Friday, March 7, 2014

March Week 1

Hey Everyone!!! Well it took me long enough right???? This week has been a mess and transfers was even more a mess than usual. Yesterday was spent mostly getting things moved and then I spent all night getting unpacked. It was kind of fun to have been awake for like 2 days and then get some sleep. I slept like a baby and it was so nice. I cant tell you how nice it was. Well I'm now in North Tucson in a ward called Countryside ward and... its definately not the Gila Valley or Sierra Vista. It is nice to just be able to be back for the time being. Its been a real adventure in just 2 days. I left Safford with an open heart and mind. My heart has been opened to the people and my mind has been opened to the Lord. I was reading in Numbers this week and I was studying chapeters 10-12 when I ran on to a thought that I really want to share. I was reading about the people who were in the wilderness and how they were so tired of mana that they started to murmur to the lord. He decides to send meat. If you get a chance this week read about what happens and see if you can understand what bit of revelation that I found or just find your own revelation. Well everyone, Have an excellent week and stay happy!!!! Elder Klynton Frederick

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