Monday, March 4, 2013

March Week 1

Hey all!!! this week Has kind of been a mess, I really didn't get a whole lot of time to do much because of the work, there is much to say for spending time in different places. I have met a lot of friendly and unfriendly people. Much of my time is spent on a bike but thats normal for this area. The Ward here is HUGE and the congregation that actually comes it tiny.... oh well I'm not in Utah anymore Toto... well all is good here I only have a moment or two to tell you all what has been going on. I had an interesting experience this week with sunday... I HAD RIBS FOR DINNER!!!! thank you to the members who love me tons... they are really good... Unlike some other missions, We are actually assigned dinner appointments with the members so I spend that much less money on food. My companinon is amazing. He taught me how to make fresh bread and that saves a TON on food money too. There is so much I learn from him every day I really don't know how companions can get better... Sorry its short again... Hope all is going well!! Elder Klynton Frederick

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