Monday, September 20, 2010

September '10 Week 3

Well Life is good, I am sorry about last week, I was pretty busy, we had to send a missionary home who was finishing his mission, pretty crazy to see him go. This week is pretty busy too, I am going to Bangalore for a leadership training meeting with all of the zone leaders and the district leaders in the south part of the mission. I am pretty excited to see what President Funk will be training about, I went on exchange with the assistants yesterday for a little while and they said that it was probably the best training they have ever seen, I am way excited( you all know how much I love Leadership trainings!! WOOO HOO!!!)
So about my Companion His name is John Boone Block, he is from the small town of Chicago, he is faster then a speeding bullet and can do 20 pull us with a missionary on his back, (not me, I havn't tried yet) He is about 6' 3" and about 180 pounds, he is about 26 years old and very cool, he ran track in high school, can play the guitar and the piano. He is really loving and way into the work. I really like him. We have been really working hard, my new area is really cool, we have a member that takes us all around one area and introduces us to families that love to hear about the gospel, and is able to get us into any house we want. Suguna has the coolest testimony ever and is a recent convert of about 4 months. So with the concoction of all three of us, we are able to put a huge dent in the week by about wednesday its so cool.
I really don't have too much news other then life is good, and I am headed to Bangalore, for the week, until Friday Morning, I am really excited to learn, but am bummed about the amount of time I spend out of my area. Oh well, Suguna is on it, and preparing our investigators for baptism.
I love you all and am so happy to have you all working hard, I know your all sick, but please be careful with what your doing... Weird, shouldent you be telling me that ? Just kidding
I am so grateful to the lord for allowing me to come here and see the people that I have change and learn the gospel, I know that I can never forget the things that I have learned here, and am so grateful that the lord has allowed me to grow. I can still remember my first day E-mailing you in Rajahmundry and how hot, weird, and strange it was to be experiencing all of this. I know that this is the lords work, and I know that is the only true and living gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that the lord did send his son Jesus Christ for each of us. I know that the savior did atone for each person on this earth, and I know that by living the gospel we can accept the atonement, I know my savior lives, I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, and that it truly was translated by Joseph Smith. I know that Thomas S. Monson is our living prophet in these days. I am grateful that the lord has blessed me with such a great family and friends, both here in India, and in America. I know that it is the family of god, and that we can be able to live with each other in love an harmony as we develop the love that the savior has for us.
I love you all and am happy for you, I am praying for you.
Elder Colton James Frederick

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