Monday, March 18, 2013

March Week 3

Hey everyone!!! Things are going well here, its starting to heat up. The pavement is beginning to soften... Odd thought huh? Well the lord works in mysterious ways.... We had two blessings given this week and I got to be a part of them both. The Lord tells us that our priesthood authority is extremely important here on the earth and he isn't kidding. I have seen some really life changing things happen... Sometimes not very fast but they do happen. The story I want to tell this week is odd but it works. On wednesday my companion and I went to an investigators home and I ended up with a flat tire. yeah... that sucked. Oh well. I will make it. The next hour or two we spent walking toward our apartment when a man who was probably partially drunk offered his assistance in fixing my tire... Now in a normal situation, you wouldn't ever trust this kind of person. Homeless and Drunk don't reall go together well. But in the instance of Tucson... Thats prettymuch everyone... SO, My companions bike, after we walked into the house were we were, (Ya i said homeless but this was more of a homeless group home thing...) anyway, We came out and his bike was gone.... yeah.... gone.... Well we were pretty much screwed... After we walked home... we jumped in the car we were not going to use (because of miles) and we drove over to the other elders because they said we had a service project possibility... Well if you know me at all, You know that I Will do service any and every time I can get the chance... We went. When we got there the brother that we were helping actually offered his bike to my companion because he didn't use it anymore... it was really cool. We accepted it... The lord works in mysterious ways... we had been thinking about what to do and the lord did it for us. I'm out of time but I hope you enjoyed that!!! Thanks, Elder Klynton Frederick

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Lizzy said...

Isaac's bike was stolen! Geez he never tells us anything :) So fun to get the story here :)