Wednesday, July 15, 2009

July Week 4

Wow, that sounds like you had quite the trip mom, I hope you took a lot of Pictuers, I would like to see it all.
Well Life here is pretty good, I Might be transferring here in the next week or so, so be looking for that news next week.
We are really working hard here, we just set 8 people with a baptisim date, but I probabley wont be here for any of them because I have been here in Rajahmundry for the last 7 months, yep seven months have passed away, never to return, I honestly cannot belive the amount of time that has gone by. Every time I get home from prosaliting, I think "holy cow its night again" I just wish I could do more in a day, but I just seem to not have enough time. Oh well thats life.
hey so a neat little fact, One of the guys that was in the MTC with me was from Steamboat springs, he went to the Chicago south mission.
Well not to much has been going on really, no super neat stories, but I guess every day is a miricle around here.
I love you all, and Iknow that the lord loves you, I promise that as you all continue to keep the covenents that you made in baptisim, and in the temple, I promise that you will have all of the things that you need. I know that what the Prophets and apostels tell us is so that we can come closer to our heavenly father. I know that the prophet Joseph smith Recived the revelation to Restore our saviors church, and that he did recive an ancient record that was translated by the power of God, and was given to us and is now called the Book Of Mormon. I know that it is the Fullness of the Gospel.
I love you all.
Elder Colton Frederick

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Amanda said...

Wow, it's been 7months? WOW. Colton seems to be enjoying his time. I read your posts and he sounds like he has matured a lot.
A few friends of mine are coming home from missions/going on them.
Before we know it, Colton will be back and changed :)