Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Arrival in India

When I got to work this morning there was a letter from Colton and one from his mission president. They are as follows:

I have gotten here nice and safely, I am 12 and a half hours ahead of you. but I am here safely, and soundly, I am very tierd, I got here, and we didnt get to the appartment until 3:30 In the morning, and I have had about 4 hours of sleep in 2 days. by the way its 5:30 in the afternoon here, so that means that its 5:00 in the morning there. So ya Life is pretty good. I am tierd though. so I have gotten pictuers, and I will be sending them to you pretty soon.
So here it goes, When I got on the plane in Denver, I sat next to this really Nice woman named Elin, you say it ee-lin, she is from sweeden, and she was on her way home, we talked almost the whole way to germany, Yes almost the whole 8 hours, and I we talked about religion, and life, she's not a member, but she belives all kinds of different things that are really close to our gospel. I really enjoyd talking to her, and So I gave her my E-mail address, and asked her to write. well then we got on the plane to India, and it was quite long, I was in the middle, and had no leg room. So then we got to India, we got everything together, and we walked out, and my mission pres. and his to assistents where there waiting for us. It was really cool to see some friendly faces, (even though we diddnt know them) and so we got our stuff into this tiny little "bus" ya, no it was an extended mini van, then we went to the appartment, but that was a trip in and of its self, I was so nervous, the people here drive like their drunk, It makes me Nervous, people dont have any Idea that the lines on the road mean anything, and if you get in thier way, they honk untill you move. well then we got lost, and it was a local dirver too, and had to backtrack to get to the appartment. after that we got to the appartment and went to bed, for to hours, then we went to the mission Pres. house, and had break fast. then came to the office. and here I have been. so now the sights are beautiful, but this country is definetly a third world, but the people here a beautiful, and very kind.
well tell every body that I love them, I will be writing soon. also I am having fun, but I neeed some sleep, because I cant concentrate, or type. I love you all, and I am having a blast.
and I am here safe.
your son

Dear Sister Frederick,

Your son is safe and sound in Bangalore, India and doing very well. Sister Nichols and I picked him up at the Bangalore Airport with his companions at about 2:00 AM Wednesday morning our time. They all spent the rest of the evening with the assistants in their apartment. Then this morning at 9:00 AM they all came to the Mission Home where Sister Nichols fed them a wonderful breakfast. We then had an orientation for them that lasted about two hours. After the orientation we took photos of each elder and then each elder with Sister Nichols and I. I copy of that photo of us and your son is attached. It was taken in the Mission Home in front of our Christmas tree.

This afternoon I met with your son and had a wonderful interview with him. He is a great young man. Tomorrow morning for Christmas all the new elders, plus the senior couples and other missionaries assigned here in Bangalore will come over for Christmas. We will eat breakfast, sing carols, and have a gift exchange. I will also announce to each new elder their first assignment and who their trainer will be.

Elder Frederick will be assigned to the Rajahmundry I Branch and his companion will be Elder Addagabottu. He fly out on Friday morning. Elder Addagabottu is a district leader and an outstanding missionary. I trust him and believe he will be an excellent trainer for your son.

Thank you for sending you such a wonderful young man. Do not hesitate to contact me at any time.

President Melvin R. Nichols


Misty said...

How wonderful - it sounds like my cute little cousin is going to be just fine and is in great hands.

Amanda Roseman said...

Oh Wow, I'm glad to hear that his journey is about to begin...What a great experience and he gets to share it with us! I'm glad that he can be a role model for Baby Ashton, I can tell Ashton all kinds of things Colton (Er, I mean Elder Frederick)lol is learning over there. I hope he stays safe with everything going on.
You did a great job raising him for him to be as spiritually
strong as he is, he's going to do miracles!