaries, god makes it all worth it. Well, now hold on for the ride of a life time. We met two investigators two weeks ago, their names are jake and Kelly, to give you an idea Jake is a less active and has been since he was 16. Jake is engaged to Kelly who was catholic and now less active as a catholic. Jake told Kelly when she wanted to go to church that he was never going back and the only one he would go back to if he went back is the LDS church. Kelly went with the Idea and now they have been talking to us. Now for the best part. I said that they were engaged. They told us literally yesterday that as of saturday they had heard from their family and their family is heading down here to see them married ON FRIDAY. Jake and Kelly were thinking about a week from now they were going to do it and his family said OH FRIDAY, SOUNDS GOOD! Mind you they are all LDS ( his family) so they are getting married and they asked my companion and I to be there for it all.... Now it gets even better. Kelly made the decision at the same time that if she was getting married that fast why not get baptized that fast so her baptism date is the 11th of MAY!!!!! Wow. We just got busy.... so there's an idea of what my week just did to me. Not to mention its getting hotter. I look like a black man nearly now that i've been here two months... the oven has been turned up and someone forgot to butter me.... No more brown... I'm gettin crispy! Colton thought he had it bad.... I got news for you buddy.... it just about to hit 115 and guess what.... 3 months in that heat you begin to melt not just the stuff you have..... yeah it puts a whole new meaning to "Hydrate or DIE" its like my mission president said... "here everything is either dead or wants you dead!" My testimony has grown substantially since I have been out here. There is so much work to do and so little time to do it... If only we could all see it at times..... I love you all and appreciate the love and support! Thank you all for helping me decide to go on a mission! Love ya! Elder Klynton Frederick

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