Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April Week 3

Hello family and friends!!!
well, I am really glad to hear that everything is going fairly well at home, I know that the lord is really helping you and answering my prayers for all of you.
So, this wonderful week and weekend have been pretty amazing, we got to watch genral confrence and then go to zone confrence, which was great, my spirits are really lifted even more, and I am feeling a little bit more proficient in my work for the lord.
Genral confrence was really Powerfull, and I have been thinking about that all week, and that was part of our zone confrence discussions.
so some fun news, I might be transferring next transfer, I dont know for sure yet, but I will tell you when I find out.
Well I have a couple of fun new stories, one was what happend at zone confrence. as we where in visak I was talking to my companion about the ocean, and I explained how much of a deprived chiled I was and so my zone leaders, my companion and I went to the ocean, at night, and did some contacting for visak and as we where there, I got to go walk on the beach. it was AWSOME!!!I loved it.
okay so a spiritual experience, I was on exchange with my district leader and as we where out, my companion found this sister who looked very interested, well we went back the next day and talked to her, we found out that she was hindu, and many different chirstion pasters have been at her home and tried to convert her, well so as we where teaching, we answered all of her questions and then told her things that she was so suprised that we could answer when she hadent even asked them. she then proceded to tell us that she hated all of those other people that had come to her house, and then stated that when she saw us that she felt so different that she really wanted us to come to her house and teach her. she then also said that she was so happy that she wanted to do the same service that we where doing... she is 14

well Grandma remember that I am praying for you, I know how much the lord loves you, and I know how much I love you, and I think that you will be just fine, dont worry, everything will happen according to the lords desiers.

I know my email is short, but I need to go and buy some groceries and be obedient in my time, so I love you all, and I want to bear my testimony to you that I know with out a doubt in my heart that Thomas s Monsen is a true prophet of god, and that he does speak and teach with the true authority of god, I know that what he said is true, and that "this is not a time for fear, its a time for faith"
I love you all and i am praying for you all.
love Elder Colton Frederick

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Kathy said...

Awesome, 8 new people to teach! That is fantastic!! Way to pray for the things you need most.