Tuesday, January 14, 2014

January Week 2

Hey everyone!!! I have an interesting story for you all this week. We were at our Christmas conference and President Killpack gave the whole mission a Christmas gift... sort of. Our gift was to leave our mission and go to Phoenix and listen to Elder Holland speak to all of the missionaries. The sort of part is that the mission had to give up 150 miles for each vehicle. well the 150 miles really doesn't bother me but after about a week we got some news about the speaker. Elder Holland wasn't able to make it. His schedule changed. Although it kinda made the whole trip not super worth it, I was thinking about the other speaker and the Spirit whispered to me and my thoughts changed. It really didn't matter who the speaker was as long as he prayerfully prepared for the conference. If he did that then the message is the same. It won't matter if its Elder Holland or President Killpack, it would be the same. Not only that but I got to leave my mission with the mission Presidents permission. I can officially say that I got to leave my mission on my mission. It was awesome. Now, here's an interesting fact for you. When we got to Phoenix, and we got off the bus we all kind of had a sigh of relief. The sun wasn't nearly as intense there as it was here in the Gila Valley or anywhere I've been. Its almost completely different. I think almost all of us noticed it too. It's really weird but true..... The talk was by Elder Wright of the 70 and it was really good. I think I learned more from the movies of Ephriam's rescue and 17 miracles than I did from the talk though. It was cool. Well everyone, The week was really good. I hope things are really good Love you all! Elder Klynton Frederick

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