Monday, March 11, 2013

March Week 2

Hello all, This is Elder Frederick here, As for the week, there really isn't much to say about whats going on here, yes, to sister Brady, it was me and my companion who went and visited your Brother, he is doing well and that is the ward in which I am serving. So. Spiritual story for the week. Stay with me cause this kinda gets confusing how its spiritual. For the last three weeks our days have had really good plans and then by about noon or so everything in the afternoon falls apart. The members are really burned out with the missionaries and there is little to no help from them. My companion Elder Reese and I took a morning and talked to really figure out what was wrong between us and the lord and why we were getting no where. Well we came up with a solution. We needed to work more with the less actives and not with our investigators completely. Things have picked up in the last week with that conclusion but things are really still kinda slow. When we received that answer we were both thinking the same thing. We needed to work with the less actives. The best side story for that one is that last week or the week before ( I honestly can't keep them straight anymore) we answered a brothers prayer. He told Heavenly father that if he wanted him back in his fold that he needed to know what time and where church was. We had been praying about what to do and when we were looking through the ward list My companion only saw his name although there were several others with the same last name. God works in mysterious ways. Don't doubt him. Put full faith in him. There is no better life than with him. Remember, God is our Father and he needs to hear from us every day. If you aren't praying, How can we expect to hear him speak what we need to hear. Love you all tons!! Hope all goes well!! I'm praying for everyone I can think of nightly and daily!!! Elder Klynton Frederick P.S. If you don't think I'm praying for you... Just remember. I'm probably thinking about you in that mornings or evenings prayer. :)

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