Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September '10 Week 1

Wow You all had quite the busy week, and now your all camping with out me... HOW DARE YOU! Just kidding.
Life is good here in India, we are really working hard and trying to get people into the waters of baptism, when I started the week we only had two baptismal dates, now we have 5 with a date, and are planning to set about ten more... PRAY HARD.
I told you about Usha and Anto this last week, well there is more and more, this week Usha got really sick, so we ended up giving her a blessing, and helping her in her home a little, (she hated it, because men here don't help the women, but she couldn't do anything about it,) she later thanked us for it. The whole Family knows that they need to come to church, and are now making the correct steps to following the gospel. Sister Usha is such a funny women, she loves to ask questions, and it is so funny to watch her eyes get big as we explain about specific things. This last time we had to pull out the Pearl of Great price to help her overcome her concern, and then instead of attacking it she said this. " Frederick, I need one of those, I need to read the Doctrine and Covenants, and your Pearl of Great price.. I think that would be a good thing." I love her so much, she is just willing to really take a hold of the gospel and run with it, as well as drag her family along with her.
Well mom since you asked about the Mission, the news is that right now we have about 50 Missionaries in the mission, 2 are going home next week, 5 are coming from America, then in october on the 22nd 14 missionaries go home, three weeks after that 8 more.
With in the last year we have had 388 baptisms as of Sunday, our goal is 600 for the year (this is 100 more than our goal last year and with half of the missionaries) we are really hopeful for the next couple of months because we have planned to set more than the goal for the month, for one companionship. So hopefully... well pray hard, and work hard to get it done.
The mission is really working to get people active because that will lead to a stake, which will lead to wards which will lead to a temple. The lord is really blessing the mission because of the hard work ethic that the missionaries and the members are putting out there, the branches are really strong and working hard to get people to the temples. so basically the goal is the temple, and more and more converts to build up the church, these people are really Pioneering their way into history.
I guess this leads to my Testimony of how much I know that this really is the lords work, I have seen so many people make complete changes to their lives, I know missionaries who diddn't even know what a missionary does become the best missionaries in the mission, I have seen my self make the changes that I needed to be able to teach the gospel, and become the person that the lord would like me to be. I know that Because the lord loves his children he will pull Miracles out into peoples lives so that they can know the divinity of his truth. I know that the book of Mormon truly is the word of god and is his words, I have seen men who couldn't even say hello in English speak better English then I do. I know that the lord has truly Sacrificed his life for us so that we could be able to live with him if we just but exorcise a little faith in him. I know with out any shadow of a doubt that Joseph Smith was Visited by God our Father in heaven and his son Jesus Christ. I know that he was commanded to restore the gospel back on this earth, and I know that if we follow it with all of our heart might mind and strength that we can and will be blessed, that we can live in gods kingdom. I know that the plan of salvation is Real, and I look forward to being able to truly take more part of in in my life as I build a family that is based on the Savior Jesus Christ and his Doctrine . I know that the savior lives and that he loves us. I love you all
With all my love
Elder Colton Frederick

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