Monday, October 11, 2010

October '10 Week 2

well since I didd'nt get a letter from you all this week I figured I would Update you all with the new Information of what happened this week. What a week it was too, I have had quite the neat experiences. From families getting baptized, and people wanting to be baptized, and even to taking an airplane to Bangalore and back.
I hope you all enjoy the picture that I sent. That was my airplane ride to Bangalore, I went and had my Full on Zone leaders council, it was awesome, My mission president gave a great training on following the spirit, and how we can attain the gifts of the spirit. It was way cool. We also discussed all kinds of things about the mission. It was quite the experience.

Other news, Usha, Richella and Anto where Baptized this week!!!! Elder Tewari got them baptized during General Conference this week... WHICH WAS AWESOME General Conference was quite the conference I really liked the whole thing. I think that It was quite interesting that they really focused on having faith in the lord, Trusting the prophet, and following the words of living prophets are soooo important. that talk about the 14 fundamentals of following the prophet by president Benson, is sweet, and I had just read that the other day, and to have them talk about all of the principals that where said was pretty cool. If you get the chance and haven't followed the council in reading it for FHE..... DO IT!!!! Its quite interesting at what was said.
okay any who, so that was about all that happened During Conference, after conference we went and saw Suyash who has been looking for answers to his prayers, and was not sure if he was even praying correctly, so we sat down with him and talked to him about how he could receive an answer, and he ended up praying and asking specifically to know that the book of Mormon is true.
His friend from Utah (Cheryll) who is a member of the church, was in complete tears, the spirit was so strong as Suyash said the prayer. You could hear the desires of his heart where so strong and you could tell that he really wanted to know the truth about the book of Mormon. He said though that he will be baptized, that he knows that Jesus Christ is our savior, and that this all was true, but he said that he really wanted a spiritual witness that it was true, he did'nt want to just simply believe, He's such a stud!! I love him so much. Well that was just about all of my week, I loved every minuet of it, mostly just because of the way every thing just played out. My most favorite thing though was Usha's baptism. It was probably the greatest moment of my Entire mission, That was quite the Cake topper, To see that whole family get baptized was just so thrilling. I Just wanted to give her a big huge hug, and tell just tell all of her family how happy I was for them.
with all of that said, I know ever more the stronger that this is the lords true and living church. I know ever more that the gospel of Jesus Christ was restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith, and I know with all my heart that the savior did Atone for all of us so that we could be able to come back and live with our loved ones. I will be so happy when I get to see all of the people I have taught, and baptized in the Celestial kingdom, I know that the promise that the lord gave to Joseph Smith is true, when you bring but one soul to my kingdom, how great shall be your joy.
I Know with all my heart that this is the greatest work in the entire world. I know that this is the lords work and that it truly does bring so much more happiness when we follow the words of the prophets, and we apply the gospel in our lives. I love you all and hope the best for you. I am happy that your all my family
Elder Colton Frederick

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