Monday, February 24, 2014

February Week 4

Hey everyone! Arizona is well... still here. Despite my obsessive want to watch it just burn up.... I'm just kidding!!! This week has been interesting... in more than one way... so first off, I want to share with you something that I learned in Numbers. As I was reading chapter 10, I noticed that even then they had alarms.... well I guess alarm clocks aren't so bad. My destructive bone was a little achy for something to watch go boom or just poof, gone... I really wanted to take a bat to our alarm clock the other day cause I was tired of getting up at 6:30 every blasted morning. Well I guess that won't happen. I've been really wanting to burn something. Maybe I just will. I have yet to burn a shirt so that should do it. I really just need a good service project.... That should really let me take some anger out on something. So... thought for this week: Why do we do missionary work? Not just us missionaries but as members. We are asked to do missionary work everyday. So, WHY? Don't forget that there is great power in doing what our Heavenly Father asks of us. We can see his hand in our lives everyday if we so wish it to be. All we must do is have a desire and then let that work in us until we come to a faith or a knowledge. Either one will do when it comes to the gospel. They may not be the same thing but they are both good. I hope that all is well!! Have an excellent week! Elder Klynton Frederick

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