Tuesday, January 21, 2014

January Week 3

Hey everyone!!! Well its transfers week for me again, except I'm not going anywhere. My new companion is going to be Elder Collins. He is a really cool kid. I served around him in Sierra Vista when I was in the Hereford ward.... Wow... it seems so long ago that I was there. Its been 6 weeks and yet it seems like forever. So this week I was thinking about what to write for my email and Then Heavenly Father presented me with a story to write about. I was sitting at my apartment after a long day and I got a call from the Wiebelhaus', in west Tucson. If you don't remember this is my 1st convert and her husband and then their daughter claims me and elder Reese as her missionaries. Anyway, he called me and said that they are coming down to Safford to a cabin that they have here and they wanted to come see us. After that happened the story just kind of developed. They came over and Reese and I spent some time talking to them. It was nice to just get to see them before Elder Reese comes home in 2 days. Its crazy to think that I knew him before, and I came out when he was just over a year, and now I will see him go home. He was an awesome companion and is a great missionary. As time went on we parted ways but it was so good to see them and see the love that not only they have for him but the love that he has for them. It confirmed to my heart at that moment that families are not only eternal, but they can also soften, and bring great peace to a soul yearning for love and for a connection that some may not see. I also had confirmed to my heart that when we make choices, we also sometimes choose family and when we choose wisely, we find that we love them as much, and sometimes more than our actual families. Friends can become more than that. We begin to see the pure love that Christ had for each of us. Its days like that, which make a mission worth it. I know that families can be together forever through the divine plan that our Heavenly Father and his Son, not only put into place but sacrificed everything for so that we could also come to take part in the beautiful blessings that we are given. Each day can be what we choose it to be. Love you all!!! Elder Klynton Frederick

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