Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Week 2

Now its my turn to repramand.... Or just complain, You know that your son is half way around the world, and can only E-mail once a week, and then to top it off only gets Emails from family and friends. what am I supposed to say to my immidate family and those who only read your blog. I dont know whats going on there, I cant answer any un asked questions, or tell about cool experiences that I had, or how may baptizems I have this sunday, or even anybody asking if Im alive, not even my own mother.... :( I think Im going to cry.... okay maybe not...

So life in india is great!!! I am learing a ton, I have seen most of Raj, and Iam starting to get the gift of toungs a little bit, I am starting to pick up on names better, and I have found my self doing the head shake. thats moving my head side to side to say yes.
To answer everyones un asked questions, we have 3 baptizems this coming sunday, and last sunday I did my first confermation.
so cool experiences, So saturday, we went finding, and we found this family, there was one elder gentelmen, and his two grandsons and one grand daughter, well we tought them about the first lesson, and we gave them a book of Mormen, well then we asked if we could see them again on sunday, and they said yes, well when we rode up, the grand daughter was reading the Book of Mormen, ( we gave them 3 Nephi 11) and so we asked her if she understood it, and she told us about the chapter, and we where amayzed because we thought she had seen us and was reading it because of us being there but she had actually continued to read, and was now in chapter 12, well we asked if we could come in, and she said yes, well while we where waiting, at first it was the origional 4 then it turned into 8 then it turnd into 16, who all wanted to know what the chapter was, and had all been tought how to pray by the one grand daughter. Come to find out, there where 4 familys living in that one house, It was a good sized house too. but they all wanted to know more, we then asked if they had ever had a family time, and they hadnt, so we asked if we could show them how to do a FHE, well we explaind it, and they wanted us to come and do it withe them, so we came back the next day (monday) and we showed them how to do it, and there where 2 more faces, so we had a good time and showed them what to do, and when it was time to go, they didnt want us to leave, so we ended up saying good bye for about 10 minuets. I really felt a new love for this family, they are so amyazing, and so smart.
so another experience, there was a family that we found about a week ago today (wednesday) and we set an appointment with them for sunday, well when we set the appointment, we saw that they had a son with ceribrial palsy, which we immeditly saw that they loved so much. so sunday when we came, we thought about the Plan of Salvation, and about the restoration. well come to find out, the son can understand the message of what we where sharing, and when ever we walk in, he gets this big huge smile on his face, and just looks so happy. well we where baring our testimonys on the plan, and I started to bear mine, and I started to cry, and I knew that the spirit talking through me because even though I was using my words, I could feel the spirit, and the mother started to cry, and I promised her that her son would have a perfect body, and just told her the truth, and after I said amen, she said and I quote" what time is your services, and can I have a book of mormen?" so we told her, and we didnt have any copies with us, but we set another appointment with her, and told her we would bring one to her when we get more because even now we are out, and so is our mission office, and the bangalore distribution office.
well I think that is suffecient for you being that you didnt send me anything, so next time send me some questions!! please??
I Love you all, and i know that the lord loves you as well, remember that christ really did bleed and die for our sins, he will be here soon, to see us again, and we need to be ready, remember Alma 34
once again I love you alll.
Elder Colton Frederick


Misty said...

It's cool - you can see his testimony grow already. Can you e-mail me his e-mail? Thanks!

Kim said...

WOW!!!! It is hard not to get tears in your eyes when you read that!!!! I bought the 94 cent stamps and even mailed 1 letter. I can't wait to hear more from him. I will copy and paste the letter so Cameron can read it!!!
Love, KIM