Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It has Begun - Week 1

For all who want to know - Colton's Pday is Wednesdays so email him before Tuesdays at midnight and then he can answer on Wednesdays.

good, I am really glad that you got my E-mail. I am having a blast, and really learning a lot, we actually had a baptizem on sunday, my companions old companion did the baptizem, and we got to stand in the pictures. On monday, we met this really neat family, the women spoke english, and was going to school for religion, and we tought her the first lesson, and gave her a book of mormen, and asked her to pray about it, and asked her to come to church. well when we left, she said a prayer that just grabed my heart strings, she asked to know for a sure fact that this is true, and she asked to bless my companion and I becasue she saw the light of christ as we knocked on the door. It was Amzing. I was so happy.
I took a plane from banglore to chenni, and that was about an hour flight, then from there I flew to rajahmundry, and that was about an hour as well. so I dont really know how far, but I do know whare north is, so I am all good. although i am starting to want a compase because the streets go in circels.
My Pday is on wednesday. so email me tuesday night there because then I will check it at about 1:00 am there. its 1:30 pm here.
Christmas was a lot of fun here, I had a good time, but I wanted to sleep.
I love you too, and I am glad to here that your cheering for me. I am keeping a journal every night, and I write about 3 pages every night. I might need a couple new journals by the end of next year.

I love you
P.S. I am about to check your other E-mail.

Hello again,
so my first impressions of the country is..... Very croweded, and the people that drive her are nuts. My companion is really cool he is from Sri Lanka, and he speaks very good english, and he has tought me how to teach the people of india. He is also very interested in the second comming, we talk about it almost every day during companionship studys, he is very bright, and very smart. He wants to come to america and work, (funny fact about him, He wants to marry an american girl) I think its great, so all of you who want to meet a very priesthoodley strong man, Elder Addagabottu is getting off he mission in 6 months *wink*
So the food.... it is great, We eat with our hands. No utinsels, its great, and I never would have thought, but there is actually a methed to it. we eat often at a local cheap restureant, but it is very good, and we have a couple of dinner, and lunch appointments on thursday at some Investigators houses, and a couple of members houses.
My living quarters are pretty neat, its a good sized appartment, and the one bathroom has a hole in the ground, and the other has a toilet, but the toilet you have to flush about 8 times, I just use the squater, and by the way there is no toilet paper, so we use a hose, and water, it is kind of refreshing actually... j/k there is toilet paper, but we just ran out, and so i use the hose. Jeese I wish I could see your faces as you read that.
The members here are great, they are so loving and so faithfull. and the investigators are great to, they all care about you, and how your doing. we actually have set a couple of dates for people to get baptized.
Well I am glad that christmas was good, I hope every one there was good. so how much snow exactly do you have at home???? I am really glad that Klynton is doing good, Miss him very much, and I wish I could show him everything here, he would love it.
Grandma fell??? Well i am glad to here that she is okay, but keep an eye on her.
So Scotts fair well was sunday... Im glad to here that. Robert is leaveing pretty soon here to huh???
well I know that the lord will provide for you mom, I am praying for you everyday.
I think its funny how people teach lessons that they need for thier salvation.
we;; its time for lunch, I love you so much, tell everybody that I love them, and to write often.
I love you mom

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