Saturday, December 6, 2008

The big day!!!

Sunday was a hugely wonderful big day! Colton had his farewell remarks in Sacrament Meeting and he really did do a nice job. One of the things that he really wanted to bring out in his talk was his love for scouting and there were so many people there from scouting that he loves and that we all love. Our OA (Order of the Arrow) friends were there, many of his friends from Camp Scofield came, friends from high school, not to mention the family and of course the ward. We filled the chapel and most of the cultral hall. There were alot of people there whom we love. For those of you who missed the day, we missed you too.

We fed the masses at Molly's after the meetings and it was a very good lunch. The rolls from Terrels were, as always, the best and they made yummy turkey sandwiches. We did a lot of visiting and it was so good to get to visit with great friends and family.

Then in the afternoon we went back over to the church to have Klynton's Eagle Court of Honor and that was great. The OA boys from Delta did a marvelous job of presenting the eagle feather.

Our friend Kyle Hansen also presented him with an eagle feather and that was an excellent presentation. Carvin Marvin came and presented him with an eagle bolo that he had carved.

The eagles nest ended up with about 15 people in it by the time Klynton joined them. It was a good one. He was in good company with all of those people.

Klynton chose his Uncle Matt to whom to honor with the father's pin. He was very emotional about giving that pin to Matt. I don't know that Matt really understands how much he means to Klynton. Klynton looks to all of his uncles as an example but Matt has been here the most. Matt holds a special place in Klynton's heart and Klynton's emotions really showed through as he honored Matt.

So, finally, both of the boys have received their eagle ranks and I feel like this is two milestones under my belt. It worked out, with the help of those whom we love that they were able to expidite the eagle award and get it here before Colton left so that Colton could be here for it. I am amazed at how much the boys have grown.

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Misty said...

I heard it was so awesome and I'm sad I couldn't be there. Tell Colton I said "hi". I think Holly said that she is getting his address, so hopefully I can get it from her, or you can just send it to me. Both your kids are so great. Awesome milestones for both!